Serovital review 2018 : Is it still the number #1 HGH anti-aging supplement


Editor’s Note:-

Serovital-hGH is a very popular anti-aging hgh supplement meant to be taken by both men and women. HGH supplements for anti aging are getting increasingly popular, however like the majority of products out there, Serovital is also primarily a blend of amino acids. Although amino acids have been clinically proven to enhance hgh production in the body, this enhancing effect is quite minimal and doesn’t last long, because of the body’s homeostasis system. That’s why HGH supplements that “prolong” the effect of amino acids by using anti-somatostatin blend of ingredients like Alpha GPC and phosphatidylcholine are better working for the purpose of increasing HGH. Unfortunately Serovital misses on these ingredients and that’s why we see some negative reviews on eCommerce sites by consumers who couldn’t see visible signs of anti-aging even after using it for 2 months. Serovital also doesn’t have GABA and Deer antler velvet, making it reasonably effective yet mediocre anti-aging HGH product. We recommend this HGH supplement.

Serovital and HGH Anti-Aging Supplements – What You Should Know about Them

Is Serovital really the perfect HgH product? Continue reading in order to discover why we changed our opinion on Serovital.  Serovital is a well-known name – We see it pop up on almost every corner …even celebrities have been talking about it. Awhile back, Dr. Oz was on television discussing San Medica’s HGH study(the company behind Serovital). Ever since he mentioned it, people throughout the world have been talking about Serovital.


Natalie from has done similar research based on the ingredients and she recommends Genf20 Plus over Serovital. Currently, very few HGH supplements make use of deer antler velvet, and choline supplements alongwith the amino acids. Genf20 Plus and Ageless Foundation UltraMAX Gold are one of those. Unfortunately, Serovital isn’t one.