Raising hGH naturally for looking 10 years younger and adult growth hormone deficiency : A look at hgh releasers


People hear a lot about HGH these days, but most don’t really even know what it is or why it even matters, much less whether to even be concerned about increasing it, decreasing it, or taking a supplement for it.

So, we are going to discuss: what HGH is, why it matters to your health, and why you want to increase it naturally… or with an HGH supplement.

So what does HGH stand for? Those are the initials of Human Growth Hormone, a hormone produced naturally by the anterior pituitary gland. It’s main function is, as the name implies, to help the body grow and repair itself in the natural course of life.

Lower levels of HGH normally result in premature aging, loss of lean body mass, lower levels of energy, and many other symptoms we normally associate with “getting old”. That’s why HGH is often referred to as the “fountain of youth”.

Hgh is manufactured in the anterior element of the pituitary gland, a small pea-sized organ just underneath the brain, which produces several different hormones. These hormones handle a number of biological functions from water levels in the body to reproductive functions. Growth hormones as the name indicates is in charge of the function of growth.

This hormone is additionally involved in such processes as regulation of fat metabolic process, turn over of muscle tissue, bone, collagen and human anatomy composition.

Recent studies conclude GH deficiency in adults, generally known as GHDA have actually predominantly low muscle mass mass and high surplus fat portion. It’s quite evident to see the part that GH plays in body composition.

Treatment for this problem requires regular injections of GH. However, injections may cause some side effects and have long term implications.

Growth hormone production within you is at its peak level during puberty but soon by the start of adolescence it begins declining and also this drop in human growth hormone production sets to the motion the process of getting older which affects and weakens very nearly all the body systems.

People begin experiencing the results of age by late thirties or very early forties.

Increasing HGH manufacturing in the human body will allow you to tide over age effects and restore your youth. Though there are always a number of methods of HGH supplements, you can make your human anatomy produce more HGH naturally with the aid of some easy tricks and tips.

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Know how HGH is produced to enhance it naturally!

Hgh release from the pituitary follows a rhythm and is secreted in eight to twelve discrete pulses each day, the biggest pulse secreted about one hour into onset sleep.

According to studies, HGH secretion can be set off by a range of natural stimuli, the 2 most crucial being sleep and workout.

The release and inhibition of human human growth hormone (HGH) are managed by two hypothalamic hormones:

i) human growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) : causes release of HGH
ii) Somatostatin : causes inhibition(decrease) of HGH

  1. If your quality of rest is poor you will see a decline in the amount of HGH secreted, and that means you better get comfy and begin counting those sheep.

To really optimize GH secretion during sleep, a balanced diet containing protein is essential as well as a sufficient quantity of sleep, for many this can be eight hours of good sleep.

2. A carbohydrate rich diet has the tendency to lessen HGH secreted as a result of release of insulin.

Insulin and HGH have an inverse relation.

Pre-workout meals with fat are also shown to reduce HGH secretion. Get the best diet to increase growth hormone.

Additionally it is crucial to avoid dehydration during exercise, as dehydration can additionally reduce exercise induced GH secreted.

3. There have been practices such as supplementing with arginine (1-2g) prior to exercise which will increase GH secretion.

The same might be possible if supplementing with glutamine (2g) prior to exercise.

Also, supplements that inhibit the production of somatostatin also enhance HGH eg. acetylcholine, Alpha GPC etc.

4. Research has indicated and recommended  to spend at minimum of ten full minutes training in above lactate threshold intensity in order to boost growth hormone release.

Another study unveiled an increased GH release in response to sprints. [study here]

Thus release of GH is in correlation with exercise intensity.

So what are you looking for? Just hit the gym fiercely !!

How exactly to Increase Human Growth Hormone

1. Exercise

Now, when it comes to exercise, almost anything in the category will do, but you will have to expend some effort to get your HGH. Just for the record, resistance training, or strength training, appears to be one of the most effective kinds of exercise you can perform to stimulate HGH production naturally.

Resistance training along with cardio vascular exercises are superb for unlocking growth hormone manufacturing within your body.

