Dermawand Ultimate anti aging system review for wrinkles – Does it work?

DermaWand is an at-home anti-aging device that uses radio frequency energy to reduce wrinkles and was showcased on the Dr.OZ show as a treatment that will tighten, lift and make the skin look young and healthy.

Can you imagine your aging skin regaining its original appearance without surgery? In the broadcast, Dr.Oz highlights the side effects of surgery. A surgeon makes a light moment on why we should not be happy with laugh lines. Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shirley Madhere spoke about the benefits of the DermaWand which presents an anti-aging solution without undergoing facelift surgery.

How does Dermawand work? It utilizes radiofrequency to fix wrinkles and facial features.

According to Dermawand, “Eyebrows appear lifted. Help remove deep wrinkles and folds. Cheek puffiness is diminished. Laugh lines are diminished.” It is a hand-held device which uses same energy as other skin care radiofrequency devices. However, its amplitude is much lower making it safe for home use.

Editor’s note:- Overall Dermawand Ultimate anti aging system is a good anti aging product, but we believe it focuses primarily on increasing blood circulation and collagen boosting. For the best results, most people require more powerful anti aging ingredients like peptides, DMAE and other powerful collagen boosting ingredients. We recommend LifeCell over Dermawand product, because of its more powerful ingredients yet safe profile on human skin.

Besides, there have been some controversies in the past regarding how safe the RF anti-aging products really are. (Assessment at Pubmed)

The user reviews seem to be mixed, but a lot of praises of the brand comes from cosmetologists.

High-Frequency Skin Benefits

D’Arsonval, the first high-frequency device, was invented by Jacques-Arsene D’Arsonval in the 21st century. High-frequency beauty therapy has been used since that time. The device produces alternating high-frequency electric current to the skin through a glass electrode.

When the device touches the skin, thermal and electrical energy are given out activating collagen and cells of the skin underneath killing bacteria in the process by delivering Ozone.

Recent research conducted in Spain showed how frequency therapy increased elastic skin fiber and collagen. When the treatment continues for several weeks, the skin tightens and looks lively. (1)



A majority of consumers experience pore size reduction. Others have reported a tighter skin. Those who have been on the treatment for a longer duration reported a decrease in fine lines. The time taken for each person to view the result varies depending on the type of skin and skin conditions.

Beware the positive outcome observed in other users does not have to be the same as yours. The result of some individuals should not be any case used to come up with the outcome of other people.

This can be attributed to the different skin conditions of various persons. For example, the skin of a young person of thirty years cannot tighten faster than that of a person who is twice the age.


Unlike microdermabrasion and cream treatments which have effects only on the upper layer, high-frequency treatment reaches inner parts of the skin. In the end, more collagen is manufactured giving a younger skin. Adult persons who undergo treatment for longer periods benefit from improved skin elasticity.


  • Some consumers allege it took them a lot of therapy sessions to have any noticeable change in their skin. However, adult consumers aged more than forty reported seeing changes after a short time than younger individuals.
  • There are better anti-aging systems available in the market that deliver almost instant results like LifeCell and also work as long term collagen builder with repeated applications.
  • Some people complained about skin reactions.

User Reviews

First Review

What a waste of money. First, consult your dermatologist for the best solution to your problem. It is quite disheartening to use a device twice daily, perform facial exercises and notice no change. I think the oil applied by women two times a day is good. I do not recommend you to use this one. If you have already bought, request for your money back.

Second Review

I bought Derma Wand in 2014 but did not experience improvement in skin lines appearance. I only had a good skin feeling after using the treatment. After two years, the device exploded while I was holding it, almost jolting the heart out of my chest. A hole developed in the cord and fuses shorted. I purchased it at TV Shop which has refused to take responsibility. Luckily I got no injuries, but it should serve as a warning to others.

Third Review

I have used Derma Wand twice a day, for the past three months, but I have not seen anything to talk about. The gadget is a waste of money that no one should bother to purchase. Think about another treatment instead of blowing your cash.

Fourth Review

I used Dermawand thrice per week for two months. I am not 100% sure if the device was responsible for what happened since it did when I used it. There were some fine lines near my mouth, and one side had a bit deeper crease. I focused my energies on treating it but the results were awful, to say the least. The skin on one side of the mouth became more stretched resulting in three deep creases running in different directions. A year down the line and wrinkles are still there. The damage on the side I worked on is still intact while the other is fine. It seems Dermawand has catastrophic results if you treat only one area. The elasticity of the skin is lost permanently.

Fifth Review

I purchased dermawand in 2011, and I am a testimony it works. It decreased deep creases on my faces such as horizontal lines on my forehead, laugh lines on the sides of my cheeks and across my face, and deep wrinkle on the area between my eyebrows. I set low frequency, about halfway on the dial setting, for my face. I am now struggling to get rid of creases on my neck or at least decrease them. A year ago, I applied the highest setting, but the neck skin is still thin and loose with deep horizontal wrinkles and tiny vertical line. I usually use dermawand once daily. If I do not use it for a week, the wrinkles come back albeit slowly. I am three years shy of sixty. Recently I discovered a gel which does dry when I am treating my face and neck.

Sixth Review

I have used dermawand for over a year now. I was afraid first, but I decided to give it a try when I was informed it uses same radio waves like those used in salons. After use, I notice the skin becomes smoother and tighter which is an advantage. The skin also appears redder, but it is an indication of increased blood flow which is not bad at all.

I do not say it is a solution to all problems. Don’t expect to work well as thermage, but it is okay for home use. It brightens the skin giving it a god look. I think it is now a waste of money as some individuals purport. However, it is not an alternative to plastic surgery or thermage. If your want to make your face have a nice appearance like it looks when you use facial cream or add make-up, dermawand serves the purpose.

Seventh Review

I use light oil when administering treatment instead of moisturizers, and the results are incredible. I have been using dermawand for the past ten years from time to time. When I use it once a week, the results are impressive. You may use it fewer times or more. If I use it with moisturizer, the effectiveness reduces while the use of a thin film of oil enables the bulb to drag. Water in the moisturizer seems to minimize microcurrent, unlike oil which is a poor conductor. Any oil can work, but I like jojoba.

I apply good products after dermawand treatment. They all contain water. The efforts main aim is to get maximum benefits from enhanced micro-circulation obtained from DW. I wipe off excess oil first with a soft piece of cloth before applying the products.

If your skin dries resulting in cracks and flakes, you should reduce the power of the dermawand and the treatment time. Increase the duration slowly then power as you get accustomed to the treatment.

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