Andro 400 review 2018 – Does this testosterone booster work?

There are lots of reasons you might choose to take a testosterone booster. The simple fact is that as you age, you lose testosterone. And the drop gets more and more severe the older you get. You start dropping muscle mass and finding it harder to lose weight. Not to mention the devastating effect it has on your sex drive and performance.

If you’ve started looking into ways to boost your body’s own natural production of the T you so badly miss, you’re definitely not alone.

Andro 400, claims to have the most comprehensive and advanced approach to boosting testosterone. By taking this supplement your natural testosterone levels will skyrocket, and you’ll find yourself with improved body composition, increased lean muscle mass, more stamina and gains in the gym, and a heightened sex drive.

A bottle of Andro 400 costs $34.95 on their website, although they do offer discounts on larger, bulk purchases. I suggest having a serm for any cycle, methylated or perhaps not makes no difference in how shutdown your HPTA will be.

I also suggest running period supports through pct, as sarms, just like methylated hormones, are toxic and have side effects. (shoulders legs and upper body being in a little more pain than the sleep of my body.) other symptoms were coughing and some congestion.

L-citrulline – Another amino acid in Andro 400 that is changed into L-arginine when ingested, again promoting better blood flow in the human body. Although the product is made specifically for older men in their 40s and above, it can and does benefit younger men who simply take the product by increasing their energy and their athletic capability.

Andro 400 can lessen the discomfort and aches resulting from sports and help you recover faster. It is an all-natural item without any known side effects in terms of the general product itself. The results show a transient boost in the percentage of male mice responding to the right choice after chronic use of the fractions with 50 percent of the adult middle-aged male mice treated with eurycoma longifolia and yohimbine scoring the right choice after 8 and 5 days post-treatment respectively. I have personally tested various extracts in different doses and realized that it has additional side effects seldom mentioned in articles or in research papers.

Advantages of Andro 400

  • Andro 400 reviews on discussion forums trend very favorably with many users noting documented rises in testosterone levels.
  • It boosts testosterone on three levels.
  • There is a product satisfaction guarantee.
  • The price is reasonable.

Disadvantages of Andro 400

  • Some reviewers say they experienced mild acne.
  • The guarantee is only that you’ll get a replacement product, not your money back.

WARNING: don’t use if safety seal is broken or missing.  The Chinese view the body as a ‘whole’ – each part intimately connected, each organ has a mental also as a physical function. In the beginning when I heard this product name, I guessed so it contains androstenedione, widely known as “Andro” or “4 Andro”.

Cycle Support products are taken throughout your cycle to help ensure optimal health, limiting or preventing unwanted effects. It is an herb that does maybe not supply testosterone it is likely to free or unbind the testosterone that is already in your system. L Citruline is frequently taken for erection dysfunction for this reason.

Andro400: Truth vs Hype

We’ve heard lots of buzz surrounding Andro400, so we dove right into the ingredients, side effects, and clinical research of this testosterone booster. There has been numerous studies on the main ingredient in Andro 400 with mixed results. Some have cited its ability to increase the levels of free testosterone while some never have.

Exactly what can be said is that it does seem to boost the sex drive and help raise energy levels as well, so the overall impact is a positive one regardless of whether it actually boost the quantities of testosterone.

Each capsule of Andro400 contains a high concentration of 150mg of pure Eurycoma longifolia radix (root) extract (100:1). Each capsule of Andro400 Max contains 250 mg of Eurycoma longifolia root extract (100:1). Andro400 Max also contains two amino acids, l-arginine and l-citrulline. These amino acids support blood and organ health by opening the blood vessels and improving blood flow and nutrient absorption throughout the body.

Herbs are amazing. They are difficult to check for quality, purity, and potency. For some herbs you will find AOAC tests for potency, but those can be fooled in the event that product is spiked with a synthetic analog associated with the molecule being tested. You’ll get good herbal components from China (or anywhere else) but only if you have your own individuals supervising the whole supply chain and an effective testing program.

These bodybuilding products are promoted as hormones products and/or as alternatives to anabolic steroids for increasing lean muscle mass and strength. A number of these products make claims about the ability of the active ingredients to enhance or diminish androgen, estrogen, or progestin-like effects in the human body, but actually contain anabolic steroids or steroid-like substances, synthetic hormones linked to the male hormone testosterone.

So how can you set up a 1-andro and Epi-Andro cycle? Them all were physically active individuals. Estrogen Blockers are also a very important tool for avoiding side effects and also help with gynecomastia.

Eurycoma longifolia 250 mg (2 Capsules 500mg) – this is a herb popularly known as the tongkat ali or pasak bumi. The other two, proteins, also provide plenty of good effects and enhance your body’s health and well-being along with increasing testosterone and helping the body convert bound testosterone into free testosterone that the body can used to improve sets from performance to mood to stamina.

It is believed that the herb in Andro400 influences the hypothalamus to signal the pituitary gland to stimulate the body’s production of testosterone. Studies also suggest that Eurycoma longifolia has properties that reduce the amount of testosterone that is tightly bound to the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and/or the amount of SHBG itself, making more testosterone “bio-available” for your body’s use. Studies also indicate that the herb in Andro400 can influence the amount of testosterone the body converts to estrogen, again increasing overall testosterone bio-availability.

Even yet in Malaysia where Eurycoma Longifolia is easily available and there are over 200 products containing this herb, analysis found that 36% of products had been contaminated with mercury.

SO, if you are going for any Tongkat Ali supplement like Andro 400, you have to be extra careful.