It’s not surprising that folks who are physically active usually are more fit and more youthful when compared to people who are actually inactive.

Intense workouts, energy consuming events and long periods of physical exhaustion have been found to help in releasing more HGH. These catabolic states are known to require extra protein synthesis which is required in the case of energy consumption and fat metabolization. This helps to make up for glycogen depletion.

HGH increase helps to meet the targets of a body builder which is increase muscle mass. When working out, the body muscles do get torn. To ensure fast repair and quick generation of new muscles, increase in HGH is needed.

Thus, try to exercise for at least 4-5 days per week.

We already covered sprinting above. With a good combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training, one can efficiently enhance growth hormone.

The first thing that people will notice about getting more exercise is that they get a new lease on strength. Strength is not just attributed to muscle growth, but rather a focus on building certain levels of protein, and HGH production.

Not all options will see the same kind of benefits, but strenuous options will definitely help. For instance, swimming, running, and power cycling are great examples of how exercise can work best.

Engage in yoga and meditation

In today’s life, which people are accustomed to, it creates several challenges which lead to increase in stress levels. When one is stressed, the body quickly releases cortisol, a hormone that causes damage to the muscles.

This leads to testosterone levels reduction in men and also decreases the secretion of HGH. When you engage in a stress reducing activity like meditation or yoga, you will help to manage the negative effects brought about by stress.

2. Amino-acid supplements

It is an amino acid that may do wonders for your system and health.

Amino acids are proven to boost the manufacturing of growth hormone within your body. Additionally, it additionally stimulates the production of testosterone in men.

Food sources of l-arginine include lean meat, nuts and beans, chicken and dairy products, oatmeal etc.

Attempt to include such products in what you eat. No wonder, a great deal of bodybuilders take arginine supplements!

However, NOT all amino-acid supplements work to enhance HGH. We recommend this one, though.

3. HGH enhancing Diet

Nutritionally, there does not appear to be one food you need to incorporate in your diet to help HGH production.
Actually, the best course of action here is to eat a nutritionally balanced diet, and taking a daily multivitamin supplement could help a lot when you think of how hard it is to regularly get nutritionally balanced meals.
Diet plays a major role in the way the body functions and secretes certain hormones and other options. It’s important to look at foods that help the process. At the same time you should stay away from foods that can be full of starch and carbs.

Don’t eat many starches and instead look for hyperglycemic options, as well as protein rich items. Consider diet as a major key to getting more hormonal balance and secretions.

Certain foods that can indirectly impact HGH enhancement
Lean meat, nuts, legumes and beans, chicken and dairy products, oatmeal etc. (Because they contain amino acids.) Soy beans are a great source of L-arginine, which increases your hormone levels after only 30 minutes.
Raspberries :- Melatonin-rich foods can increase the release of HGH by up to 157%. Raspberries give the best boost to your melatonin levels.
Fish:- Vitamin D deficiency is directly related to lowered levels of male hormones, but raw fish such as salmon sashimi provides 271% of your RDA per 100g serving.
Fava beans:- Fava beans are high in L-dopa, a natural precursor to dopamine. This stimulates your pituitary gland to make extra growth hormone available to your muscles. (Read more on dopamine and HGH.)

Pineapple:- This is a great source of serotonin: a hormone made between the brain and digestive tract that works as a neuro-transmitter to relax you. This will help with deep sleep and lowering stress and cortisol levels.

Have a protein/carbohydrate drink after workouts

An hour after engaging in a workout, you need to drink a protein/carbohydrates drink. A post work out drink is very important especially if you want to build muscles. When you consume a high quality and fast digesting protein after a workout, it allows for proper building blocks to be in plenty.

This helps to jump start repair and growth of muscles finally increasing muscle mass for you.

However, watch how many carbs you are getting in your drink.

Don’t eat 2 to 3 hours before sleep

When going to bed, it’s important to keep your insulin levels as low as possible. This helps to ensure that you get to increase your HGH production levels. This is because when insulin levels are high, your HGH levels are low while insulin levels are low; your HGH levels are high.

