Positive user reviews

1. Great for back pain due to a weak core!

I think Wonder Core Smart is NOT for people who are already really strong. It seems to be the opposite of most gimmicks that focus on making regular sit-ups harder. This actually assists your sit-up so you can do the proper motion even if you are weak. That way you don’t try an use your neck and hip flexors just to get through the motions. Same with the push-ups- resting your thighs on this takes just enough weight off your arms and abs so that you can do a proper push-up (which require a lot of core strength). This push-up works more core muscles than you could from just doing push-ups with your knees on the ground. My abs have been really sore the last couple days. Hopefully I continue seeing great results. Also I think I am doing the scissor kick exercise wrong, but the way I do it feels like a really good cellulite reduction exercise, which is another exercise that I hate. Too early to tell, but if I’m right it makes this machine worth twice as much to me!

Here is some background info on me that might help you make a decision:
5’10” women’s size 18. Machine is plenty wide enough for me.
I used to have a very strong core, but some posture deficiencies have left my core super weak. I have been compensating with the incorrect muscles for years and found myself unable to do a simple push up. I also had a lot of back and hip pain. My physical therapist gave me exercises that help. But they are weird variations of breathing and “cat vomit” exercise designed to strengthen my core enough to get back to regular ab exercises. I wasn’t doing them as much as I should because… well I hate them. This is just the thing I needed!

2. I’ve been looking for an affordable exercise machine I could use at home. I’ve had two spinal fusions, so I always proceed with caution. I’m very excited and pleased.

The very first thing I tried was the sit-ups. I have a small frame now, no pain, and no irritation to my back muscles or spine. Next, worked on my arms. I’ve lost over 100 pounds due to a thyroid problem, and if you eat like a bird and still can’t lose weight, do yourself a favour and talk to your doctor to get a simple blood test.

The test I wanted to give this machine, honesty, was if one can feel the burn like in a gym, and yes, you most certainly can! In my arms (or as I call them, bat wings), I felt the muscles I have not felt since using gym machines.

You can also become very creative and find new exercises, like for example, wrap a towel around the gap so you can do your sides.

I’ve owned it for less than a week, and it’s the best gift I’ve given myself. I know this will give me the tone I’ve been looking for.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I’m 48 years young, and heres to bikini weather!

3. My review relates to the Wonder Core 2 which is much improved.

I am in my 50’s and suffer with chronic lower back pain problems and fatigue, and I consequently find anything except gentle exercise to be very difficult and in fact can make me worse. The overstretched physio departments in the UK are not much help, doing little except offering sheets of exercises I can’t do.

So having seen the infomercial on TV I was intrigued. Yes, I know the claims are all hype but looking at how the machine worked and then reading a couple of other reviews which pointed out that it actually assisted you so wasn’t as effective as doing the exercises without the machine, it occured to me that it might just be exactly what I’m looking for.

So I decided to give it a try and it really does help people in my “niche” – fitness less than average, stuggle with movement and so on. The machine assistance actually means I can have a fitness session without worrying about straining by back too much and ending up in even more pain, as has happened in the past, and I am now improving my health and fitness, and strengthening my core which, I’m told, should improve my back pain over time.

I’ll never be an Olympic athlete of course but then that’s not the aim. If you ignore the hype and just want to improve your fitness I do believe this can help a lot of people who will never set foot in a gym.

It is a shame the manufacturers need to hype the products in the way they do, and I also noted that the ad for the UK stated that refunds do not include P&P (shipping) costs – sorry, but by law they should do. You are entitled to a full refund of everything you paid if you inform them of your intention to return within 14 days.

Finally (if you’re in the UK) at £99 I thought it was affordable enough to give it a try for a week or so knowing that I was entitled to return it, but a quick check online and I found Tesco are selling it for £65 and for that price I really think it is worth the money. I’ve seen worse for a lot more money.