Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor review

Whether you want an intense workout to tone your physique or a workout that will just keep you fit, the is a great tool to achieve great results. It offers a variety of programs to the user, and its design and built are such that they can satisfy any training needs.


The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is one of a kind for several reasons. Our favorite style is the Ash Wood version. However, like its cousin, the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine in Black Walnut, the choice of wood as material isn't only an aesthetic option %u2013 it guarantees sounds and vibrations are better absorbed and distributed. This ensures the user enjoys a smoother and quieter workout.

Furthermore, the delivers dynamic resistance, comfortably allowing the user to choose the desired level of intensity for their workout. Its ergonomic seat and dual rail models promise safety, stability and a smooth operation during training. And on top of everything else, the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine features the S4 Performance Monitor, a user-friendly companion making sure your workout is tracked and optimized as it provides you with accurate and detailed data while you row.

This is a next-level machine. At the same time, it's capable of delivering a workout that, if you want, can take your muscles to the limit and will have you breaking a sweat within a few minutes. Its flywheel guarantees dynamic resistance, and you can choose the level of intensity that suits your training needs best, easily and simply. Its best feature, however, is perhaps the fact this rower is hand crafted in Ash Wood, material excellent for a noiseless and smooth workout.

The design of its frame and the construction of this rower's mechanism are such that the user has a smooth, safe and powerful training session all in one.

The only negative point of the WaterRower Natural Rower is likely its price. So if your wallet allows you to, it%u2019s definitely worth considering. It also comes with a three years parts warranty and a five years frame warranty, so you can be confident with using this rower to it%u2019s full capacity.

We believe this rower is a perfect example of what a top-grade, professional rowing machine should like. It can be used by both beginners and experienced athletes, in the gym or at home. Perfect for home use, it provides you with a smooth and quiet workout, in a balanced and safe way. Its Ash Wood frame gains it bonus points for elegance, while the fact it is equipped with the S4 Performance Monitor grants it an advantage over many other rowers.

User Review

Review 1

Don't know why, perhaps due to rising demand and production bandwidth, but be forewarned quality control is an issue. Assembly is easy enough, though have gap where back separator does not fit snugly after tightening nuts as firm as they will go. No water level sticker on tank received, so had to measure water manually according to calculations (4 gallons). Siphon was not air tight (even though release valve closed firmly), so had to manually pump instead of siphon. S4 monitor only flashes, not working as of yet and now have to take a apart top of unit to figure out why, currently not resolved after verifying connections and looking at simple solutions on website.Unit itself does seem sturdy and smooth. Will see how it holds up, plan to use frequently once kinks worked out. Just one minor thing after another with getting started. Might want to anticipate exercise in patience rather than immediate physical exercise upon receipt. 

Review 2

I even like the sound.The reason I'm writing now, two years after purchase, is, I broke one of the wheels. I proceeded to order the wrong replacement, so I emailed them pictures to ask for the right parts. They wrote back asking for the serial number to get the right unit AND to see if it was under warranty. Hadn't even occurred to me.) Turns out it was, they're sending me the wheels, they're refunding me for the wrong part, AND included a link for the Puri-Tabs which I didn't know they provide for the life of the ROWER! They're also replacing all eight wheels even though there's only one broken one.The question I ask myself before rating anybody on anything.how could it have been better? There's always something, so I never give highest rating. In this case, it couldn't have been better. 

Review 3

I have grown to love the overall workout this thing gives me. In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased the Waterrower Club for my home gym. The overall quality and construction is superb and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I would highly recommend over any other home gym equipment available. One of the best features is how its so easy to stand up and move out of the way for storage. You can't do that with any treadmill or elliptical. This thing is amazing and worth every penny. Assembly was straightforward and took about 30-45 minutes. 

Review 4

Will do almost anything to avoid it, like holding down a couch or going to wash a car. But the time came to find something that I could do that would get me into regular exercise and make the most of the time. After researching, I found that rowing was almost universally lauded as a great full body workout that does not abuse your joints, and requires only a minimal time commitment. After searching and researching , the Water Rower consistently came out at the top of the pile. So I spent the big bucks and ordered one.It went together easily, and is almost a pleasure to use. if it weren't exercise I would say “is a pleasure”) The resistence if constantly variable so on days when I am feeling more energetic, it works me harder. Not even when I bought my Nordic-Trak/Clothes hanger back in the 90s.If you are looking for a rower and can afford the fare, go with the Water Rower. 