The one thing you need to remember is the difference between insulin and blood sugar levels. When you control your blood sugar levels, it has to do more with fat burning and muscle building. This is because anything you eat causes your body to release more insulin especially when you consume proteins.

Read more on an interesting night routine from a bodybuilder.

Eliminate intake of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol

If you want to ensure that you are super anabolic, you need to eliminate alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. According to medical experts, alcohol has been found to interfere with protein synthesis which reduces testosterone levels as well as GH secretions and reduces insulin sensitivity.

Caffeine and other drugs have also been found to increase cortisol levels which lower testosterone and HGH production.

Lose weight

When you are obese, the higher the levels of insulin you have. Your body will probably become insulin resistant which means that it will not be doing a good job of getting rid of excess insulin. This also means that your insulin sensitivity levels will be affected therefore preventing muscle mass increase. To ensure high HGH levels and better health, you need to lose weight.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Remember the old “get eight hours of sleep a night” rule for good health?

Turns out that HGH production is at its peak at the end of a good night’s sleep. In other words, it is in the latter stages of that eight hours of sleep that you are really getting the benefits of your attempts to stimulate HGH production… naturally or otherwise!

Recent studies have been linking a lack of sufficient sleep to all kinds of things, including obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, and premature aging, just to mention a few.

It’s important to keep in mind that growth hormone is released in pulses by the pituitary gland during the first few phases of REM rest. That is that section of rest in which you tend to dream.

Insomnia, consequently, can impact the manufacturing of growth hormone and can actually result in faster aging.

So, hit the sleep early and ensure that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours every evening.

5. Lower your cortisol and stress levels

Almost all of us have a high cortisol because of the hectic lifestyle or schedule. HGH supplements can increase HGH and thereby bring cortisol to normal levels.

However, some people have extremely HIGH levels of this “stress hormone”.

Chronic stress causes prolonged exposure to HIGH levels of cortisol, so much so that the entire human body becomes addicted to cortisol.

HGH supplements tend to decrease cortisol via various mechanisms and HGH decreases cortisol too.

If you have very high levels of cortisol, even the best HGH supplements won’t be able to help.

If your body has extremely HIGH cortisol levels and is ‘too hooked’ on cortisol, chances are it will NOT like the changes HGH supplements are supposed to bring about, homeostasis will kick in, and the body will try to get back the levels of cortisol it desires and in the process begin decreasing HGH.

The endocrine system is far too complex for us to fully understand. As we had said it earlier, even the scientists who have researched on it for years don’t understand it fully.

Our recommendation would be to first deal with and check what is causing your high cortisol.

However, here are few things one needs to explore –

Get a medical checkup and talk to your endocrinologist as to why do you have such HIGH levels of CORTISOL.

– If HIGH cortisol is primarily caused by psychological reasons, Learn the idea of letting go. Taking too much control is an addiction and illusion.

– Latest research reveals that the human brain is flexible and neuroplastic in structure and “Mindfulness meditation” can alter the structure of the brain.

This “neuroplasticity” attribute has huge implication on our mental health both in a good and bad way; if you consistently harbour depressed, pessimistic, paranoid, worrisome and nervous thoughts sad to say you are going to develop and reinforce the parts of brain which allow these unhealthy thoughts.

When we practice mindfulness meditation however we grow the actual physical structures in the human brain associated with sense of being peaceful and eliminating unhappy, angry, anxious and stressful thinking.

Engage in yoga and meditation

In today’s life, which people are accustomed to, it creates several challenges which lead to increase in stress levels. When one is stressed, the body quickly releases cortisol, a hormone that causes damage to the muscles.

This leads to testosterone levels reduction in men and also decreases the secretion of HGH. When you engage in a stress reducing activity like meditation or yoga, you will help to manage the negative effects brought about by stress.

6. Lose body-fat (especially abdominal fat)

Should you be afflicted by those fat stores gathered centrally around the organs of the abdominal region, HGH release will be much more diminished to begin with.

