Best Andro supplements stack on the market: 1-andro, 4-andro pills


Over the last few years the serious body builders have been using the alternative legal steroids and achieving amazing results. Legal steroids like Androstenedione ( andro), 1-AD,1-test and 4-Androstenedione are the closest thing to real steroids and some of these are available legally.

An andro supplement like Steel Supplements 3-epi-andro is used to build your muscle mass. This is a natural legal steroid and a safe alternative which can be purchased without prescription. It has no illegal ingredients but on the contrary has dietary supplements which are natural, so fitness enthusiasts can safely take this scientifically designed formula.

However, just because an andro supplement is natural doesn’t mean it’s free of side effects.

Prohormones are oral steroids that are processed by the liver. They are hepatoxic, meaning they can damage the liver. Some much more then others.

They don’t work as good as their real deal, illegal counterparts. But they work good enough to be swallowed by mass-building wannabees.

Currently, there is no “most safe” or “best” andro(epi-andro) supplement that doesn’t require PCT.

Here are some user reviews on side effects:-

I started taking Steel Supplements daily about a month ago: 4-ANDRO, 3-EPI-ANDRO, 1-ANDRO, and 19-NOR-ANDRO

First week I was working out about 4 times a week, but last couple weeks I was only getting about 2 workouts a week (I had a stressful month with work), I was concerned about taking them due to working out less, but I know that prohormones shouldn’t be stopped just like that, so I continued taking them.

Fast forward to this week, I’m feeling really weird, night sweats, mood swings, depression, fatigue, pissing a couple times an hour, heart racing, etc. I literally feel sick, without actually having a fever.

I want to stop taking this shit, but I don’t know the correct way to stop taking it, and what should I expect. I ordered PCT (Steel’s Alpha), and it should arrive in a couple days.

In the meantime what should I do? Should I continue taking until the PCT arrives? Should I stop? Is there anything else I should do?

I’m really concerned for my health, and should have done my due diligence before getting into this.

I know I was ignorant not doing research, but I never though something legal can cause this many side effects…

– Reddit user

Well guys I’ve taken a couple of stacks from Complete Nutrition and just last week found out I have elevated levels of enzymes in my liver. Getting an ultrasound on Friday to see if I’ve done any damage. I’ve taken the post cycle pills also but I guess it’s best just to stay natural and off them pills..

1-andro vs 4-andro vs epi-andro

The two top prohormones on the market today are 4-Andro which converts to testosterone and 1-Andro which converts to 1-testosterone. These chemicals sound very similar but they are quite different in effects and how they react in the body.

So the big difference is this: 1-Andro does not convert to Estrogen or DHT. This means it’s PURELY ANABOLIC. It stays as a 1-testosterone after conversion (twice as potent as standard testosterone) and stays 1-test until the hormone is used for gene transcription. It will NOT be broken down to estrogen or DHT.

Since, you get Estrogen or DHT with 1-andro, you won’t get Estrogen or DHT related side effects like Gynecomastia or hair loss.

Estrogen and DHT contribute to shutdown and prostate cancer, so in theory if you only used 1-Andro you couldn’t get those.

The typical cycle would be to have some 4-Andro with your 1-Andro so you have some Estrogen and DHT, you need those for sexual functioning.

However, estrogen and DHT have their own roles in bodybuilding.

If you want a prohormone which is LEGAL and SAFE and EFFECTIVE that converts into testosterone for the most effective way to legally replace your testosterone without a prescription use 4-Andro!

Overall, 4-Andro, the precursor to testosterone is not bad at all. The only thing is you got to have a careful eye on your hair, attitude, nipple sensitivity, and maybe some estrogen issues.

1 andro vs 4 andro vs epiandro

The anabolic effects of these andros are as following(in descending order):-

  • 1-andro
  • Epi-Andro
  • 4-andro

The first one is your high ratio anabolic. The last two are generally taken to counteract the sides of the first, although depending on dosage, Epi-andro can increase strength on it’s own.

Some bodybuilders claim that running a solo 4-Andro is a waste. That’s why you need andro stacks.

For cutting effect, most bodybuilders prefer Epi-andro. HyperGH 14x is also a good option as it’s a growth hormone booster as well, thereby causing weight loss.

Using the best Andro supplement stack: what benefits to expect?

• Herbal bases: Most andro supplements in the marketplace use herbal bases – whole herbs instead of using extracts of androstenedione which is banned by FDA and falls in to the category of illegal anabolic steroids. Thus consuming this formula daily leads to no known adverse effects.

• Build Muscles: It helps to increase lean body mass. It is designed to build stronger, bigger and leaner muscles within short period. This is the reason it is widely consumed by athletes and weightlifters. It also increases the aggressiveness so those who are in sports like boxing and football can benefit from this formula.

• Lose Fat: You can get ripped really fast with a good andro stack like Steel 3-epi-andro. You must take this formula immediately before training and as prescribed by your health physician.

• Helps testosterone production: Androstenedione levels are increased during puberty but declines gradually after the age of 30. Decreased levels of Androstenedione are seen in aging men and in postmenopausal period of women. Thus, Andro supplements can be taken to also boost libido in men and women.

Few points to note:-

The main ingredient in some Androstenedione supplements like Androstack is a herbal extract containing androstenedione. Trifolium Pratense is Red clover which has many other benefits besides aiding in fast muscle building. Red clover is rich in plant-based estrogens also known as isoflavones that improves menopausal symptoms in women, reduces and lowers the risk of bone loss and cardiovascular disease and improves the blood pressure by increasing the good cholesterol levels (HDL).

Some bodybuilders claim that Androstenedione is a pretty weak prohormone and required a very high dose. Also it doesn’t have much intrinisic anabolic effects and needs to be converted to Testosterone.

Transdermal delivery of supplements like Androstack would increase bioavailability with but you still need a high dose of probably a gram per day. Just because it contains a banned ingredient doesn’t mean it’s any good especially given the present alternatives.

Remember to consult your health physician before you buy an Andro supplement if you have any health problems. It must be taken only as a dietary supplement 1-2 capsules a day or as directed by your practitioner.

If you belong to the following classification, you must abstain and not buy Androstenedione:

• If you are under 21-years of age.

• If you have any prostate condition.

• If you have other medical condition like heart disease, liver or thyroid disorder, etc.

• If you are on multiple-drug therapy.


Andro supplements are super-fast and super-effective formula and it is generally a safer alternative than illegal steroids. Designed after lot of research on prohormones, they can help you to achieve your physical goals and make your dream body in to reality within less period of time.

Andro supplement is a legal steroid formula which promotes massive muscle gain and decreases fat but it can show amazing results if it is taken in conjunction with physical exercise like cycling, light weight lifting etc. But as a precautionary measure consult your health consultant before you buy androstenedione or andro supplements like 1-andro, 4-andro or epi-andro.

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