Positive customer reviews:

  • After two weeks of use I did’nt experience any weight loss but I did lose all the bloat. My clothes fit me better and I generally just feel better. It was’nt until my second week of its use that I really started noticing a difference.

I recommend this tea nad will be buying it again. (Carol)

  • This tea is amazing! I saw a lot of people use this, and are saying how much it works for them, that it made me interested in buying it because I’ve been desperate to lose weight.

At first, I was a little hesitant to try this, but I still gave it a go. After a few weeks, I started to look and feel less bloated. I was really surprised. I don’t know why people in the comments are saying it doesn’t work when it really does. For it to work and help you lose weight, you have to exercise. It doesn’t just burn all your calories if you just sit there and don’t exercise at all. It also doesn’t work over night. It takes a little bit of time. Trust me, this brand works really well.Once again, just give it time, and you will look and feel so much better. (Marisa)

  • The tea was extremely easy to digest. It had a good flavor that almost tasted like mint. Most importantly it sent me to the bathroom!!! It wasn’t an emergency or anything like that, it was quite gentle.   Even without diet and exercise, I saw a decrease in bloating.

( Chrissy  woods)