If you are identified as someone who’s carrying LOTS of weight around the belly region, then ingredients in HGH supplements will have a hard time in helping you increase your body’s HGH production.

That is because of a variety of reasons.

First off, the belly fat causes the pituitary gland to decrease hGH production. The belly fat is the hardest to get rid of because it was put there by your system as a “survival” mechanism. Call it “unconscious” mechanism. So, it would be difficult for most people to convince their body system that they don’t need belly fat for their survival.

Also, the belly fat is a sign of chronic stress or high cortisol, which we have emphasized upon already in this article.

And moreover, Visceral adiposity (belly fat) is usually a warning sign of both insulin and leptin resistance and, because of this, can be quite challenging to shed completely for good.

The good news is, studies have shown that decreasing HGH due to body fat gain is partly reversible with weight loss.

The most effective of those fat loss diets and programs work by actively modulating the levels of hormones insulin or leptin, by adjusting the type of food we eat (low glycemic or low carbohydrate are best), or by modifications of meal size and/or meal times.

IF you have LOTS of abdominal fat, we recommend you to focus on weight loss first, before considering HGH supplements.

Consider an effective diet you can stick with (low glycemic or low carbohydrate are best for increasing HGH).

The good news is latest work has led to the findings of successful, all-natural strategies to dealing with leptin resistance.

To learn more, see: “Deflating your spare tire for a longer, leaner life- Understanding the risks of leptin resistance Life Extension, February 2009,58

7. Natural HGH Supplements

Certain supplements will help the body increase it’s own production of HGH, naturally and without side-effects. These supplements work week with both diet and exercise in increasing production. They help the body produce more of its own supply of human growth hormone. Injecting HGH directly is not a good idea, as our body can produce it naturally.

Such supplements are actually “hot” among individuals searching for anti aging solutions. In reality, they truly are a significant breakthrough in anti aging and the greatest part is the fact that in almost all cases, they have been completely safe and devoid of side-effects.

Additionally, they also end up in be more affordable in comparison to other anti aging products and procedures like anti-aging therapy or Botox.

What is more interesting is the fact that such supplements can ensure an entire human anatomy change and will and can allow you to appear and feel much younger.

Such supplements are packed with 100 % natural ingredients, mainly amino acids and other nutrients that stimulate the manufacturing of human growth hormone in the human body.

A number of the utmost effective and top of the line supplements have ingredients like l-arginine, l-valine, l-tyrosine, l-glutamine, gaba, rhodiala rosea, astragalus, bovine colostrum, etc.

However, almost all the amino acids based hGH supplements out there don’t contain deer antler velvet. That is a shame, because deer antler velvet can enhance the potential of other growth hormone boosting ingredients in your supplement. (working via the HGH-IGF-1 pathway)

The only HGH supplement that contains deer antler velvet, that we know of is Genf20 Plus.

Such supplements might help reduce wrinkles and prompt you to get yourself a younger skin. They can additionally improve your calorie burning, enhance energy levels, reduce fat and increase muscle. Here is a review on another popular HGH product.

They can additionally minimize LDL cholesterol levels and boost libido. They can also improve your sleep quality and elevate mood.


Making these simple adjustments will increase your levels of human growth hormone over time. It’s never a bad idea to exercise more, eat right, and take some multivitamins. A better diet and exercise will improve the body on all levels. Helping the body produce more hormones to assist with the stress of living might seem daunting, but it can be done simple and effectively by working with the body’s natural functions.

Certainly, whether you are trying to increase HGH levels naturally or by some means of supplementation, the very fact that you are making an effort is the major point. There is even a “reverse” Catch-22 effect if you will. If you start trying to get more sleep and take an HGH supplement at least, you may actually help your body energize itself enough for you to find the energy to get more exercise.

Hopefully, this article has been of help.


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Make your own custom HGH supplement- Natural HGH releasers – A primer

If you don’t want to buy any HGH product in the market, and instead want to go for individual ingredients, this section is for you.

