Travel Trac Comp Fluid Bicycle Trainer review

The Travel Trac Comp Fluid Bicycle Trainer is the one piece of equipment you should not be quick to overlook, especially if you are serious about your workout. This bike trainer will meet your everyday indoor cycling needs as well as advance your warm-up routine before every bike event or race.


The Travel Trac Comp Fluid Bicycle Trainer is one of the most popular cycling trainers on today's market, and there are plenty of reasons why cyclists worldwide are choosing this affordable and stylish model out of a long list of fluid bike trainers. The Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer delivers expert performance in a compact, portable, and stylish package. If you're searching for a smooth ride from a bike trainer that offers a quiet ride, this cycling fluid trainer provides it all and is quickly rising to the top of the biking community.

The Travel Trac Fluid is a progressive resistance trainer, meaning the harder you go, the higher the resistance. Quieter than it%u2019s magnetic and wind siblings, this trainer also replicates real world road feel quite well. The Travel Trac Fluid lists for an MSRP of $249, but is often found on sale, and can be found exclusively at your local Performance Bikes.

Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer White
  • Fluid resistance produces progressive resistance for a smooth, quiet, road-like feel
  • External flywheel facilitates smooth and efficient pedaling action
  • Wide, stable base provides solid performance during hard efforts
  • Easy setup -- no assembly required
  • Frame folds compactly for storage or transport

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Out of the box, the unit comes mostly assembled. Setting up the Travel Trac Fluid Trainer is fairly strait forward. You%u2019ll have to make one minor adjustment where you reposition the resistance unit, but it%u2019s easy enough. A couple turns of two 10mm bolts with the included tool and you%u2019re ready to go.

You then just swap out the skewer on your bike with the included steel one from Travel Trac. Adjust the tension on the axle arms that holds the rear wheel in place, lock your bike in place, and you%u2019re ready for some indoor training.

The Travel Trac is designed to use gravity to stabilize your bike and provide automatic pressure adjustment to the rear tire, so there are no other knobs to fiddle with. Once your bike is locked in, the arms of the trainer just recline back until the wheel is in place. This mounting system makes the trainer a breeze to swap bikes in and out of efficiently and quickly. If you have other members of the family who would like to get their indoor spin on, the trainer is spec%u2019d to be able to accomodate 24%u2033, 26%u2033, 27%u2033 and 700c wheels as well.

Some feedback on the trainer has suggested that bigger wheels will actually clash with the front crossbar. We found our road bikes with 23c, 25c, and even up to 32c tires cleared it just fine, but just a word of caution for those thinking of using their mountain bikes with really beefy casings.

The unit itself weighed in at 15.4 pounds, a solid design that kept our bike upright and stable through workouts. The unit also folds fairly flat when not in use, even more so, if you%u2019re willing to adjust those 10mm bolts and move the resistance unit to the center. While the resistance unit looks fairly small compared to other fluid trainers we%u2019ve used, it%u2019s still up for the task. The aluminum roller on this unit is not smooth like we%u2019ve found on other units, but instead, rather coarse.

The coarseness provides better grip for the tire to gain traction and thus resistance. The unit mimics real world road riding quite well, with the progressive nature of the trainer, the harder and faster you pedal, the higher the difficulty of maintaining that level of power.

If you%u2019re looking to put down base miles and just get your heart rate going, this trainer will get you there, and at quite the bargain. There is good resistance to get you and your heart rate going, it%u2019s smooth and you%u2019ll even feel the burn. But if you%u2019re looking to do interval workouts at higher thresholds and intensity levels, you may find this unit runs out of resistance levels to get you into that Zone 5 level. You may want to opt for the Travel Trac Fluid , which will allow you to add even more resistance.

With the Fluid, when you run out of gears, you run out of resistance levels as well.

Fluid trainers tend to be quieter than their magnetic and wind siblings, and during our time with the Travel Trac, this was confirmed. Noise levels on the Travel Trac Fluid were minimal and we%u2019d say this trainer is fairly quiet. Even on our wooden floors with no mat, we were surprised at how quiet this unit was. Keep in mind you%u2019re on a trainer, so you%u2019re going to get noise, and it gets progressively louder as you go, but even at full sprint, the unit never broke past 90db on our decibel meter.

The peak was at 87 db, we%u2019ll keep track of all of our trainers with this same meter as we round up all the trainers this year, to keep score.

