Negative user reviews

1. Its a load of crap. What good is it if your someone uses it and then eats at a 1000 cal surplus with no other exercise? Just remember that abs can be seen on people with low bodyfat and doing core workouts or using them. Machines will not spot reduce stomach fat. Personally, biggest waste of time ever. It’s like power plates for women who want to stand on them and lose weight. “Abs are made in the kitchen” 70% diet, 30% training. Body fat has to be at least single digits to have a great stomach and visible abdominals. Chuck in some leg raises, weighted crunches and various other simple abdominal exercises and see how it goes.

2. After using the Ab-Doer 360 for 25 days, I didn’t feel it doing any good. So I returned it for a full refund… Be warned – Thane doesn’t refund the shipping charges ($74). Plus, you have to ship it back on your own nickel ($117 est). Read the small print

3. Easy assembly. I was disheartened to find that, out of the box, it does not provide enough resistance for a good workout, and now I must purchase added resistance separately. If i’d have known this, I would never have paid so much for this product.

4. The back part to support the body is easily shaking. I was actually renting the item for a month. I called to return the item on the 31st day, but the customer service refused to take the return because it is already more than 30 days. That means you will have to pay the machine for the full amount, plus one-month rent, plus shipping, plus tax. I have to pay more than the full amount of the item. I am trying to dispute it with my bank, but it looks like the bank cannot help.

5. Stick with crunches.

All the twisting and bending did a number on my back. I ended up selling on CL.

6. I purchased the AB Doer 360 based on advertisement shown. At time of purchase, I was assured the product could be returned if dissatisfied.

Upon receipt of unit, I discovered during assembly that it was NOT exactly as shown in advertisement. The core bar foam had a different spiral design, no foam covered the contour armbar, and the seat design was without marked templates.

Customer Service was unresponsive. Upon first calling, was told I would receive a call back within 24 hours. No such call was received. I called back after 24 hours only to be told that there was nothing that could be done about the unit I received versus the unit as exactly shown in the advertisement that I thought I was purchasing. The woman said the unit advertised that I was referring to was for a limited time only. I directed her to AB Doer 360 website that clearly showed her statement to be untrue with a picture of the unit still being advertised that I thought I would receive, with no “limited time only” notices shown.

She then would only talk about the same physical benefits I would receive using the unit received versus the unit shown. I told her I still wanted the unit as shown in the advertisement. She said nothing could be done other than to RETURN THE UNIT AT MY OWN EXPENSE and then proceeded to provide me a return merchandise authorization number. Reportedly, shipment to me was $14.95 shipped by FedEx overnight. Upon taking the unit to Fed Ex for return shipment, the cost to ship the unit back was $73+ to ship by ground (cheapest rate quoted). I was told that when unit was shipped to me it was probably shipped using a business account.

Because of my disappointment and stubborn principle, I shipped the unit back anyway. It became apparent to me that more customers that might be dissatisfied with the unit had maybe not shipped their units back because of the cost to be incurred in returning the unit. This is by far my worst purchasing experience ever. If a company chooses not to be fully transparent about the sale and advertising of their product, what does it say about their product and business dealings overall?

7. The arm bar in Ab doer twist would not remain stationary no matter how hard it was tightened. I had to hold the bar up with my arms so it did not droop, just to do the required side to side motion, which put tremendous strain on my shoulders. I’ve never had back or neck trouble, and after using this just two times, my neck seized up and was painful to turn for 10 days! My chiropractor said that doing side to side twisting exercises like this is bad for the back and can cause serious injury.

I had to tear apart the box and extruded foam packing pieces in order to get the machine out of the box, and being such an odd shape and so heavy, there was no way to satisfactorily pack it starting from scratch to return it for a refund. I didn’t want anyone else to get injured trying to use it, so I threw it out rather than giving it to charity. A total loss!

8. I showed the Ab-Doer to my daughter ( she is a physical therapy assistant) and she said that I should show it to my back surgeon before using it. She tried it herself and stated that this piece of equipment is terrible for the spine. It does all the movements that are bad for one ‘s core. I had back surgery almost two years ago and had a follow up appointment with my surgeon. He state that he was glad that my daughter looked at this equipment before I used it. He stated the same thing that my daughter told me and advised me not to use it because ergonomically it is terrible for the spine. I gave it one star because without rating it , I could not get to this comment page. It should have no stars.

9. I had been very excited when I saw that the advertisement for this particular item. I am recovering from long-term illness and can not participate in exercise in this moment. I feel I would be helped by this exerciser in healing of body strength and endurance. I disappointed, after reading the testimonials of customer support and bait & switch. It’s about that these inspection hasn’t been read by the owner and does get involved with correct those problems. Too bad. I won’t purchase.