Introduction :

The Fast Metabolism Diet, developed by Hollywood diet consultant and best-selling author of the book,  Hailey Pomroy, works on the viewpoint that eating more of the right foods at the right time can be a potent tactic for losing weight. The dietary plan triggers at changing one’s metabolism by munching beneficial foods!

Eating certain foods in phases, can reset metabolism, undoing years of damage caused by processed foods, caffeine and alcohol. And so you will have to strike off all processed foods off your list!

This diet book entails the following regime:

The 28-day diet plan promises to increase your metabolism and put it into fat-burning mode.  There is no severe calorie restriction in any of the phases, but there are several food restrictions, including cutting out wheat and dairy completely.

 Action Plan:

It  is  a 3-phase diet plan like several other weight loss diets out there. But one major difference is that the phases are not linear, with one following the other, as you generally find in other diet plans. They are cyclical, each of the 3 phases being 2-3 days long and repeating every week. The meal plans for these phases vary as follows:

Phase 1: (Day 1 and Day 2) – High in carbohydrates with moderate amount of protein and low fat.
Called ‘Unwind,’ this phase is meant to put our body at ease, since carbohydrates are easy to digest and are the body’s energy source of choice.

Phase 2: (Day 3 and Day 4) – high in protein and vegetables, but low in both carbohydrates and fat.

This phase is called ‘Unlock’ and is projected as promoting the utilization of stored fat because intake of dietary fats and carbohydrates is severely limited.

Phase 3: (Days 5-7) – High in healthy fats with moderate amounts of carbohydrates and protein. It includes some fruit too. This phase is known as ‘Unleash’ and you are expected to continue fat burning at full swing, both the stored fat and the good fats you are taking.

Every phase of this diet has a prescribed exercise program that corresponds to the eating plan of that phase.

The nutritional profile of the diet is a healthy mix of all macronutrients, so it is unlikely that dieters would have any nutritional deficiencies while they’re on this diet. You will get sufficient amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats on a weekly basis even though daily intake may vary.

This book provides rational guidelines for healthy eating as well as needed amount of nutrition. It may be worth buying the diet book but you’ll have to buy the cook book as well.