Andro 400 Real Review And Results

Like many other athletes who use nutritional supplements, Jason Gould had never seen proof of anyone suffering a detrimental health a reaction to an Androstenedione-based product.

9 males with an average of 5 years experience in resistance training and the average bodyfat of 13% were given 330 mg of 1-Andro daily for 4 weeks while completing a structured opposition training system.

Data ended up being collected pre-cycle and post-cycle on: lean mass, strength, lipids, and cardiac metabolic function. Studies like these would be the ultimate goal of prohormone studies. They are very unusual. When a study like this is carried out on a prohormone, it is wise to get sucked in.

These studies give better answers towards the overly common questions of what sort of gains one can expect, what dose is best, and the level of toxicity that comes from the prohormones.

On the other hand, there are loads of positive Andro400 reviews giving positive feedback that this product has helped to improve T levels.

The added benefits of Andro400 include the anti-inflammatory component for all those into sport, in particular high impact sports that require plenty of endurance, and high stamina. Andro400, may be worth considering if looking for a testosterone booster, with some added side-benefits.

As far as safety can be involved, the FDA currently allows the sale of Andro and DHEA supplements. On the practical side, as these supplements operate as hormones in the body, it really is reasonable to just use under doctor supervision just in case an adverse hormonal imbalance or other adverse event does occur.

The medical community notes that until more studies are done using these supplements, safety should not be assumed, and side effects (too numerous to list here) common to anabolic-androgenic steroids and estrogens, might be expected when using these testosterone precursor prohormones.

Competitive athletes should note that both DHEA and Andro are banned by most sports organizations. Concerning the issue of potency, the ultimate way to confirm this is by requesting an unbiased laboratory analysis from the manufacturer.

If you do insist on taking either Andro 400 and just about every other Andro containing supplement, please get a physical by your HCP with some labs drawn to check on your liver, cholesterol levels, and check your heart out, then follow-up with them a few of months into using the supplement.

Is Andro 400 for women too?

No evidence seems to be available if Andro400’s components enhances or changes testosterone levels or intimate function in females. Put simply, no body can say for yes what Andro can perform to positively influence you as a female athlete.

Considering the systematic researches done on the ingredients, I am for the opinion that Andro400 may be a good T booster although not good enough because it misses on other powerful testosterone boosting ingredients.

As most male and female athletes put it. “At first I didn’t noticed anything, but have found increased sex drive.”

Reach your goals this 2016 with the help of Epi-Andro or Epiandrosterone, a non-methylated anabolic compound which alters into the normal male hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or Stanolone.

The Andro 400 website points out a rat research for the claim that eurycoma longifolia will do exactly that. This research is often cited by those marketing ‘longjack’ as a testosterone booster. It was done back in 2000 at the University of Malaysia. Into the experiment, the castrated male rodents had been given orally administered doses of ‘long jack’ at 200, 400, and 800 mg. /kg. of body weight, twice-per-day. Outcomes revealed that the rats demonstrated improved performance from the eurycoma longifolia extract in a dose-dependent manner.

The Andro400 website shows a few consumer testimonials and has an extremely detailed FAQ part addressing questions that range from item details to ordering information. In order to have a perfect idea if this Andro 400 works well, let’s look at the researches within the national collection of medicine for the next ingredients.

The Chinese view the body as a ‘whole’ – each part intimately connected, each organ has a mental also a physical function. Typically eurycoma is used as a tonic, to treat malaria, and as an aphrodisiac. Would I get benefit if I take 1 cap twice per day daily for 8 weeks? Eh…a couple years ago I went it at 2 caps but eventually bumped it to 3 and that’s when I noticed more results.

The product should not be utilized by people who have high bloodstream pressure, or those people who are on blood-thinning medication. Hence the “chemical castration” treatment (Lupron) for prostate cancer survivors with high Gleason ratings or rising PSA levels.

Conclusion: BIG Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy It

Notice any side effects? But andro is still popular, partly because of claims that the supplement keeps red blood cells healthy, enhances recovery from exercise, and heightens sexual arousal and performance.

The correct dose of androstenedione depends on several factors such as the consumer’s age, health, and several other conditions. This medicinal extract has very long been taken to improve virility and sex life and clinical studies suggest it might help the body increase testosterone because of a number of the many chemical compounds it has.

Nonetheless, “Tribulus Terrestris” and “Tongkat Ali” both seem to be a better and safe alternative to prescription anti-estrogens as prolonged use of these drugs can make estrogen levels too low, with harmful results for the lipid profile, calcium deposition, libido, etc.

It’s why muscle is easy to put on, it’s why you don’t get that spare tire around your belly, and why you’re horny all the time.

But as you get older, you make less and less of the stuff.

Some of the symptoms you’ll experience are:

  • Less energy, generally feeling more fatigued.
  • More tendency to hold fat, especially around your middle.
  • Harder time building muscle.

    The same workouts don’t produce the same results.

  • Decreased interest in sex and the introduction of difficulty getting and maintaining erections.

It’s all a natural part of aging, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it.

Most guys’ issues don’t rise to the level of needing hormone replacement therapy, but taking a natural testosterone booster can really provide some help. Andro400 is one of hundreds of choices when it comes to natural testosterone boosters.

As far as natural testosterone boosters go, Andro 400 is not among our favorites.

It may provide some energy from the vitamins and the caffeine, and a libido boost from the herbal aphrodisiacs, but there’s very little in the way of testosterone boosting ingredients.

We would also recommend using caution when buying from e-commerce websites as there are many counterfeits floating around.

Make sure you read all the fine print so you know what you’re getting into.

But in the end, we would say it’s not really worth any hassle you might run into, just like many other prohormones.