Six Star Testosterone Booster review

If you are serious about bodybuilding then you should consider using testosterone supplements. If you take bodybuilding supplements then testosterone supplements should be included in your stacking. Testosterone is typically used by athletes to increase muscle growth and performance levels. During puberty testosterone in males creates muscles and aids development.

However if you want to increase your muscle definition then extra testosterone may be required. It is what gives men their manly characteristics and their animalistic traits such as the deep voice and body hair and obviously the more testosterone you have the more these traits will be prevalent. It can also play a part in the amount of body fat a man has and how aggressive they are.

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Individuals who are 35 years old might have noticed that exercising at that age would not give you the same results you had when you were quite younger except you are genetically fortunate.  The reason is testosterone. The body produces more testosterone during adolescent and this makes them to be healthy, lanky, vicious and ambitious. Every year, the body produces lesser testosterone until it finally becomes obvious. It’s normal though, hence most men do not have to get hormone replacement healing treatment. Men, who would like to appear younger than their ages, should get an organic testosterone boosting supplement.

Six star testosterone boosters is proposed by six star pro nutrition.  This has been clinically certified and proven to raise the testosterone levels after one week of usage. A raised testosterone level yields;

  • Additional slender muscle development.
  • Heightened urge and inspiration.
  • Improved state of mind.
  • Additional strength.
  • Heightened sex drive and improved performance.


Boron Citrate – Though I think this is an awesome test booster at a good dosage, as well as a quality form with few side effects attached, it is unfortunately the only balls out test compound included in the formula. It would work even better were it paired with Magnesium or Vitamin D3. Somebody dropped the ball when they formulated this way.

Rhodiola extract – a good adaptogenic herbal ingredient suggested to reduce stress and enhance strength training & bodybuilding performance; shows potential as a T-booster too, but I got issue with the form they use in Six Star — weak-ass Crenulata. More on that later.

Calcium – the 45 mg on the supplement facts is definitely not a T-booster, and in general looks way too low of a dosage to do anything helpful in this formula

Ingredients in this product

An overview of ingredients present in this product
IngredientProfile link
Ginkgo biloba (aka Tanakan, Tebonin, Rökan, Maidenhair, gingko)Profile


Ginkgo extract – another time-honored herb but at a dosage unlikely to produce any anticipated results

Pros and Cons

Advantages of Six Star Testosterone Booster

  • It’s affordable.
  • It contains clinically proven ingredients.
  • You can find plenty of positive Six Star Testosterone Booster reviews from satisfied customers who say they can really see the difference.

Disadvantages of Six Star Testosterone Booster

  • A bottle will only last 15 days.
  • If you visit bodybuilder forums, you’ll see that Six Star Testosterone Booster, and other products made by the same company, are not well liked by lots of guys.


You probably already can guess my major gripe with this product: the Six Star Testosterone Booster formula manufactured by Muscletech is just too simple.

Though a good formula can go a long way by including good pairings of ingredients at potent dosages, this one clearly does not.

While the inclusion of scientifically-validated boron certainly qualifies this product as a T-Booster dietary supplement, it just kinda screeches to a halt right there. Bam, done.Boring.Weak.Blah. So much could be improved.

For starters, why didn’t the manufacturers of Six Star think to amplify the T-boost that Boron delivers when combined with other T-boosters like Magnesium or Vitamin D3 by including them in the formula? Smarter test formulas often target this Boron+Magnesium+D3 synergy.

Furthermore, in regards to its so-called anticatabolic blend, their inclusion of this is a little deceptive, if you ask me.

Six Star references a study suggesting that a blend of Ginkgo Biloba and Rhodiola lead to enhanced athletic performance by increasing oxygen consumption and lowering fatigue. However, with only 2.7 mg of Ginkgo included in this formula, I seriously doubt that you’ll experience any effects at all.


This product does not contain enough Ginkgo and Calcium because of their extremely low dosages and out of line advantages. It contains testosterone boosters boron and rhodiola. They both help in increasing the testosterone or cortisol level.  You could get a stack that contains the quantity of Boron you need.