Water Rower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor review

The WaterRower Club is handcrafted from solid Ash wood, finished with a black and rose stain and danish oil. The WaterRower's patented has been specifically designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat moving though water and is unsurpassed in its simulation of the physical and physiological benefits of rowing.


Rowing has long been recognized as the perfect aerobic pursuit, with naturally smooth and flowing movements that don't tax the joints but do boost the heart rate. Now you can take your rowing experience to the next level with the commercial-quality WaterRower Club rowing machine. Using the same principles that govern the dynamics of a boat in water, the WaterRower Club is outfitted with a “water flywheel” that consists of two paddles in an enclosed tank of water that provide smooth, quiet resistance, just like the paddles in an actual body of water. As a result, the machine has no moving parts that can wear out over time (even the recoil belt and pulleys don't require lubricating or maintaining).

More significantly, the water tank and flywheel create a self-regulating resistance system that eliminates the need for a motor. As with real rowing, when you paddle faster, the increased drag provides more resistance. When you paddle slower, the resistance is less intense. The only limit to how fast you can row is your strength and your ability to overcome drag. And unlike conventional rowing machines, which tend to be jerky and jarring, the WaterRower Club is remarkably smooth and fluid.

From a fitness perspective, the WaterRower Club works 84 percent of your muscle mass, helping tone and strengthen your muscles while burning far more calories than most other aerobic machines. The exercise is also low impact, as it removes all the body weight from the ankles, knees, and hips, but still moves the limbs and joints through a full range of motion–from completely extended to completely contracted.

is outfitted with a Series 4 performance monitor that's designed to balance technical sophistication with user-friendliness. The monitor–which includes six information and programming windows, six QuickSelection buttons, and three navigation buttons–displays your workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, zone bar, duration, and distance. Plus, the monitor is compatible with an optional heart rate chest strap and receiver, which helps you optimize your workout and achieve your exercise objectives.

The WaterRower Club is handcrafted in solid ash and stained for color. The wood was chosen due to its marvelous engineering properties, especially its ability to absorb sound and vibration, which enhances the WaterRower's quiet performance and smooth operation. Ash, like all woods used in the construction of the WaterRower, is a premium hardwood with incredible longevity and dimensional stability. In addition, the wood is harvested from replenishable forests and is hand finished with Danish oil and urethane for protection.

Unlike its WaterRower Natural cousin, the WaterRower Club is designed for high-traffic areas, such as commercial gyms, studios, and rehabilitation clinics. Its dual black rails have been styled to prevent scuffing, while the other wood components are finished in an attractive rosewood, which is more resistant to soiling than the Natural model. Other details include four corner wheels on the rails that increase seat stability and reduce the amount of sweat buildup; a frame that flips upright for handy storage; and a weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds.

More Details

The WaterRower has an ergonomically designed seat that comes with enough padding, making every stroke feel comfortable even if a user has a pretty long workout session. It features 8 bearings giving itself a great stability.

The handle is overall comfortable with its oblong shape. It%u2019s covered with soft materials making it comfortable to hold while rowing and the user doesn%u2019t have to use any additional soft grip or rowing glowes.

And the machine will provide a very fluid rowing which is one of the major reasons of its being comfortable. The seat glides up and down smooth and easily while the clutch prevents jerkiness. Users will feel a smooth seat gliding while performing a stroke.

The WaterRower Club rowing machine comes with a decent series 4 performance monitor.

The S4 monitor tracks workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, distance, duration and much more. It displays rowing speed in different languages such as miles per hour, meters per sec, time per 2km as well as time per 500 meters.

With Zone and ZoneBar features, users can set their stroke rate, intensity and heart rate zones. Users can set up to 9 workout intervals with the help of interval workout option. The intervals can be separated by rest durations and at the end of intervals users get alarms and statistics.

The monitor is powered by 4 AA batteries which are included and is multi-functional. Users can adjust its settings through navigation menu. It also can be connected to the computer for analyzing their workout data more effectively.

User Review

Review 1

I even like the sound.The reason I'm writing now, two years after purchase, is, I broke one of the wheels. I proceeded to order the wrong replacement, so I emailed them pictures to ask for the right parts. They wrote back asking for the serial number to get the right unit AND to see if it was under warranty. Hadn't even occurred to me.) Turns out it was, they're sending me the wheels, they're refunding me for the wrong part, AND included a link for the Puri-Tabs which I didn't know they provide for the life of the ROWER! They're also replacing all eight wheels even though there's only one broken one.The question I ask myself before rating anybody on anything.how could it have been better? There's always something, so I never give highest rating. In this case, it couldn't have been better. 

