Force Factor Alpha King Review

Every king is an alpha. The question is how do you become the king of all alphas or the alpha of all kings? This an entirely distinctive fable. With this product, you just have to be exceptionally good. Or so its being advertised. Is the product just being promoted? Its time to find out.

Force Factor Alpha King Immortal
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This supplement is being publicized as a supplement that is absolutely effective aiding you in reaching the crown of manliness.

When correlated to the other force factor testosterone boosters, alpha king is by far a whole lot easier.

It utilizes just 4 organic substances.

AlphaFen is the main ingredient in force factor alpha king with a dosage of about 400 mg and variegated particularly for anabolic sapogenins.

This supplements is exceptionally effective in boosting libido.

It can be purchased on the internet, in retail shops like Amazon. You could also get it on GNC.


AlphaFen® – Not to be confused with the Alphafen used for treating arthritic pain, Force Factor Alpha King’s AlphaFen® is a branded form of Fenugreek that’s standardized for *sapogenins. This herb is capable of boosting “free” testosterone by blocking aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase.

Tribulus Terrestris – This herb is historically great for boosting libido. Specifically for men with low T (i.e., men over the age of 30), Tribulus has shown capable of boosting both total and “free” testosterone. However, it’s generally ineffective for young and healthy men.

Black Maca – Maca root can come in many shapes and sizes. According to research, the black variety was found to be best for sperm whereas the red ones were capable of reducing prostate weight. Generally though, Maca isn’t an effective testosterone booster.

DIM – This is a phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables (e.g., Spinach) that shares a similar molecular structure and metabolic pathway with estrogen. This allows it to disrupt estrogen’s pathways and theoretically lower its levels. Research on this is a bit complicated though but at 100 mg, Force Factor Alpha King hits the sweet spot.



Force Factor isn’t new to testosterone boosters. In fact, I’ve already written reviews for Force Factor’s Test X180, Test X180 Ignite, and Test X180 Alpha.

Compared to these supplements, however, Alpha King is a lot more simple. Particularly, it uses significantly less ingredients and it’s also non-proprietary. Personally, I think this direction Force Factor Alpha King is taking is a step towards the better.

In this Force Factor Alpha King Review, you’ll find that this supplement supplies a unique kind of Fenugreek from other T boosters of the same brand

The thing that sets Alpha King apart from its Force Factor peers is its Fenugreek. Where the others use the tried and true Testofen®, Alpha King turns to a different brand in AlphaFen®. In a way, this might be good because it’s standardized specifically for sapogenins instead of general saponins. Hypothetically, this might make it a better bodybuilding herb.

The problem with AlphaFen® though is that it doesn’t specify to what percentage it’s being standardized for. To gauge how potent it can be, this is crucial information. Regardless, Fenugreek is great for male health as it boosts “free” testosterone, muscle strength and growth, as well as libido.

Sadly, apart from Fenugreek, the other ingredients in Force Factor Alpha King aren’t as reliable for testosterone. DIM might lower estrogen but its research is still largely conflicting. Tribulus works if you’re already low on T but, for young athletes? Nada. Black Maca can also get you better sperm but it’s no good for test.

Ingredients in this product

An overview of ingredients present in this product
IngredientProfile link 
Maca ( Lepidium meyenii or Peruvian Ginseng )Profile
Fenugreek ( Trigonella foenum-graecum or Testofen )Profile
Tribulus terrestris ( Trib or puncturevine or protodioscin or Chhota Gokshura )Profile



  • Non-proprietary – Unlike other Force Factor testosterone products, Alpha King is an open book with its dosages.
  • Safe – Aside from maybe smelling like maple syrup (thanks, Fenugreek), the natural ingredients in Force Factor Alpha King aren’t likely to get you any risky side effects.
  • Feel’s good – With amplified sex drive looking like its best benefit, you’re likely going to feel a lot more invigorated
  • AlphaFen® – Personally, I have more confidence in Testofen® as a testosterone booster but AlphaFen’ssapogenins might make it better for building muscle


  • AlphaFen® – Yup, it’s both good and bad. Potentially great for muscles but I would’ve liked it better had they been more specific with their standards
  • Weak T boosts – If you want Prime level testosterone, Force Factor Alpha King might not be your best choice.
  • Dirty capsules – There’s too much artificial colourings here for my taste
  • Expensive – Prices are generally the same regardless if you buy from GNC, Amazon, or the Force Factor website. At $69.99 per bottle, each serving is going to cost you $2.33


Force factor alpha king isn’t a strong testosterone booster but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. This product is very effective for boosting libido level while AlphaFen’s sapogenins helps the muscles.

User reviews

Review 1

I only ordered this alpha king because they did not have the Alpha King supreme on line to purchase so I tried it and I got absolutely nothing out of it so I stopped using it and went to the store and bought the Alpha King supreme

Review 2

My husband has used AlphaKing since January and while he is also strict on the right diet and training, this booster has certainly helped him become much more trim and lean, enjoy better endurance, sleep and strength.

