Stud 100 review

Stud 100 employs a notable yet controversial means at helping men handle a particular disorder of premature ejaculation. This commodity is manufactured in the form of spray. All you need to do is to spray it exactly on the penis. This product claims to help men to conquer premature ejaculation. This disorder of erectile dysfunction is largely neglected by a lot of products and can absolutely be very indispensable once it has to deal with a healthful sex life.

STUD 100 Spray, GOLD CAP Men's Desensitizing Spray 12 ml.2Packs (And) NEPTUNE PILL Plus Love LOTION Pen
  • STUD 100 De-sensitizing Spray for Men Lidocaine 9.6% w/w 12 ml.
  • Warning 1. For external use only 2. Do not spray in eyes, nose, wash your hands thoroughly after...
  • Stud 100 Helps Overcome Premature Ejaculation and Increase Stamina in Bed
  • Size and Usage 1. injection spray near the end (of content soft) penis spray 3-8 times. 2. Leave for...
  • caution 1. Do not apply to patients who are allergic to Lidocaine. 2. Do not use on people with skin...

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Some men after using Stud 100 said that they lost too much feeling in their penis, and it actually was a major turn off. The idea behind this product is to help with one aspect of erectile dysfunction, but in return can cause another aspect of erectile dysfunction at the same time.

If men used too much of this spray, they can lose their erection, or not be able to full enjoy sex. It is advised that instead of spraying a lot of this onto the penis, only a small amount should be sprayed so too much feeling is not lost. This is a product designed to increase the overall sexual experience, not make it worse.

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Stud 100 Ingredients

There is only one active ingredient in Stud 100, and that is Lidocaine at 9.6%. This is a mild topical anesthetic used by dentists and other health care providers to ready an area for a small injection or the like. Stud 100 is non toxic and safe for use with condoms. Read more on lidocaine vs benzocaine sprays.

Stud 100 Benefits

Considering that Stud 100 uses an ingredient that numbs the body where it is applied, the benefits of this product are few and far between. Even its stated objective of helping a man last longer in bed, and correct premature ejaculation problems seems highly unlikely, since a man primarily becomes aroused in the first place through stimulation; numbing the penis would seem to prevent such stimulation from being effective.

Therefore, Stud 100 just doesn’t have the types of benefits that men looking to enhance their sex lives can enjoy – in fact, it can very likely have a negative impact on a man’s sex life.

How To Use Stud 100

Instructions for use are to spray the head and shaft of the penis with 3 to 8 sprays of Stud 100 about 15 minutes or so before sexual activity. This gives Stud 100 enough time to penetrate the skin and begin to be effective.

It also prevents transfer to your partner, which would make her numb too, which is probably not the effect you’re looking for. If you plan to engage in oral activity, you should try to apply Stud 100 a little sooner to give it a little more time to completely absorb. This will prevent transfer to your partner’s mouth.

They recommend that you always start with just the 3 sprays. If it’s not enough, use more, but don’t exceed 10 sprays. Once you find what works, stick with the fewest number of sprays necessary for the best effect.

This product is successful at what it does, and what it sets out to do, but they should really think about making their overall formula slightly weaker so that it does not cause problems for men. Premature ejaculation is something millions of men experience at some point in their life.

This means Stud 100 can be a really helpful product to hit the market. Maybe if this company runs a series of clinical studies on the effects of Lidocaine on the penis, they can perfect their formula and make it to where it is not too potent.

How long does it last?

According to several user reports, the effects from Stud 100 should last about 30 – 60 min.

This is of course dependent on how many sprays you apply, as well as other factors.

The effects should completely wear off in about 2 hours.

Buying Stud 100

Stud 100 is amazingly very cheap unlike other male enhancement products. You can get this spray for as low as $7.95, while $11.95 covers both the shipment and management expenses. But the aim of the low cost of this commodity is ostensible. It isn’t really effective and does not provide any actual profit. There are no premiums or concessions for stud 100, because most men who have used it do not request for it again.

Advantages of Stud 100

  • Stud 100 has a tremendous reputation
  • It’s harmless and potent
  • Stud 100 is inexpensive
  • Stud 100 isn’t rash
  • It can be used with condom.
  • You can also indulge in oral sex.


  • It may take some experimentation to determine what’s the most effective amount and method to use.
  • It should not be used with a pregnant partner.
  • You may end up with more numbers than you anticipated.

Where to Buy

Stud 100is available online and in retail stores. You’ll find it in adult oriented stores and at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens. The 7/16 ounce spray bottle contains about 120 sprays and sells for about $15.


This product is a notable and credible solution for individuals suffering from premature ejaculation. It is extensively utilized by couples who desire to lengthen their sexual pleasures. Lidocaine is both harmless and efficient for this function while stud 100 is the pilot of the package.

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