KETO diet and women’s perspective:

The Keto Diet, or Ketogenic Diet, can be undertaken by both men and women. This diet relies on a high intake of protein and fat such as meat, seafood, olive oil, eggs and small amounts of vegetables.

Women can experience a number of health benefits with this diet including hormonal balance, weight loss and even an anti-aging effect.  A multivitamin and mineral should be taken to supplement the Ketogenic Diet.

As a woman, you might benefit from a ketogenic diet if you:

  • have PCOS
  • have irregular or absent periods
  • have imbalanced thyroid hormones
  • can’t lose or gain weight no matter what you try
  • have terrible PMS
  • have adrenal fatigue
  • feel tired or unmotivated
  • get hungry and need to always have a snack handy in between meals
  • want to increase your performance in the gym
  • have an autoimmune disease you would like to manage