How to hide double chin? | Comprehensive double chin treatment to slim your chin using workouts and chinup mask


Do you have chubby cheeks or a generally bloated or fat looking face? Are your eyes puffy or are there dark circles under them? Is your skin sagging where it was once taught? Does your whole face seem lifeless and defeated? When you look in the mirror, do you see your Mother or your Father?

Sure, you are not getting any younger, but darn-it, you may be asking yourself,

“When did that double chin show up?”

A double chin is one probably the worst face-gone-bad feature anyone can experience and a double chin typically seems to appear out of nowhere. Usually by the time you notice your double chin, you also notice that your jaw line has vanished beneath sagging skin and that your face and neck have become loose and flabby. Especially if you never had a double chin before, the site of one suddenly appearing upon your visage can be very disheartening. It’s enough to make you wake up and ask the question,

What can I do to get rid of this double chin – fast?

Many people are distressed by how their face seems to be melting into the ground, as they age. Even those who are already lean and fit will find that their face is doing a droop. And for those of us who are challenged in the fitness/weight department, being able to see improvements in our face before we see a drop on the scale can be a great incentive to motivate us into taking further action to continue our overall health & fitness and body and face toning.

There are actually several ways of addressing a saggy, lifeless face, starting at the bottom of your face. Double chin cosmetic surgery, or plastic surgery and even liposuction are invasive methods that can quickly and drastically alter your face and get rid of a double chin.

Unfortunately these rather extreme methods for getting rid of a double chin have significant risks and side effects such as infections and leakages, skin discoloration, bruises and other complications. And there is the cost factor as well.

Most decent qualified cosmetic surgeons are going to charge you quite a pretty penny to change your double chin to a singe chin. Not only is cosmetic surgery hard on your pocket book, it’s also hard on your body. Most invasive procedures are painful and require healing time. And there is no guarantee your surgeon won’t mess it up, nor will they necessarily give you what you imagined you’d be getting in the end.

And if the doctor messes up, you might end have to end up in court to get compensation, but no judge or jury will be able to give you your face back the way it was.

So, what other strategies are there besides surgery for getting rid of a double chin? There are various devices and gadgets of debatable effectiveness on the market, or you can purchase facial treatments such a face/chin wraps like this one and foam face wraps.

These treatments are usually done at a day spa or beauty salon and involve tightly wrapping the problem area and squeezing and shaping the saggy skin and fat so that it gets molded back into shape.

V-line chin up mask can be worn at home.

There are also mineral and thermal wraps that encourage blood circulation and tightening and regrouping of skin cells, similar to cellulite treatments and all of these methods are also often combined with face masks or facial creams to encourage further facial skin rejuvenation.

There is nothing wrong with these methods; in fact, they are quite effective if online reviews are anything to go by.

However, in order to get any real results, you would need multiple applications of these types of treatments which again, like the surgical option, can add up to a lot of money spent, not to mention time away from other activities.

So, how to really tighten and tone your face and get rid of your double chin and remove excess face fat without blowing your bank account to smithereens in the process?

Say hello to getting rid of a double chin via simple yet highly effective facial exercises.

Yes, we recommend combining this chinup mask with the following double chin workouts exercises:-

Sometimes, even after losing weight on your body, certain flabs tend to get left behind and stick around. This is the most annoying part about it, because most people don’t have any idea how to get rid of their facial fats aside from getting a surgical procedure.

What most people don’t know is that there are a good number of exercises that can help them in tasks like double chin removal.

If you’re wondering how you can do this, here are some easy techniques that you can try.

1. Chew sugar-free gum. It’s really simple and quite therapeutic for some especially if you’re trying to quit smoking at the same time. Just make sure that it has no or little sugar content so you won’t get cavities or additional fats with this exercise.

2. There’s also an “exercise” that you can do while sleeping. This will need you to place your pillow behind your neck, so you can tilt your neck farther backwards, allowing you to stretch your neck. This posture can help in double chin removal because it can tone your neck muscle, called the platysma, without a fuss.

3. Neck stretching routines are also included in these easy ways to get rid of your chin fats. They come in a wide variety of techniques, starting from the most basic part by tilting your head upwards and holding the position for 10 seconds at a time. And to the relatively varied by doing the same exercise as mentioned earlier but with the additional closing and opening of the mouth for additional activity.

4. Rotating your head can also be a great way to deal with double chins. All you have to do is methodically tilt your head in various sides and hold the posture for a couple of seconds to ensure the proper stretching of the neck muscles.

