Comprehensive analysis of Wonder Core marketing claims

Some experts believe that it’s ironic that this machine is called WonderCore as it does nothing for your core but can provide a great arm workout.

Claim 1

It claims it can work the upper, middle, lower abs plus the obliques…… it provides the same range of motion as the exercise would if you took it away its useless for core, in fact, it makes it easier if anything which could be great for some, but there are beginners exercises you can do for free.

The claim that it “targets your entire core” is technically true in that the muscles listed are affected by the exercises, but there are other important considerations to bear in mind.

The predominant muscles worked would be the rectus abdominus (the bricks you see in a six-pack) and, to a lesser extent, the obliques as assisting muscles.

However, all of the listed exercises work your body ONLY in the sagittal plane of motion (i.e., front to back movements) and not in the frontal (i.e., movements out to the side) or transverse planes (i.e., rotational movements).

The fact that the device offers no sideways or rotational movements means that the internal oblique muscles would be largely under-utilised.

The concern with using a machine that puts you through the same plane of motion with no variety is that it can plausibly create muscle strength imbalances (which may lead to things like back or neck pain).

Bottom line: In order for Wonder Core to be the “ultimate total core workout,” the company still has work to do with coming up with other exercises that work the core in a more thorough and complete way.

Editor’s Note:- Wonder Core 2 does come with Twisting Seat and Rower Plus 3. It has the features for frontal (i.e., movements out to the side) or transverse planes (i.e., rotational movements). But, its efficiency is still quite questionable.

Claim 2

“Dual resistance design that works out your abs in both directions, giving you twice the workout with each and every rep.”

By its very design, this claim of “dual resistance” is technically false.

First, the term “dual resistance” gives the impression that the machine provides resistance to working muscles in both directions. However, because it is spring loaded, it only provides resistance in one direction, and that is upwards.

Second, because it is actually a “single resistance” machine, it is false that the Wonder Core works your abs in both directions. It doesn’t.

For example, if you’re doing sit-ups on the machine, the pads are against your back. This means that the machine is actually reducing the workload on your abdominal muscles because, by design, the machine is pushing you up. And on the downward movement, the machine is resisting you.

You can clearly see below in the still frame from Wonder Core’s own video that the model is crunching upwards and the arrow indicates the machine is assisting her.

In order for the marketing claims to be true, the pads would have to be against your chest, not your back. And the machine would need to place resistance against your chest on both the up AND down phases of the sit-up.

Sure, the company could try to argue that it’s “dual resistance” in that every resistance exercise has a concentric (lifting) and eccentric (lowering) phase. But the weakness of the machine is that it ASSISTS you in the movement!

Bottom line: this marketing claim is inconsistent with basic principles of biomechanics, let alone their own advertising.

Claim 3

Get the sexy six pack abs you have always dreamed of…… REALLY? We don’t think so! you’re never gonna see any abs unless you fix your diet, doing endless assisted crunches WILL NOT reveal your sexy six pack.

Claim 4

Endless possibilities to be fit…… HOW? Let’s take a moment to define what “fit” really means, there are 4 basic components of fitness.

  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness – very limited but you can up your fitness with certain exercises but your body will be used to it in a matter of weeks
  • Muscular Strength – Unless you’re extremely weak this machine won’t make you stronger and again you will outgrow this within weeks
  • Muscular Endurance – Again will outgrow within weeks and unless your extremely unfit you will need to spend a long time doing the exercises
    Flexibility – Not at all