Positive user reviews

1. If you hate to exercise, Ab doer twist is for you. Over the years I’ve purchased a lot of exercise equipment, some costing 10 times as much as the Ab-Doer, and the story was always the same… They became doorstops and clothes racks in short order. The one exercise I was able to stick with was walking. Unfortunately, arthritic knees and ankles put an end to that. I started gaining weight and loosing muscle mass.

My doctor kept urging me to find something I could do before things got any worse. I searched Amazon’s large assortment of exercise equipment… Machines that required getting down on the floor were out. Machines that put strain on the leg joints were out. Large, gym sized machines were out (limited floorspace and budget). Finally, I came across the Ab-Doer Twist. It’s listed here as a ‘Abdominal Trainer’, but on the manufacture’s website it’s listed as ‘the 360-degree approach to total-body fitness’, which I have found to be true.

I had my doubts, but with Amazon’s liberal return policy, I figured I had nothing to loose, so I ordered it. Without a doubt the best decision I’ve ever made as far as exercise equipment goes. I’ve used the Ab Doer a little over 7 months now (about 6 months longer than most the other exercise equipment I’ve purchased). When I unboxed it the first thing that struck me was how well it was built. Heavy gauge steel with full seam welds, not tack welds like a lot of other gear in this price range. Quality materials and construction throughout. Built to last.

It comes with a training DVD which guides you through beginning, intermediate, and advanced exercise routines. When I started out, I could only do about half of the beginning exercise, now I do the advanced exercise, often twice daily. Once I learned the routines, I made a timed audio recording calling out each exercise, and put it on my phone. Now I listen to the recorded prompts, while watching TV. One set of advanced exercises, plus warm up and cool down, runs about 25 minutes, perfect match for a 30 minute TV show.

To date I’ve lost about 20 pounds, strengthened the muscles in my arms, chest, abdomen and legs, and feel a heck of a lot better than I did before starting this exercise regiment. This is the first exercise that I’ve actually enjoyed doing and have no doubt that I’ll stick with it for the foreseeable future. Oh yes, for what it’s worth I’m 71 years old.

2. Ab doer 360 is simple and effective. But be aware of balance challenges and extending the chair backwards where the support will put pressure on the spine. Just know your limitations and exercise caution. It’s a good workout.

3. I already owned an older version of Ab doer 360 (mine was the Ab Doer). I always like it because it stretched out my back and gave me an aerobic exercise that I could do too. Unfortunately, that one came with a tape rather than a disk and my recorder in the older TV that I used for exercising broke so I can no longer use the tape to follow the exercises. Then I saw this newer one on TV and decided the upgrades were really worth having (and I have two residences so I wanted this one for one of them). I’ve only used it once but I loved it. I could really feel it working my abs and my back felt great when I got off of it. It’s going to be a staple of my exercising at the house where I have it. Unfortunately I’m not there now and am only using my older one using the exercising I remember since I don’t have the tape.

4. Had no trouble assembling this and I am a 79 year old women. It seems like a nice way to use your abs but still getting used to it. I have some back issues and soreness but hoping this will strengthen those muscles.

5. For seniors or those with mobility issues, this chair works. Easy to use, this is my 3rd ABDOER – ab doer 360. It works all parts of the body.It shapes the core and combined with sensible eating,you will lose weight. This 3rd Generation design improves the easy workout.Follow the enclosed DVD, then use when you like.

6. I am a 56 year old female and 100 pounds overweight. I have tried absolutely every type of exercise equipment and diet out there. I am a mother of five with one teenager still at home that is in sports. I work full time and try to help a disabled brother as much as I can. I also have a house in the country and all of the chores that go with it. So you see- I don’t have much time for myself.

I saw the Ab-doer on TV and thought that this just might be what I need, so I ordered it. Well, I’m here to tell you- I absolutely love it! I have arthritis so jumping exercises are out of the question and getting up & down off the floor is a chore. But I don’t have to with the AB-doer! The warm up is easy and the exercise routine is do-able. I’m still on the beginner 15 minute part after a week and a half, but it’s been awesome. I’m not bored, it doesn’t take much time(15 minutes) and I can feel that I’m working my body. I’ve lost a few pounds and plan on losing more.

I bought the basic model as I wasn’t sure if I’d use it. But I’m planning on adding on later after I get to the advanced program. This is really not meant for the athletic and fit person- they’d think it was nothing. As a beginner- I think it’s great. It gives me the support I need for the moves that I was leery on at first- I was worried about it tipping over, but it has not. The roller on the back feels super! My back does not ache like it used to. And my core(midsection) definitely feels it. I feel energized afterward. I’m so looking forward to losing more weight as I’ve finally found the exercise equipment for me!

My husband put it together for me and said it was really easy. I thought the arms weren’t on tight as they were movable- but they’re supposed to be- the video shows you why. The seat is wide enough for my overweight butt- so it’s comfortable. Only one exercise is snug on my arms but not bad- the lean back and crunch forward exercise.

Hopefully as I lose weight this will not be a problem for long. I haven’t found anything I don’t like about it yet. Good luck- I hope you find what works for you as well…