Review 5

I have used a few rowing machines and was unsure about purchasing the fan – based units. I had never tried or even heard of the water based rowers. After reading the reviews of several top name brands, I decided on this one.Great decision! I can get a killer 20 mins full body, aerobic workout and even with bad knees!Is quieter, another, and delivers more skulling-like resistance than the fan machines. Probably the best big purchase I've ever made!From CA to Utah, the thing arrived in about 3 days! The company that sold it, iFitness is very responsive. 

Review 6

There are plenty of detailed reviews that cover all the main features so I'll just include the items that matters to me:Shipping was super fast. It arrived 3 days after I placed the order.Assembly was a breeze. Took about an hour (was in no rush; probably could have done it faster)It is SO quiet! I was afraid it would disrupt my neighbors (apt building) since I like to work out in the early AM but there's only the whooshing sound of water. Love it!Love that it stands up like a grandfather clock when not in use. In other words its difficult to do a “medium” workout. Instead I balance easy and then hard strokes. Not the fault of the rower; just a fact with rowing I guess.Careful working your way up to long durations. The first week I was hobbling around like a 90-year old since I was using a bunch of muscles that had been ignored up until now!Overall a great product. Well constructed, appealing to look at and a solid workout companion. 

Review 7

This WaterRower is probably the greatest exercise machine I have ever come across.It is really quiet, and smooth in operation. I've only been using it for about a week, but its already showing results.The best part is that it lets me think freely while I work out. Most other exercise machines just take to much attention. If you space out on a treadmill or elliptical, for example you can get seriously hurt or end up in a YouTube “Fail” compilation. Not so on the WaterRower, if you space out the worst that happens is that you stop rowing.The Materials and workmanship is top quality. And did I mention quiet? The monitor wouldn't detect any rowing action, so it wouldn't count strokes or monitor the workout.I am keeping my rating at 5 stars because this issue was solved via a 5 minute google search and required zero tools to fix. Just a slight adjustment of the sensor disc.

Review 8

We have a weight bench and free weights and a treadmill upstairs that are rarely used (hope to start using more). My wife and I realized we needed something on the main floor of the house that would be used and would be easy to use and to get us back into exercise. The WaterRower is outstanding in that capacity.The design and overall look are amazing. Beautiful piece of furniture that is easy to store in a corner if visitors are coming over. Otherwise we leave it in front of our television.We also purchased a mat to place the WaterRower upon:Supermats Solid P.V.C. Mat for Rowing Machines (3-Feet x 8.5-Feet)I also wanted a machine that we could use into our older years and rowing seems the perfect exercise for that (low impact on joints compared to running, etc). As someone who has not exercised in some while, I find the workout very strenuous. As mentioned, however, getting your form correct is key. I spent weeks only rowing for 5 or 10 minutes, slowly, to get the technique down. Helps if you have someone who can view your form and technique as well. WaterRower provides a DVD that shows correct form and practice. There are also numerous videos on their website that give excellent information about proper rowing technique (and demonstrate how NOT to row).Once you have the proper technique mastered, the exercise is quite arduous. The great thing is you can vary the resistance yourself by speeding up or slowing down your strokes and power you exert. Great workout for most all your major muscles. In particular my quads and abdominal muscles (weak core over the years) have been stressed. My lower back initially was a little stiff but that improved in just a week or so with exercise.Having it at home makes it easy to use and do. We did purchase a mat to place the WaterRower upon.Have only been using it about 8 weeks but am looking forward to years and years of use.Assembly is pretty easy with two people. All makes sense and slips together well. Does take some time however. Filling the water chamber is not too difficult with the included siphon. 


The is a reliable piece of equipment that offers its user a well-balanced total body workout. Its performance is whisper quiet and smooth, making it perfect for training at home and without disturbing others. Easy to handle, transport and store, the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is also one that easily fits your home environment, effortlessly and adding character to your space. If you want a rower that will last for a long time and help you tone your physique and improve your overall body condition, this is most definitely it.

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