Positive customer reviews:

  • I really like the fast diet. I’ve been on it seven weeks and have lost almost 8 lbs and 2 inches off my waist. I enjoy the fast days because I don’t have to think about food. Odd huh?
    I’m a snacker and it’s nice to know “today I don’t snack”
    I will stay on this program indefinitely. It works for me.
    ( Roy Christopher)
  • I have been following the Fast Diet for 9 months and have lost 20 lbs, I have been able to maintain the wgt. Loss and Iam extremely happy with the results. This food plan has been the easiest program I ever participated in.
    My lab results are also improved.

( Marie Nemetz)

  • This is more than a diet, and you can easily start it after reading the first few pages. The book describes intermittent fasting, and it describes in full detail the beneficial effects it can have on your body. What drew most of my attention was improved brain function. After trying it a while I discovered it really works. I sleep better and I can concentrate more at work. After my last blood work, the doctor said my blood was completely normal other than my cholesterol being too low. He cut my prescription for statins in half. Of course, my weight has fallen, too. My BMI is back under 25. This book is well documented and describes scientific studies that are complete and which ones are still underway. It does have several recipes in case you don’t already know how to be prepare healthy meals, although some of the ingredients are difficult to find. You only have to partial fast two days a week. Although the author says you can eat anything else the rest of the time, you get faster results sticking to healthy meals. This really worked well for me. (Well)
  • The diet and book are both based on personal experiences of doctor and science journalist, Michael Mosley. He produced a BBC documentary titled Eat, Fast and Live Longer, which prompted our interest in the diet. The diet is relatively easy to follow and effective. Unfortunately, the book makes it sound much more complicated than it is. (Short review: skip the book; watch the documentary).The premise of the diet is that fasting 2 days a week creates multiple health benefits: weight loss, reduced risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and possibly even cancer. Besides calorie restriction, the diet also makes a person more aware of true hunger pangs versus emotional eating.

    Mosley’s definition of a fast is actually quite generous — 500 calories/day for women, 600 for men. Dieters fast for two nonconsecutive days each week, and are free to eat as they please on the remaining 5 days. (Joan)

  • There are many ways to lose weight from counting point to micro-managing carbs. But almost all of them involve eating less calories on a daily basis. The result – you lose weight but let’s face it the prospect of eating less every day gets old. And in many cases weight that is shed is quickly put back on. 

    Enter Dr. Michael Mosley with “The Fast Diet”. Dr. Mosley a science researcher, investigated how fasting can result in enormous benefits such as increased longevity, lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol and much more. He presented his findings in the British television BBC special documentary “Horizon: Eat, Fast and Live Longer”.

    Instead of a pure fast Dr. Mosley found that you could enjoy many benefits from eating a reduced calorie diet just 2 days a week and eating normally the other 5. For women about 500 calories and for men about 600 on the 2 lower calorie days. Based on the documentary thousands of British people tried eating this way and found it to be fast, effective and much easier than a traditional diet. It’s a revolutionary weight loss method! (Lee Melott)

  • I started on Valentine’s Day, and in just 2 weeks, I lost 8.5 pounds. This book contains info on the science of fasting, what to expect while fasting, what to eat, and many more great tips. I like it so much, I also bought it on audio book. You may want to buy an extra copy, because your friends will want one. (Kathleen)