SPONSORED: Why “Eat Stop Eat” diet plan is the perfect way to kickstart with “intermittent fasting”?

Eat stop eat, is a diet plan developed by the diet guru, Brad Pilon, who understands the psychology of a dieter and has made it flexible enough, not to interfere with your energy levels, or hinder your daily work schedule. You might be curious to know how?

Intermittent fasting is the basic approach that he follows but in a better way! There are many approaches to intermittent fasting like, 16/8 approach, 5:2 diet system, alternate day fasting etc. This plan by Brad Pilon is like a breath of fresh air, in this crowded market of fasting diet plans.

All you need to do, is to eat healthy to satisfy your tummy, but insert a non eating window (fast) of 24 hours once or twice a week, however it may suit you, or your body may be able to cope with.

This diet promises to offer you all the health benefits that any intermittent fasting plan would :

  • Lose weight from your body fat
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Improve metabolic profile
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Reduced need for obsessive compulsive eating

Fasting for as little as 24 hours has been shown to drastically reduce your insulin levels while increasing your Growth Hormone levels.

No need to worry that whether or not will you be able to fast for complete 24hours or not! Brad Pilon in his plan, even relaxes that for you.

There is still a benefit to fasting for 16 hours, just as there is no real harm in fasting for 30 hours.

With Eat Stop Eat here is no mandate to stop eating the foods you love, to clean out your kitchen or to never eat carbs or fat again.

There is no need for cheat days or binge days. In fact Eat Stop Eat does not involve binging, guilty feeling about food, or using fasting as a form of punishment.

Fasting, is not complete starvation  but he allows you to  drink the following liquids when fasting:

  • Water
  • Black Coffee
  • Black Tea
  • Herbal and green teas
  • Diet Soda (in moderation)
  • Sparkling Water
  • Or any drink that is zero calories.

Eat stop Eat is the perfect way to kickstart your journey on intermittent fasting, since it goes back, to our ancestors and their natural cycles of high and low calories. Being backed by scientific evidence a sto how fasting benefits the human body, he has made this approach exteremely flexible!

Does it work?

It works because when you are in a “FASTED” state, your body has no new nutrients to feed on, SO, in order for it to get you energy, it goes for your stored FAT RESERVES FIRST.

Now, if you are in a fasted state TOO LONG, it’ll eventually go after muscle. But the eat stop eat book will tell you how long is too long, and how short is too short.

How is it different?

No counting of calories needed, on fatsing days.

No need to spend extra bucks on shopping, for very low calorie recipes, to feed yourself on fast days! It better to be completely free, of all such hassles rather than feel deprived yet eating too!

Imagine, you’re munching on a chocolate bar, and are told to stop after eating some of it! You will agree that it’s insanely difficult! Rather not take even a single bite altogether.

Eat stop Eat saves you from this disaster, of keeping a check on your eating, on fasting days. You fast according to your ability, not feeding yourself for a window of 16 to 24 hours!

Find yourself, Liberated, and Free of the miserable condition where your daily schedules and work might suffer because of being entangled in fast diets like 5:2 approach.

This approach will rejuvenate you cells inside out, and burn your fat, making you relieved of food obsession!

It prevents your weight from rebounding back, as it is a more resilient approach to intermittent fasting. When any plan is user friendly, you have maximum chances of sticking to it! Adopt it as a lifestyle and reap the benefits!

Apart from all that is mentioned above, your queries related to your hormones and what would happen within your body, precautions etc have beet finely written in detail in his book. You are not wandering in the dark, like the 5:2 diet that leaves you unguided about what exactly to do on fasting days.

Here you don’t need t o buy any additional cook book!

The opportunity is at your doorstep, you just have to see that you don’t have any of the health issues where fasting cannot be done, you are ready for this diet plan, which will not be a burden on your wallet too!

Thus, bank on this very fair enough deal. He offers a complete money back guarantee within a span of 60 days, if you fail to see the results. This is enough to boast about the plan. They provide you a free starter’s guide along with the diet plan book.

We recommend this for one very strong reason, that you should adopt a plan that you can stick to in the long term, to reap its full benefits. It doesn’t interfere with your everyday life. So you can stay lean in the long run.

This is the one that gives you the FREEDOM you’ve been looking for!

Amazing results of ‘Eat stop eat’ !