5. Possibly the easiest and least crazy looking technique in double chin removal, place your hand on your forehead while pressing it gently. Make sure to put some resistance on the force using your neck muscles. This gives your head the exercise it needs to lose the flab below your jaws.

6. Gently slapping the double chin can also work as a way to remove the fats in that area. Just make sure not to overdo it. Stick with a 2-3 minute routine that should be done thrice a day.

To ensure effective double chin removal, stick with measures that will target the platysma.

Double Chin Exterminator – Exercise 1

Gently tilt your head back as far as you can, until you can feel the strain on your neck and just below your chin, hold a few seconds and then repeat several more times. This is specifically useful for people who always have their head down.

Facial fitness, like any other fitness routine requires a blend of exercises that target all the major muscles of the face. And like other fitness routines benefit from a consistent strategy. According to many face fitness experts, only 10-15 minutes per day of targeted facial exercises is all that is needed to make a significant change to the face in less than one or two months.

Can a Chinup mask help – a comprehensive user review? A temporary but effective solution

ChinUp is a shaping program that is designed specifically to help get rid of that stubborn double-chin look, even if your chin only has excess skin. The technology is not a new development; multiple companies produce lines of “weight loss” products, which basically just mold your body into distributing the fat in a less noticeable way.

Here is a comprehensive user review on the usage of Chinup mask.

ChinUp is made with real fruit extracts, which includes pomegranate. Pomegranate has been proven to improve the appearance of wrinkled skin, reduce inflammation, and prevent additional damage. All of these attributes make it easy to see why the ingredient is so necessary to this system.

The formula includes additional fruit extracts, which all provide natural antioxidants and antimicrobials. Between the ingredients and the mask, the company claims that you can lose at least 2cm from your excess chin fat within 30 minutes, which is the minimum time you leave the mask on.

ChinUp Mask (£29.95) is a 30 minute non-surgical facelift that can reduce the appearance of a double chin and create a more defined looking jawline. The process is simple: you take the mask and place it across your chin and up your jawline.

There is a bit of confusion as to which way I needed to put the mask onto my face – there’s long bits and short bits, and whilst the diagrams were showing the mask going on one way the promotional video showed it going on a different way, but in the end, I thought it probably didn’t matter too much – if my cheeks get in on the slimming action, I’m not complaining – and so I went with the diagram.

Next, you put on the slimming band, which makes you look like a right tw*t. But it takes 30 minutes and is so easy to use that you can look like said tw*t from the comfort of your own home. It’s super tight but you can see its purpose. If I was to offer any recommendation at this stage, it would be to have a quick drink and a snack prior to using the mask because if you get hungry or thirsty, you’re screwed. Your slimming band makes your mouth an impenetrable fortress – nothing is going in or out. If you think you’ll be able to push your jaw just wide enough to pop a little sip of tea in there, a cheeky Dorito perhaps – you can’t. I tried.

The mask contains Q10, Vitamin E and Corum 9235, which to you or I is just a jumble of letters and numbers, but these are the ingredients that strengthen skin cells, protect against free radicals and promote the loss of all that pesky chin fat. Their own patented formula known as “Skintronics” is what helps to reduce the fat and contour your jawline.

I’ll be honest: the mask burned. There is a warning that states you will feel a warming sensation, but it feels a lot more intense than just warmth. It’s alarming to start with, especially because no one in the promotional video seems to register the burning – they just sit in the shopping centre looking silly waiting for the transformation. I have rather sensitive skin so it might have been heightened by that, but luckily after about 5 minutes the burning subsided. It still felt more intense than “warming”, but it was enough for me to stop worrying.?

I measure my jaw once again – now a dainty 22cm.?

I was pleased! And keen to take my new chin out on the town. When my boyf got home, I asked if he noticed anything different. He managed to name about 20 other things that he suspected might be different (“have you lost weight?” is the stock answer that he uses in these situations – probably a knee-jerk reaction to the sheer panic guys often feel when subjected to a question loaded with booby traps) ?but when I eventually told him he agreed that yes, my chin did look fahbulous.

A couple of days later, my supermodel chin had vanished. It was like a Cinderella story: my new jawline was my beautiful sparkly chariot, but it wasn’t to last; it was soon back to being a squashy old pumpkin. But that’s ok – the ChinUp mask isn’t made to last. It’s like whitening your teeth, it’s something you do to get ready before a night out. This, for me, was like that. Something I’d use before going out to make me feel confident.

Sometimes I think when you’re bombarded with a load of ingredients you don’t know, and don’t really understand how any of them work, it’s hard to put faith in the final product. But in this case please do, because this is one of those rare occasions where it actually does work. And I would definitely use it again.