Like we mentioned above, we used this trainer on a wooden floor surface with no mat, which brought something else to our attention. The hard plastic used on the bottom of the trainer had no grip when used on a smooth surface. They tended to slide a little more than we%u2019d like, and so eventually we did put a mat under the trainer. A good idea anyways, just to save the floor, and also in our case here, give the trainer some more grip.

Also a good idea is a dedicated tire for the trainer, this trainer does get quite heated, especially after 90 minutes or so, the heat and the resistance does tend to affect tires a little differently than a normal outdoor ride.

If you%u2019re a cyclist on a budget and looking to get into your first trainer, the Travel Trac Fluid should be on your list of trainers to check out. With the progressive resistance band and fairly quiet traits of this trainer, it%u2019s likely your potential riding time has increased even with the earlier darkness of winter.

Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer White
  • Fluid resistance produces progressive resistance for a smooth, quiet, road-like feel
  • External flywheel facilitates smooth and efficient pedaling action
  • Wide, stable base provides solid performance during hard efforts
  • Easy setup -- no assembly required
  • Frame folds compactly for storage or transport

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User Reviews

Review 1

This is my first bike trainer I have bought but I did my research and I am really happy with my purchase. I have had it for 1 month now and so far so good. I am not a pro bike rider, but I am a mom of two (one with special needs) so it is incredibly tough to have the luxury of leaving the kids home to ride my bike outside for my sprint tri training. Mounting my bike on this puppy was super easy. (Note: your bike must have quick release lever to mount it on this.) Do remember to buy a front wheel riser block to put on your front wheel so youre not in an awkward downward leaning position. It is very stable, I don't feel myself wobbly when I'm really pedaling my heart out, and it is very quiet. I have it set up in my basement and I train in the middle of the night while the family sleeps and nobody can hear me, but I can hear them if they get out of bed (mom skills). It offers great resistance, it's quiet, and it's stable. winner winner.

Review 2

Impressive. Easy to set up. Very sturdy, heavy duty, well-built piece of equipment. Use it w/ 51cm Specialized Dolce Sport Compact and a 700 x 25cc C(clincher) Continental Hometrainer Folding Tire, Black, 700 x 23cc. Struck by how quiet this trainer is. 1st go w/ the trainer: After ~40″ of moderately-paced ride – not aggressive – fluid reservoir (part w/ the blades/fins on the back (blades/fins act as heat-sink to cool off the reservoir housing which, in turn, cools the fluid…)) was pretty warm. Not too hot to touch but quite warm none-the-less. This was w/ a fan running / directed at the back end of the trainer. Will be sure to have a more directed air-flow onto the fluid reservoir in future to aid in heat dissipation. Very happy w/ the construction and performance of this trainer. Happier, still, not to have to brave the dark and cold to get a ride in every day.

51cm compact road bike's rear 700 x 25mm tire is ~ 2.5″ (floor-to-tire) off the floor when mounted on this trainer.

For front wheel, built a “lift” using scrap wall insulation board. Works a treat. Wall board has some “give” to it so won't be abrasive or otherwise hard on the front tire.

Review 3

Great product. I don't usually do reviews, but I think this product has gotten some bad reviews for noise and the only noise you are hearing is tire treat noise change the tires to smooth and excellent!

Review 4

This fluid driven cycle trainer is the quality I wanted at a price that was a no brained. Fits my 29%u201D Mountain Bike. smooth resistance that increases or decreases with gear selection. It quiet and stable. Where some people complain about stability my thought is this; when opening the stand let%u2019s it felt it would open all the way as if maybe I was opening it as far as it was meant to go, but with a little more force opened where it should and locked into place nicely. As long as it has a long lifespan I will be happy. My local trek shop wanted 350 for essentially the same thing.

Review 5

My trainer actually came within 3 days. Very durable and most importantly, very stable. The unit folds up for easy storage, includes a trainer specific skewer for the rear wheel. Does not come with riser block! The noise level is very tolerable. I think for the price it is a excellent product. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend!


If you%u2019re looking for a great value in your first indoor trainer, the Travel Trac Comp Fluid Bicycle Trainer may be for you. Affordable, usually found way below MSRP Fluid %u2013 progressive resistance. Mounting system makes bike changes quick and efficient. Space saving design makes storage easy.

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