The Vitality Boost with natural HGH releasers

The supplements discussed below help with energy, vitality and enhancing growth hormone.

There must have been countless times when you have put off several activities such as exercise, sex and even playing with the kids. You always have the same alibi, that is, “I don’t have the energy”.

It is understandable if you hear this statement from someone who has done a wearisome task or has been from a strenuous exercise.

However, there are times when some people especially those over 40 feel weary even when there is no valid reason.


This is the common complaint of patients as they consult their doctors, even if all they did the whole day was sit in front of a desk. After a series of tests, doctors disregard a cause related to disease and just say “it comes with age”.

There must be an explanation why people feel fatigue. After all, there is no scientific evidence that lack of energy is caused by old age. This may be the doctor’s findings because they, also, go through the same situation. When most people have a common condition, we tend to consider it as normal.

This feeling of exhaustion usually accompanied with aging is caused by 2 factors – decrease in HGH levels and lack of proper nutrition.

Actually there is a group of natural substances that have been studied and proven to be important to the energy produced by the body.

Problem is they are not present in required amount in an average American diet. This, therefore, results to fatigue, slow metabolism, poor tolerance to exercise and mood swings. These nutrient deficiencies make it hard to lose and maintain weight.

It is not normal to experience fatigue when you are not sick of any disease or you do not do strenuous work. Most of all, you don’t say that you will just “learn to live with it.”

So, boosting your energy and overall quality of life, you need to tackle these 2 problems. These 2 problems can be tackled with a smart “anti aging supplements” intake plan which should contain natural hgh releasers, multivitamins, antioxidants etc.

For ease, I have put them all in 2 groups – “hgh releasers” and “The HGH Plan nutrients”. Some of these products are meant to supplement a widely varied natural foods diet, (not replace it).

In this context, health experts generally agree that supplements can play an important role in a health and longevity program.

Why you need to read the following list of nutrients ?

Don’t take this list of nutrients lightly. This is a comprehensive list and actually meant to benefit you in many ways.

Which products you decide to be part of your anti-aging team would depend largely on your needs and your lifestyle preferences. What they have in common is their capacity to alter your biochemistry and help you live longer.

When you replace or supplement your missing human growth hormone using the miraculous, natural anti-aging hgh releasers pointed out here, practically everyone who does so experiences some or most of the following age-reversal effects.

For most people, within a matter of months, if not weeks, their skin tightens, gets thicker and more elastic, and those unsightly wrinkles begin to go away.

Men and women, but especially women who have observed bone thinning, will notice a steady improvement in bone density. That should help to prevent fractures and osteoporosis.

Stamina improves. Chronic fatigue disappears completely. With the newfound physical vitality comes an improvement in motivation and outlook on life.

Optimism goes up; depression goes down.

Mental clarity and sharpness return. Memory improves.

Sleep quality grows more consistent. Things like obstructive sleep apnea, common in men over the age of fifty, where they stop breathing at night-becomes less intense and may disappear completely.

Immune system functions strengthen. Natural killer cell activity, a key to resisting viruses and infections-intensifies. Your system is able to heal itself faster and you get sick less often.

Metabolism goes up, muscle reappears and gets stronger, and fat actually starts to disappear.

Hair thinning stops and hair color can even return to its natural shade.

Heart function gets enhanced and strengthened. The heart muscle gets stronger, beats with more force, which is important to cardiovascular health. Sex drive goes up dramatically, as does sexual performance, and with it, your pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Those who are now in their forties, fifties, sixties, and beyond, will start looking younger and feeling younger as a result of using these natural substances.

That’s why these products are true anti-aging miracles, a veritable fountain of youth. The overall quality of life for users goes up dramatically. They prefer fewer pharmaceutical drugs. They encounter fewer illnesses. They’re hospitalized less.

All of this collectively makes taking these anti-aging miracles a cost-saving medical method that will not only save you money in the long term, but will lower the overall medical bills for society as a whole.

That should count for a lot in this day and age when Medicare and Medicaid costs are out of control.