He is 48 and I guess that males who have passed 40-45 will probably see a more notable effect than younger specimens. It would be beneficial if the reviewers would include their age range.


  1. Avatar
    Rich Maniscalco

    Most of these T boosters like Alpha Kng are scams. there are agencies whose job it is to oversee the supplement industry. they are under-staffed and under-funded. and are therefore unable to monitor any but a small fraction of available products.

  2. Avatar
    Patricia Peltz

    There is very little in the way of rigorous scientific studies supporting the claims made for these products. Studies. when they actually exist. are small. performed over very short durations. or are conducted by the same people who have the most to gain financially from a positive result. These sorts of studies are the easiest to manipulate. Testosterone Boosters for Men aren’t exactly a secret. If they worked as advertised. they would be banned by the IOC – international Olymic Committee and other professional sports organizations.

  3. Avatar

    Force Factor test booster contains herbal ingredients that work rather well for libido boosting and erectile dysfunction. Many guys mistake this effect as “proof” that these supplements are boosting testosterone. Unfortunately. that’s almost never the case. For example… Horny goat weed – also known as Epimedium (which is often found in these products) – contains an chemical called icarin which acts on the same enzyme as the drug viagara does. Tribulus – another herb often found in testosterone boosters contains another chemical compound. which in animal studies causes nitric oxide release in the penis and helps with erections. Now neither one of these herbs libido boosting effects has anything to do with the elevation of testosterone levels.

  4. Avatar
    Chester Ferranti

    I only ordered this alpha king because they did not have the Alpha King supreme on line to purchase so I tried it and I got absolutely nothing out of it so I stopped using it and went to the store and bought the Alpha King supreme

  5. Avatar

    My husband has used AlphaKing since January and while he is also strict on the right diet and training. this booster has certainly helped him become much more trim and lean. enjoy better endurance. sleep and strength. He is 48 and I guess that males who have passed 40-45 will probably see a more notable effect than younger specimens. It would be beneficial if the reviewers would include their age range

  6. Avatar
    Bruno Burbage

    I read about Force Factor and a couple of days later. I got a phone call from one of their reps and he was telling me about it. And I go to GNC all the time and I went ahead and tried it. I’ve been using it ever since. The products are on point and they’re good stuff. When I’m in town. I go at least three days to be in the gym and work out for a couple of hours and feel like I’m still pumped. I like their product very much. I talked to them a week ago and I upgraded from the Alpha King to something like Superior. But they were sending me the sample of the Volcano. That stuff is on point as well. I had a couple of samples and just by a couple of days working out. I felt a difference with that.

  7. Avatar
    Carey 32

    This product is nothing but roots and twigs ground into powder and put in a gelcap. Does absolutely nothing it claims and to boot. there was no invoice included with my “free” trial. Then no email to notify me my card would be charged as every other reputable business does. What a waste of time and hard earned money for nothing then billed because they did not provide an invoice so I could cancel. Never EVER do business with this company.

  8. Avatar
    Emory 43

    I have been using Force Factor products for several years. Some of the product I have enjoyed. some I have not felt any improvements. My first complaint is that every time I find something I really enjoy they discontinue it. Next is that there are too many proprietary blends. My single biggest complaint is that I am unable to manage my orders online. I have to call and speak to someone every time. Sometimes you want to skip because you are lifting heavy and don’t need lean fire. or add because you cutting. Force Factor makes this painful. They do a few things that no one else does. but overall they are a mediocre supplement company.

  9. Avatar

    According to MedPageToday. over half of the major drug recalls in the U.S. were for dietary supplements that contained illegal drugs. The three most popular supplement types likely to be contaminated? Sexual enhancement aids. weight loss products. and yes. you guessed it. body-building supplements like natural test boosters.

  10. Avatar
    Terrance Wardlaw

    If these products worked as well as advertised. why would anyone risk taking anabolic steroids. which are illegal in many parts of the world. and come with significant side effects? Even the natural test boosters that have been proven to elevate test levels in preliminary cinical studies don’t boost them to the levels necessary to cause an increase in performance or significant muscle growth.

  11. Avatar
    Eusebio Whiting

    I ordered the 2-week trial hoping to circumvent trips to GNC & try a new probiotic. The initial order is a “free trial” for two weeks; followed by a monthly billing of $84.99. The company’s shipment was over a week late to arrive. This leave little time to integrate this into my routine and guard efficacy. Secondly. when my credit card is on file. it’s highly disconcerting to risk this amount of money when a company’s first impression is unreliable. The customer service agent did not understand this and offered to extend the deadline into a date where I will be traveling for my job in the South. Instead of being respectful. he questioned my motivation for canceling then essentially asked me to analyze his conduct. He comes across as an amateur CS agent. Combine my disillusionment. his resistance. my concern of automatic money withdrawal. and his attitude. and you have an irate woman whom no longer even wants this product in her life.

  12. Avatar

    What can I say? The stuff works. No side effects and I am performing like I used to years ago. Suffering from a lack of desire or performace? Get Alpha King.

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