Zyppah snoring mouthpiece review

Editor’s note:- Although backed by dentists and doctors, and being significantly helpful in relieving snoring, we’ve found a few issues that makes this not our most recommended anti snoring device. The mouthpiece will make you gag and drool as several user reviews reveal. Despite being the most unique device (by combining both the MAD and Tongue stabilizing device) it does not have as many positive user reviews as expected. We recommend custom SnoreRX and Good morning snoring solution over this. We also recommend this snoring exercises program to cure your snoring naturally without any gadgets. Read this comprehensive article on chosing a snoring mouthpiece.

A mandibular advancement device like Zyppah, also known as mandibular splint, is an anti-snoring device that is usually made out of plastic and typically looks like a mouth guard used in sports. These devices may also be formed using a hard acrylic or a soft elastomer material.

But, Zyppah is more.

Zyppah is a hybrid, double action mouthpiece that works by combining the action of positioning your jaw forward and holding your tongue in place.

Although it does relieve snoring, we’ve found a few issues that makes this not our most recommended anti snoring device. The mouthpiece will make you gag and drool.

How does this device work?

Despite the existence of different types, mandibular advancement devices, in general, consist of two plates that will cover the lower and upper teeth of the user. Basically, it slightly moves the snorer’s lower jaw forward. This will prevent the throat tissues and tongue muscles from collapsing to making sure that the airway remains unblocked. This mechanism will prevent snoring and may treat the obstructive sleep apnea condition.

What cases is mandibular advancement device used for?

Generally, this specific device is used to treat and prevent loud snoring as well as mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. There were reports saying that the device is not indicated for severe sleep apnea but there has been an increase of significant evidences that will support the use of oral devices to treat the said obstructive condition for the last ten years.

The Zyppah snoring mouthpiece comes with a special feature that the manufacturers call “Revolutionary z-flex Technology.” In our simple understanding this technology is a tongue stabilizing strap that is located at the back of the mouthpiece.

In essence, Zyppah RX stops snoring by combining jaw adjustment and tongue stabilization, an approach that no other stop snoring device has so far adopted.


It was designed by a dentist who also studied bioengineering.
It has a dual effect: It slightly pulls your jaw forward and it stabilizes your tongue.
It allows you to breathe freely as it has air flows in the front.
It uses the boil and bite method to achieve a custom fit.
It offers a 30 days trial period, so you can buy it after trying it.
It is made in the USA.
It is FDA-cleared.
Better Business Bureau also accredited this company.
It is BPA free.
It is slim and soft. It is very comfortable to wear.
It lasts for 6 to 9 months.
It is cleaned by only using water and soap.


You will experience soreness the first days. But this is an issue you will always have to deal with if you have to wear mouth pieces.
You will also experience drooling the first days. It is also normal when wearing mouth pieces.
The instructions suggest that you should clean Zyppah RX with denture tabs once a week to extend its lifespan. So consider denture tabs in your budget.
People wearing crowns, dentures, loose teeth or caps will not be able to use it.

Can Mouthpieces Like Zyppah Get Rid of Your Snoring?

According to HelpGuide.org, “Not all snoring is the same“. In fact, everyone snores for different reasons. When you get to the bottom of why you snore, then you can find the right solutions to a quieter, deeper sleep.” As you might imagine, this means that in order to effectively address your snoring, you first need to meet with your doctor to uncover the underlying cause, who can then recommend solutions based on your specific diagnosis.

With this said, snoring isn’t only caused by your tongue falling back into your throat and blocking your airway, but can also be caused by soft tissues in your throat, alcohol use (especially right before bed), some types of medications, the pillows you use, the position you sleep in, and much more.

User reviews

Review 1

I don’t have any conclusive data to show that combining TSD with MAD makes an snoring mouthpiece more effective. I can only offer my experience with the device, and what struck me (after the excitement of buying a strikingly beautiful mouthpiece had waned off) was that I had acquired a torture contraption.

Every anti-snoring device takes time to get used to, and I was willing to continue test-driving Zyppah Rx even after I woke up with a very tender jaw after the first night of use. In addition, my tongue felt like it was in a strait jacket throughout the night. I didn’t wake up feeling rested like I had done when I used the Pure Sleep device.

But I refused to give up. You don’t give up when your wife is threatening to throw you out of bed if you do not find a permanent solution to your snoring.

So, I tested Zyppah over the next two weeks. And guess what? My tongue didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore and the tenderness on the jaws greatly reduced. And I didn’t snore during the 14 days when I used Zyppah. But I drooled a lot! Most of the other Zyppah reviews that I have come across seem to make the same observations.

Would I recommend Zyppah? I definitely would. It is chic and functional, but you’ll have to bear with your tongue feeling like it’s in a straitjacket and a sore jaw until you get accustomed to the device.

Review 2

I bought this and it did not work. First of all, you drool all over your pillow, and you feel like you are choking on it. It is very difficult to breathe through the device. I returned it and never received a refund. Typical scamming BS.

Review 3

Zyppah mouthpiece significantly reduced my snoring. It became a real uncomfortable situation with my wife who was insisting I get a CPAP. I tried one and never really gave it a chance, but it was extremely uncomfortable. However, Zyppah was tolerable. The good thing about it if you don’t get a good mold is you just boil the plastic and do it again. Mine started coming apart six months from my biting it, but I boiled it and made it like new.

Also, I recommend you use the plastic to cover the sharper edges and make it more comfortable. My overbite also did not allow me to use it right side up, so I use it upside down, and it doesn’t pull my jaw out of the socket. Experiment a bit with it, and you may be able to get it comfortable.

Review 4

I wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered. The only ones I saw were on their website.

Do not buy this product, or you will be sorry! It didn’t work for me even though I tried over and over again, just like they recommend. Then they gave me an RMA# for return, and never refunded me. After another month they said it was over the 90-day warranty, even though it was under the 90-day warranty when I mailed it back. SCAM.

Review 5

I received my Zyppah 5 weeks ago. The first week of using it my mouth and teeth were sore and I had extreme salivation for the first hour when I inserted it. I had read the instructions prior to using and was aware that I would probably experience these symptoms. I will admit that the first two weeks were pretty rough but then I started to sleep without waking myself up by snoring. Now I’m sleeping a deep restful sleep. No snoring and I am symptom-free. Now it’s a routine. I slip my Zyppah in my mouth and get a great nights sleep.

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