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The ingredients in “Magnum Blood Flow” seem impressive, but like most supplements in the male enhancement industry, “Magnum Blood Flow” also uses a proprietary blend of ingredients, making it impossible to tell exact quantities of ingredients used. The product itself hasn’t undergone a clinical study and user reviews seem to be mixed. Overall, a hit or miss product!


  • Solid, all-natural & diverse ingredients profile
  • It’s readily available in stores and online.
  • The price is quite reasonable.


  • Uses a proprietary blend making it impossible to know the exact quantities of ingredients used.
  • Ingredients seem under-dosed.
  • There are plenty of negative Magnum Blood-Flow reviews
  • It does not contain L-Arginine, the most used nitric oxide precursor.

A lot of male enhancement products and supplements we discussed here are only accessible on the internet. They are usually the only item given by the industry that manufactures them. and they are bargained for via their authorized product webpage. But this isn’t applicable to applied nutrition magnum blood flow. Applied nutrition magnum blood flow is a male enhancement product you can locate in local shops and on the internet via numerous various dealers.

Applied Nutrition Magnum Blood-Flow Sexual Peak Performance Capsules, 40 Count
  • Can be taken daily for ongoing maintenance of sexual health or as needed for fast-acting sexual...
  • Contains l-citrulline which improves blood flow to vital organs and enhances physical response...
  • Boosts physical response and stamina with nitric oxide boosters, sexual energy activators, and male...

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In addition to that, it’s produced by an authentic industry that manufactures numerous products tackling all types of problems. All these implies that there numerous facts about applied nutrition magnum blood flow. It’s time to leap in and discover, if this thing is worth our resources.


Applied Nutrition Magnum Blood Flow Ingredients

The Applied Nutrition Magnum Blood Flow formula is a proprietary blend with a main component of L-Citrulline. This is an amino acid that is readily converted to nitric oxide. Some of the L-Citrulline is converted directly to nitric oxide, and some of it is first converted to L-Arginine and then to nitric oxide. This adds to the staying power, kind of like a time release capsule.

• EpimediumSagittatum which also increases nitric oxide production for better blood flow to the penis, causing harder erections.

• MuiraPuama Extract (also known as “Potency Wood” is an aphrodisiac herb that comesform Brazil.

• Maca Root is an aphrodisiac from Peru that balances hormones and increases energy as well as libido.

• Catuaba Bark is another aphrodisiac from Brazil. It improves sexual appetites and acts as a central nervous system stimulant.

• Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract which is used for many health issues. It is thought to be an effective remedy against sexual dysfunction caused by taking anti-depressant medications.

• L-Theanine which is an amino acid that has the noted side effect of increasing libido.

• Theobromine which is the aphrodisiac found in chocolate.

• Ginseng which is said to increase sex drive.

• Cayenne Powder which boosts circulation, causing greater sensitivity and sex drive.

Magnum Blood-Flow Pros and Cons

Advantages of Magnum Blood-Flow

• It’s readily available in stores and online.
• The entry price point is quite reasonable.
• The ingredients are all natural.

Ingredients in this product

An overview of ingredients present in this product
Ingredient Profile link  
Maca ( Lepidium meyenii or Peruvian Ginseng ) Profile
Ginkgo biloba (aka Tanakan, Tebonin, Rökan, Maidenhair, gingko) Profile
Panax ginseng ( Wild Ginseng or Korean red ginseng )
Kaempferia parviflora ( Black Turmeric or Thai Ginseng ) Profile
Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera or Indian Ginseng ) Profile
Catuaba Bark Extract Profile

Disadvantages of Magnum Blood-Flow

• There are plenty of unfavorable Magnum Blood-Flow reviews, with guys complaining that the only effect they got was a stomach ache.
• It does not contains L-Arginine, the most used nitric oxide precursor.
• It could get expensive if you choose to take 4 tablets daily.

How Much Does Applied Nutrition Magnum Blood Flow Cost?

A bottle of applied nutrition magnum blood flow can be bought from CVS, local Walgreens and can get it from the internet. The 40- count can is sold at $14 to $24. The least price is at Amazon while GNC has the topmost. That sounds affordable but don’t forget following the prescribed dosage, the bottle would sustain you for a 10 days. You’d have to make that payment three times in order to get to a whole month.


Typically, we would advise that you test this rather inexpensive broadly available male enhancement supplement.  However, we believe there are better male enhancement supplements in the market.

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