Omnie Adjustable Dumbbells review


features high performing rust resistant durable cast iron with chrome handles as well as spin-lock collars for a strong, secure fit. This Adjustable Dumbbells are easy to set up with no tools required and do not need much storage space, and allowing you to vary your daily workout routines with interchangeable weights. The Plates made from durable, high quality cast iron with a baked enamel finish and easy to maintain. You can start from beginning to the next level easily by simply changing the plates to train a single muscle group at a time or different muscle groups simultaneously to develop your strength & muscle gains in arms, shoulders and back.


OMNIE is the only real choice when it comes to comfortable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective whole house systems and therefore its wide range of adjustable Dumbbells makes to the list.

One of the most versatile staple items of any home gym is a set of adjustable dumbbells. These compact pieces of equipment allow you to increase or decrease weight used during exercises as needed, and take up very little space while not in use. come as a set with two handles and 100lbs. The set consists of 2-handles, 4-collars and 24-weight plates with a weight increment from 5lbs. up to 100lbs. (45.3kg) for each dumbbell.

The bars of this item are standard, steel-made, with knurled handles to supply an excellent grip. They are coated with a layer of chrome, to put off rust correctly. The Omnie Dumbbells are straightforward and easy type models compared to other higher priced. It does not use a fancy type adjustable dial or pin system to adjust its weights; it is a simple and straightforward bar system with standard, cast-iron plates.

Spin-to-lock: much like adjustable dumbbells you might find in a commercial gym, these weights are made up of a bar with plates that easily slide onto either end, and lock into place with spinning collars. Dial-a-weight: These are the simplest adjustable dumbbells out there; all you have to do is turn a dial to the desired weight, and lift the dumbbell from its cradle. All the weight plates are already in the dumbbell, so the adjustment is fast and simple. Lift-to-select square dumbbells: much like the dial-a-weight style, these square shaped dumbbells adjust by moving a selector pin to whatever weight you want. These adjustable dumbbells are the most space-saving of the

Its unique dial system provides you with your weight section options. Just turn the dial until you get to the weight you are comfortable with using. A total of 12 weights come in this space saving design.

The heavy-duty chrome plated steel plates are protected by its handy holding tray. This tray also protects your floors from any damage. There are four plates per each side of the barbells. The unique locking system allows you to choose how much weight you want to lift at one time.

The bars are standard, steel-made, with knurled handles to provide a superior grip. They’re coated with a layer of chrome, in order to prevent rust.

You can hold an off-set weight for each one dumbbell, for more intense and powerful workouts; durable, sturdy, corrosion-resistant finishes both on the plates as well handles; Knurled handle for a secure and safe grip.

The Omnie dumbbells feature the same classic adjustment system as the Yes4All. You simply load the weight plates onto the bars, secure the collars on the threaded sleeves, and start exercising. It’s not exactly the fastest adjustment system, but on the other hand it’s extremely secure.

The Omnie Adjustable Dumbbells are very simple models compared to some of the higher-priced and more technologically sophisticated dumbbells on this list.  It doesn’t use a fancy adjustable dial or pin system to adjust the weights; it’s a simple bar system with standard, cast-iron plates.

Other Details of Omnie Adjustable Dumbbells

Question-1: What is the ideal as the well exact diameter of the hole in each plate?

Answer: It is approx. 1.25%u2033

Question-2: Will be there any chemical smells from this dumbbell weight set?

Answer: I No. You will not get any bad smell.

Question-3: I am new to fitness but if I have owned a separate barbell can I use this plates from these?

Answer: Yes you can. There is no problem at all. And, As a beginner using this item is also a best practice.

Question-4: How long is the bar?

Answer: the bar is approx 15.75 inch.

Question-5: does this come as a single or as a pair?

Answer: This omnie dumbbell set comes as a pair according to your choice of weight amounts.

User Reviews

Review 1

Polished finish weights of great quality, and chip resistant. The collars fit securely using rubber gaskets, and come with extra gaskets! I have big hands and purchased the 200 LB set, and they fit great and feel even better.Don’t buy the cheaper version of this type of set, buy these, you will not be disappointed, I guarantee that. I look forward to every workout with these, and couldn’t be happier. And at a great price for the quality

Review 2

My only complaint is that as you increase in weight, it becomes harder to kick the dumbbell up off of your thigh because the handle, with a small surface area, will dig into your thigh. That’s just the trade off with this type of dumbbell, but I am very please with the product and customer service overall.

Review 3

It comes with extra rubber O-rings, which is what is on the inside of the locknut, and on the dumbbell bar itself. They sandwich the weights so they don’t clang. I had one that kept crimping up and creating a loop sticking out when I tightened it down. Certainly it’s a great value

Review 4

I will definitely buy another set once I get up to speed with these.The only drawback is the weights took nearly two weeks to arrive. The ProTek rep was very apologetic.

Review 5

I will purchase from them again. Great product.

Other Useful Information

– Adjustable weights from 5-pounds to 22.5-pounds with 2.5-pound increments.
– Durable cast iron plates have a baked enamel finish;
– Dumbbell that finishes the work of multiple dumbbells in one.
– This item is suitable for both primary toning s well strength exercises, and massive leg lifts.
– Rust and oil PROOF, Comes with Five-year warranty on weight plates and parts.
– Everything is black even the star shaped collars used to hold your weights in place
– The barbells are one inch in diameter and have rubberized grips for comfort and a soid hold.


The are ideal for home use as well for commercial use. Some of the best features include floss finish which makes it perfect and durable than other dumbbells on the market. It executes the workouts of multiple adjustable dumbbells with different weight adjustments.

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