Also think about this: Most of us see our parents, grandparents, and other relatives who are in their seventies, eighties, and nineties languishing in nursing homes.

These are human warehouses, for the most part. The people out there exist on a steady diet of prescription drugs and have got little or no hope about the future. These are some of the very people for whom these nutrients would provide the most dramatic new lease on life.

List of natural hgh releasers and “The HGH Plan nutrients” (anti aging nutrients) – Amino acids and others

The essential part of the Growth Hormone Increasing Program is the usage of GH releasers or stimulators, chemicals that stimulates the production of growth hormone from the pituitary.

With such agonists(or stimulators), you are able to stimulate your pituitary for secreting more GH, which you may then boost to full potential with the Growth Hormone Enhancement Program, dietary adjustment as well as GH-releasing exercises.

The latest scientific research says that aging pituitary cells also secrete as much Hgh as a person in his 20s, when they are properly stimulated to do so.

Here we are discussing the natural substances that have been proven to raise the levels of GH and IGF-1, as well as a number of new products which have been uniquely formulated with the aim of elevating GH level. Most of these can be obtained from your nearby local health store as well as from online vendors.


Ornithine – a non-essential amino acid, by non-essential it means that our body can synthesize it from other food sources. Ornithine can be produced from arginine and is also quite similar in structure.


2 to 5 grams at bedtime.

Side effects

If you have taken high dosage of arginine ( approximately 170 mg per Kg), it can probably cause runny, watery diarrhea.


Arginine causes stimulation of GH simply by preventing the release of the growth-hormone inhibitor somatostatin. Furthermore, it significantly improves the effect of growth hormone-releasing hormone if they are provided together.


2 to 5 grams with empty stomach 1 hour prior to exercise and prior to sleeping.

Side effects

The dosage necessary to significantly stimulate GH can result in stomach trouble and also nausea or vomiting on an empty stomach, which unfortunately is the way it must be consumed. This could be reduced or even removed simply by starting with a low dose of 1 gram and increasing gradually.

Pycnogenol Plus L-arginine

Great sex requires a strong erection: which relies on the relaxation of the cavernous smooth muscle and dilation of blood vessels, which are triggered by the chemical nitric oxide (NO). Pycnogenol, a natural plant extract from the bark of the maritime pine tree, increases the production of your own nitric oxide.

When Pycnogenol is combined with L-arginine: the supplement formed has been shown to produce a significant improvement in sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction, without any side effects. The best dose is 40 milligrams of Pycnogenol„ two times a day, and 2 grams of L-arginine once a day. I have personally used this combination of supplements and can attest to its effectiveness for men with or without erectile dysfunction.


Niacin is a potent GH-releaser. A couple of clinical tests demonstrate that 200 milligrams of niacin provided intravenously elevated GH levels eight-fold with the GH peak manifesting a couple of hours following the administration. It did not stimulate GH in people who were one and a half to twice their ideal weight, which is not surprising since obesity blocks GH release . Pearson and Shaw state that a 200-milligram dose of niacin “will cause a mild GH release – about the same as a non-exercising teenager.”


200 milligrams to 1 gram

Side effects

Niacin can cause a harmless, though initially scary, reaction known as flushing, when the skin turns red, feels very hot, and may itch or tingle. This can happen in doses as low as 100 milligrams taken on an empty stomach and is caused by dilation of the arteries and a release of histamine. The reaction is harmless, generally subsiding within twenty minutes.

To minimize flushing, start with small doses and slowly build to 1 gram. Tolerance to flushing usually develops within one week. If niacin is used alone as a GH-releaser, taking it with food will also minimize flushing.

If using it in a stack with arginine, take it on an empty stomach at bedtime. You may be asleep by the time the flushing occurs. If not, lie back and enjoy it! The niacin flush is basically the same as the “sex flush” documented by Masters and Johnson that occurs with histamine release during orgasm.


Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acid in your body. This is a conditionally essential amino acid, that means our bodies might not be capable of synthesizing all it requires if it is under physical stress.

