HCG drops versus injections!

For all of you who’ve decided to embrace the HCG diet plan, at least once this question might have popped up in your mind.

The most authentic method of giving HCG is through the use of injections which may actually be very effective. You only require one shot of the hormone per day for 45 days and that is as much as necessary to cause weight loss effects.

However, not everyone is okay with having to stick needles into their skin every so often.

The procedure is painful and from time to time becomes very traumatic to the skin. On some occasions, there have been irritations and inflammation on the injection site and sometimes have becomes a reason for blood clots.

Injections of HCG are by prescription only, and unless you are receiving your supply from your doctor’s office or local pharmacy, you’ll need to order the supplies online. The prescription version of HCG injections can be pricey!

If injections make you feel uneasy or fussy, it may be time to look at HCG drops as an alternative.

The HCG drops of the homeopathic variety are made by diluting pure HCG, so your body can still gain the effects of HCG.

These drops are the least expensive, since they are not distributed by a pharmacy. There are many companies who sell homeopathic HCG drops, with many satisfied customers who have lost weight using these. Since the drops are not made of pure HCG you will need to purchase a larger quantity though, and these drops will need to be taken throughout the day. Since they do need to be refrigerated, this can be a small hassle since you may not be around a refrigerator throughout the day!

The HCG injections and drops are equal in their weight loss events.It does not matter which process you prefer since one works just as effectively as the other.

You can use drops since they are a convenient and easy way to reap the same benefits that the injections provide!