Negative customer reviews:

  • Diet is easy to follow, but her instructions are too wishy-washy. Many conflicts between the recipes at the back and detailed charts. The charts are incomplete, you need to re-read sections thoroughly in order to grasp the “my way or the highway” instructions.

It is a real shame that her scientific background, which serves as the basis for the diet process, is touched on superficially. This book needs more! More recipes, more attention to detail and more step by step instructions. Scientifically sound, it is working for me, but I can see others getting easily frustrated and giving up before 28 days. (Cherylck)

  • Of COURSE you’re going to lose weight following this plan. It’s super regimented, and your meals are small. The plan is far too strict for a normal person to follow. I am curious about it, but not enough to be a slave to a highly regimented meal plan for a month. (Vicky)
  • I agree with other reviewers that the diet itself if good, but, it is confusing and not laid out in an easy to follow manner. The serving sizes tend to be vague, and contradictory in different places in the book. For example, on phase 3 when you look at the serving size for fats, it says 3 tablespoons! The app for iPhone says the same thing (these serving sizes are per meal), but then when you look at her menus, she has recipes with 1/4 teaspoon oil as the serving size- what??? It makes it very hard to know if you are doing it correctly. I’m in my first week, and I will say I am losing every day. The diet is very labor intensive, and does require many trips to the market for fruits and vegetables. It’s also a bit expensive. I will report back with my weight loss results. As a point of reference , I am about 15 pounds over weight, am 45 and work out pretty regularly with weights. (Maud)
  • I bought the book and then had to search the internet for message boards and blogs to complement the book. It is poorly written. Information is poorly researched and sketchy in parts. I am still waiting to find out exactly how this particular array of food in this particular sequence would increase your metabolism. The book will not tell you in any detail. In fact there is little detail on anything. There is a lot of fluff and on Kindle, flipping back and forth trying to find information is tedious and annoying.You will need to search high and low for how much of some of the foods you are allowed to eat. You do not ‘count calories’ but weight loss does depend on the amount of food you eat and an intricate sequence you are to eat it in. Yet the food amounts are there for some foods, not there for some and difficult to calculate for others. (For instance is it 1/2 cup of cooked rice or uncooked rice? That info needs to be gotten from her blog or Pinterest or the million other places you have to go looking for info the book simply doesn’t give.)I am vegan and this diet is NOT for Vegans. Don’t mind the claims that it is for everyone. The vegan substitutes are very limited and it is obvious the author has little to no experience with veganism which btw is fine but it would be better to say up front that vegans should not attempt to follow. If you are vegan you will be left without carbs, fruit, legumes or nuts for those Phase two days i.e you eat a limited choice of vegetables (lettuce, spinach and cucumbers mainly) and soy only. (Bajan Chick)
  • The information is good but not e-friendly. Charts and lists are not easily navigated. Not convenient, and not enough additional information on-line.this is best used as a hard copy book! (Carmella)
  • It may work for a truly disciplined person but it’s very restrictive and requires a lot of work with minimal results. (Scarlett Bassett)

The diet works and is healthy. Book information superceded by the Facebook support group and the iPhone app. No android app. Seem to be rapidly Anti-GMO so the organic everything without corn, etc can be very pricy. The diet works but I only wanted a diet, not a religious experience. ( Ellen Renck)