Review 2

I was introduced to this rower when I joined Orange Theory Fitness four months ago. Since I started using the rower during my OTF sessions I have grown to love the overall workout this thing gives me. In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased the Waterrower Club for my home gym. The overall quality and construction is superb and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I would highly recommend over any other home gym equipment available. One of the best features is how its so easy to stand up and move out of the way for storage. You can't do that with any treadmill or elliptical. This thing is amazing and worth every penny. Assembly was straightforward and took about 30-45 minutes. Solid, quality construction.

Review 3

I found that rowing was almost universally lauded as a great full body workout that does not abuse your joints, and requires only a minimal time commitment. After searching and researching , the Water Rower consistently came out at the top of the pile. So I spent the big bucks and ordered one.It went together easily, and is almost a pleasure to use. if it weren't exercise I would say “is a pleasure”) The resistence if constantly variable so on days when I am feeling more energetic, it works me harder. Not even when I bought my Nordic-Trak/Clothes hanger back in the 90s.If you are looking for a rower and can afford the fare, go with the Water Rower.

Review 4

 I have used a few rowing machines and was unsure about purchasing the fan – based units. I had never tried or even heard of the water based rowers. After reading the reviews of several top name brands, I decided on this one.Great decision! I can get a killer 20 mins full body, aerobic workout and even with bad knees!Is quieter, another, and delivers more skulling-like resistance than the fan machines. Probably the best big purchase I've ever made!From CA to Utah, the thing arrived in about 3 days! The company that sold it, iFitness is very responsive. 

Review 5

It is SO quiet! I was afraid it would disrupt my neighbors (apt building) since I like to work out in the early AM but there's only the whooshing sound of water. Love it!Love that it stands up like a grandfather clock when not in use. In other words its difficult to do a “medium” workout. Instead I balance easy and then hard strokes. Not the fault of the rower; just a fact with rowing I guess.Careful working your way up to long durations. The first week I was hobbling around like a 90-year old since I was using a bunch of muscles that had been ignored up until now!Overall a great product. Well constructed, appealing to look at and a solid workout companion. 

Review 6

Perfect Rower machine!I have to say this Rower machine is awesome! I got this because my old one ($200 bought from Home depot) start making noise, this water rower is super quiet.

Other Useful Information

With six information and programming windows, six QuickSelection buttons, and three navigation buttons, you are in full control while working out. You can also use an optional heart rate chest strap and receiver, since there won't be any compatibility issues.

Another great thing about this unit is its smooth and quiet operation. This is largely due to the water resistance. That means you can get your workout done even when everyone else is asleep, or you can simply work out in relaxing silence.

The machine has a fairly large footprint while in use but it cuts down its size a big time while storing. In upright storage mode, it%u2019ll take the space of a dining room chair, which is great to save floor space. To store, users will just have to stand it upright. Although the machine is fairly heavy it doesn%u2019t take that much effort to stand it up as it seems to.

Note: these are large and heavy units, and when stored upwards they are more or less stable. However, don't allow kids and pets to play around the elevated rowers, since they can be pushed and when they fall down, they can damage something, they can get damaged, or they can even hurt somebody!

Assembling a WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is very simple. Even an inexperienced person will be able to assemble it pretty effortlessly as the instructions given to assemble it are detailed, step by step and includes pictures. Assembling it should not take more than 30 minutes and it can be done with the provided screws and wrench.

The WaterRower is a very low maintenance machine. Wipe the machine daily after use with clean damp cloth. Add purification tablet provided with the unit, in the tank every 6 months. Also, replace the batteries when required to run the console efficiently.

As such WaterRower Club is excellent workout equipment; however, there are a few issues.

Though while storing it takes a small space, while exercising, WaterRower Club occupies a large space because it%u2019s extraordinarily long %u2013 82.25″!

Price may be another issue for those who have seen typical indoor rowing machines costing less than this high quality model.

Some users face some issues with the backlighting of the S4 display of WaterRower Club. The issue is that the digital monitor cannot be easily read in a darkened space. This can be resolved by switching the lights on.

WaterRower Company claims that the machine is quiet; but some users find it a little noisy. Well, all resistance rowers make noise to some extent whether they contain a waterwheel, air flywheel or magnetic resistance. On the other hand, some users find the sound of water paddles motivating!


WaterRower has been in the business of manufacturing rowing machines that are highly reliable and of undeniably high quality, and among them, the is staking its claim as the best rowing machine.