Intermittent fasting by Dr Berg:

Dr Berg in a short video has tried to explain how intermittent fasting can lead to weight loss.

Owing to the fact that lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels lead to increased growth hormone and Igf (insulin like growth factor) which that may trigger weight loss! Fasting or long durations of no eating, leads to lowered cortisol levels, thus aiding in weight loss.

He educates about how it works, why it is necessary, as whenever we eat we spike insulin, breaking the myth that when we eat carbohydrates only then we spike insulin. This is why we seriously need a fasting window, for serious fat burning!

He says it should be a gradual process, of recovery. Move from five meals a day, to three and then two, increasing your fasting window, from 8 to 12 and then 20 hours, which includes your sleeping time at night. He advises you to reducing the number of meals you take in day, and increase the non eating span.

Thus, train yourself you to bear it little by little.

Like all his videos, he puts it forward in a simple and attractive manner. It seems to be easy to follow, but there is a little effort on your part to do more of digging about it. Make diet charts yourself, plan out your meals, and do the drill as and when it may suit you. And if you need any more information about intermittent fasting, or any query comes in your mind, you need advice and guidance again!

Of course his advice is useful but not a complete solution for one and all. Find out a plan that is COMPLETE, target oriented and well laid out. So, you may not be perplexed and lost.

Sponsored: Why “Eat Stop Eat” diet plan is the perfect way to kickstart with “intermittent fasting”?

 Eat stop Eat, is a diet plan developed by the diet guru, Brad Pilon, who understands the psychology of a dieter and has made it flexible enough, not to interfere with your energy levels, or hinder your daily work schedule. You might be curious to know how?

Intermittent fasting is the basic approach that he follows but in a better way! There are many approaches to intermittent fasting like, 16/8 approach, 5:2 diet system, alternate day fasting etc. This plan by Brad Pilon is like a breath of fresh air, in the crowded market of dietary approaches.

All you need to do, is to eat healthy to satisfy your tummy, but insert a non eating window (fast) of 24 hours once or twice a week, however it may suit you, or your body may be able to cope with.

This diet promises to offer you all the health benefits that any intermittent fasting plan would.

Fasting for as little as 24 hours has been shown to drastically reduce your insulin levels while increasing your Growth Hormone levels.

No need to worry that whether or not will you be able to fast for complete 24hours or not! Brad Pilon in his plan, even relaxes that for you.

There is still a benefit to fasting for 16 hours, just as there is no real harm in fasting for 30 hours.

With Eat Stop Eat here is no mandate to stop eating the foods you love, to clean out your kitchen or to never eat carbs or fat again.

What makes this different from Dr Berg’s plan?

First of all, you should know that Dr Berg has only provided advice regarding intermittent fasting. He has not provided any plan. He has asked to gradually increase your fasting window from 8 to 16 hours or more!

That’s all! Out of many approaches to intermittent fasting he doesn’t point out on any one, that you may embrace leaving you to keep on trying to increase the non eating span.

Whereas eat stop eat has an edge over all other plans which are specific and detailed but were found to be rigid and hard to follow. Brad Pilon has provided a specific plan, with flexibility too!

You know what to do during you’re really easy and flexible journey of weight loss. All days during the week will be your normal days except the days on which you fast. And the fasting days will be one or maximum two. No low calorie recipe to be learnt, no extra shopping for fasting days. Brad Pilon has made it simple for you to the extent that the plan never interferes with your work schedules.

Do you know which approach did Dr Berg follow?

When you follow something, you need it to be backed by conviction and goodwill. Dr Berg has provided advice, but not revealed whether he tried intermittent fasting himself or not? And if he did, which approach did he choose to follow?

You must agree that the best advice comes from the one who has tried and tested the plan himself. Coz only he would know where you might lag, where you need support etc. Eat stop eat is a plan that the author had followed and achieved amazing results!

 Dr Berg has not written a book or given any detailed and specific plan!

His informative video can be an additional support for you, may provide you help to prepare your body to embark on this journey.

But it’s not any tool or plan as you may call it, to keep you going until you reach your goal!

Buying a book will cost you some dollars, but it’s worth it!

Free yourself from being occupied with thoughts like how much to eat, when to eat and when not to. Counting the no of hours or calories or preparing meals etc. Find yourself liberated and free!

This plan also prevents your weight from rebounding back, as it is a more resilient approach to intermittent fasting. When any plan is user friendly, you have maximum chances of sticking to it! Adopt it as a lifestyle and reap the benefits!

Your queries related to hormones and what would happen within your body, precautions etc have also been finely written in detail in his book. Be at peace that you won’t wander in the dark.

So we’ve found that:

Eat stop eat provides flexible guidelines! There isn’t any need for a unique approach for any new person since Brad says that fasting can be once or twice a week and that too according to your ability.

Dr Berg’s tips and videos help create awareness, educate people, but you cannot do any drill yourself! What he promotes is going to his wellness center for a unique and customized diagnosis and remedies that he would provide you with, claiming to be a natural remedy giver!

He says that no single program can solve everyone’s problems, thus paves the way for people to his clinic, to get his expert advice.

Bank on this very fair enough deal. With eat stop eat you get a complete money back guarantee within a span of 60 days, if you fail to see the results. This is enough to boast about the plan. They provide you a free starter’s guide along with the diet plan book.

Read his book, to know what Brad Pilon claims and implement it to reap the assured benefits!