Ligandrol lgd-4033 Review

Performance-enhancing drugs are a pretty touch subject – look at Lance Armstrong as an example. Many people look at these drugs as if it were a form of cheating, and to make matters worse, the infamous varieties can be dangerous – steroids pops in mind.

Over the last decade, there has been an increase in a new class of performance-enhancing drug. This drug consists of a collection of compounds that are referred to as selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, for short.

The limited research that was conducted on SARMs like Ligandrol lgd-4033 looks promising. It appears that they can help individuals build muscle and burn fat at a level that is comparable to steroids, but by avoiding the liver-destroying, ball-shrinking, extra hair-growing effects.

SARMs act on the hormones, but in a good, targeted way. If you’re looking to rapidly build muscle and shed fat, SARMs shows potential.

How SARMs Work (and why people believe they’re better than steroids)?

Have you ever tried to use steroids in order to boost your hormones? Then you probably understand what we mean when we say it’s like trying to weak a microchip using a big giant sledgehammer.

Steroids increase testosterone, and in return, this helps build muscle. Then, protein synthesis in your cells is increased as you build muscle and burn fat. That is considered the anabolic side of steroids, and it is an amazing thing.

However, don’t stop just there. Steroids interact with your prostate, liver, your sex organs (that leads to ball shrinkage in men and clitoral enlargement in women), your prostate, and your secondary sex characteristics (body hair growth, acne, man boobs, voice depth, and so on). All of those side effects right there are the androgenic part of steroids …and they’re not so amazing.

The problem with steroids would be that they offer an anabolic-to-androgenic ratio of 1:1. This means they’re just as likely to, let’s say, enlarge the clitoris or shrink the balls as your muscle mass starts to increase – unless you turn to bioidentical testosterone in order to maintain the right hormone levels, and that will need to be done under a doctor’s supervision.

That is where SARMs innovate. These are the best steroids on the market – they boast anabolic-to-androgenic rations that start at 3:1 and they are known as going as high as 90:1.

This means you will still be able to shed fat and gain muscle, but SARMs isn’t going to transform you into the next bearded lady, or cause you to grow man boobs. Plus, as an additional benefit, you can take SARMs orally, there is no need to use a needle.

Plus, on top of all of that, you have to consider the fact that SARMs is legal, but you have to buy them for “research purposes only.” If you notice, retailers that sell SARMs include disclaimers like “not for human consumption” and “for lab research purposes only.” They do this just in cases laws on the product change, so they don’t get fined.

Now, let’s move forward to a review on Ligandrol (Ligandrol is a recommended SARM)

Ligandrol LGD-4033 Review

Ligandrol, also referred to as LGD-4033 is a testosterone boosting supplement that has gained a large amount of attention on the market. It works as a selective androgen receptor modulator and today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this supplement.

What is Ligandrol?

Ligandrol is a SARM that has gained a large amount of popularity among athletes and bodybuilders for cutting and bulking. It is taken at doses of 10mg per day and it has been proven to lead to 5-10 pounds of lean mass gains each month.

In the athletic and bodybuilding worlds, this product is being used as a side-effect free alternative to using steroids.

Yes, Ligandrol is being used for cutting and bulking, but it appears that more people are turning to it for bulking. Looking online, I have discovered some pretty amazing stories of muscles gain progress while taking this product. There are times where weight gains can arouse suspicion.

Ligandrol is compared to similar products – it has a nice anabolic/androgenic ratio of around 10:1.

Some sources have also claimed that Ligandrol is 11 times stronger than Ostarine, which is a popular competitor.

A Story about Ligandrol and Will Grier

If you have heard of Ligandrol before, there’s probably a reason – there was a certain football player that got in trouble due to Ligandrol. Will Grier, the Florida Gators quarterback was suspended for PED usage. During a routine test, Ligandrol was discovered in Grier’s system.

Mind you, Ligandrol isn’t officially classified as a steroid, but in terms of using it as a performance enhancing drug, it is banned. As a result of this, Grier was forced to be on suspension for one year.

One source has claimed that the quarterback took Ligandroll in order to gain 43 pounds. During his freshman year, he weighed in at 172 pounds, but by his sophomore year, he had bulked out at a whopping 215 pounds.

At this time, Grier is the most popular Ligandrol user that we know about. However, this drug is popular among a wide range of professionals and athletes including:

  • Bodybuilders
  • Powerlifters
  • Crossfitters
  • Models
  • Athletes across all sports
  • Strongmen

How Does Ligandrol Work?

Ligandrol works as a SARM. The “selective” part that is in the name means that it only binds to androgen receptors that are in the muscles – not other areas of your body).

Along with people using it as a performance enhancing drug, it has legitimate medical uses. It was originally developed for treatment of muscle wasting conditions like muscular dystrophy.

How to Purchase Ligandrol

At the time of writing this review, Ligandrol isn’t illegal or banned (unless you’re a collegiate sports player that have banned things like Ligandrol and if you’re playing professional).

This product is available only at certain online retailers. One website that we know of and recommend is called and they sell LGD-4033 at a price tag of $49 for a month supply.

For $49, you can get LGD-4033 at a concentration of 10mg per ml. 300mg total. The average dose is nesting between 50-10mg  per day, so this gives you between 3-6 doses of the supplement.

As we previously stated, this supplement is taken by mouth, so that’s a good thing – there’s no need to put needles anywhere in your body.

There’s some lower quality supplement manufacturers currently on the market that are selling this product in capsule form. However, those concentrations are very weak in comparison to the liquid oral solution.

If you’re serious about this, then you should turn to the oral liquid Ligandrol and only buy from a trusted supplier like

If you compare Ligandrol to other SARMs, you’ll find that it is a bit cheaper.

What to Expect from Ligandrol

When you are taking Ligandrol, you can expect weight gains that are between 1 to 1.5 pounds on a weekly basis.

Many reviewers online have claimed that their gains are “steroid-like.”

Once you stop using Ligandrol and you have cycled off, you are going to lose a bit of the weight that you have gained. Those losses are due to the fact that your muscles have dropped glycogen.

Ligandrol Dosage

Most commonly, Ligandrol is used at dosages between 5 to 10mg per day.

After 4 weeks, some individuals have recommended increasing the dosage by 1mg. Every 6 to 12 weeks, cycle off Ligandrol.

Side Effects

While researching the product, we couldn’t find any form of significant side effects. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

Some studies, as an example, have suggested that Ligandrol can suppress and lower free testosterone levels, while it lowers the sex hormone binding globulin levels.

After taking the product for a short time, your testosterone levels will start to get back to normal.

Mind you, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time for the levels to get back to normal, because Ligandrol doesn’t affect FSH or LH.

After taking LDG 4033, there are no known estrogenic system changes.  A mini PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) treatment is recommended.

However, it isn’t required because the product doesn’t have much of an affect so that it doesn’t influence libido problems or any other unwanted side effects.

Most of all, Ligandrol doesn’t cause problems with the liver – so when you take it, you’re not going to be doing long-term damage to your organs and that right there is a major bonus.

Who is Ligandrol for?

Ligandrol is an alternative to taking steroids and it is not illegal. This product works in a similar way to steroids, but with it, you’ll be avoiding those dangerous side effects that are nesting behind steroids. As long as you aren’t a quarterback with the Florida Gators (or a professional athlete), then Ligandrol could be a great supplement to turn to in order to supercharge your bulking routine.

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