Effects on GH

Glutamine stands out as the most recent amino acid to be treated as a GH-releaser. One research revealed that a very small oral dose of around 2 grams of glutamine elevated the growth hormone levels even more than 4 times above those of the placebo. Much more interesting, age didn’t reduce the effect.


2 grams Bed time.

Side effects

If you go with the suggested dosages there are virtually no side or adverse effect and is also low in toxicity.


Tryptophan is an important amino acid which is a precursor(precedes) to serotonin- the neurotransmitter which helps to bring about sleep.


GABA, an HGH releaser influences the brain environment in a productive fashion to stimulate the production and release of growth hormone.

Effect on GH

All the five studies or researches reported that there is a small rise in the growth hormone level with doses of about 5 grams.

In one research, an injection into vein a solution of about 5 to 7 grams during the period of fifteen minutes induced reasonable increase of serum GH between thirty to ninety minutes after administration.

In the studies, approximately fifty percent of the subjects responded and rest all became sleepy. Tryptophan is actually transformed to serotonin, which in turn raises growth hormone during sleep.


500 mg to 2 grams at bed time.

Side effects:

Sleepiness, throbbing headache, nose blockage, bowel problems. Must not be used before driving.


I have identified the following vital nutrients that are the keys to metabolic efficiency and will help in regaining the vigor and vitality.

Some of these nutrients are required for the efficient production of energy in the body. When they are present at optimal levels: the body produces all the energy you need to work, play, and enjoy life. The nutrients needed to fuel the energy cycle are:


During a routine study with volunteers it was found that AKG supplementation developed in increasing oxygen delivery and even improved a human being’s tolerance during exercise. AKG is required to get the optimum metabolism of fats (hence it also helps in weight loss), carbohydrates and proteins. Its recommended dosage is 200 to 400 mg every day.

2- Comprehensive Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement

Every human being requires a complete multivitamin and mineral supplement on a daily basis. Daily dosage of multivitamin minerals will help increase the micronutrient profiles upto 35%.

While purchasing multivitamin minerals, you must ensure that there is a minimum of at least 100% of all the Recommended Dietary Allowance or RDA such as B1 (Thiamin), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E and folic acid. You will also require having 2000 milligrams Vitamin C, about 400 mg Vitamin E, about 100 milligrams magnesium.

Your complete multivitamin must contain a minimum of about 20 micrograms Vitamin K along with other minerals such as Copper, Zinc and Selenium (15 mg). In case you are on a blood thinner (like Coumadin or Warfarin Sodium), it is best advised to discuss with your doctor and find out the requirement of Vitamin K that you can consume under such circumstances.

It is advised to read and go through the labels of your medicines very carefully which will provide you with the exact quantity of Vitamin A that you must consume.

Excess intake of Vitamin A will lead to bone loss and toxicity. Patients can also avoid toxicity caused due to Vitamin A by consuming Beta-Carotene, whereby your body automatically changes to Vitamin A.

A good multi vitamin product we like is from a company Fushi called Fushi Multi Essentials Vitamin Complex.

Fushi offers 100 per cent natural and suitable products for vegetarians. They have no pesticides, harmful detergents or chemicals and are sustain-ably and fairly sourced, employing organic ingredients wherever possible. You may read below why is that important!

Their supplements also do not have any bulking, binding agents and fillers and are made from pure herb extract and nothing else.

3- VITAMIN B6 – This is a key metabolic nutrient vitamin. Vitamin B6 is required for both anaerobic and aerobic energy creation.

Vitamin B6 is also considered to be a building bar for various bio chemicals which even includes the enzyme that is required for the production of DHEA and it also plays a very important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

This is the type of vitamin having nutrients which are very likely to get destroyed through high heat cooking or food processing. The mixture of Vitamin B and AKG has proved to reduce the amassing of lactic acid in working muscles.

As we all know that lactic acid also contributes to muscle soreness which causes a lot of people stop their exercise regime for a temporary period. Hence, controlling the level of all these nutrients will help our exercise enjoyable and easy. Dosage is 15 to 20 mg every day.

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