Negative customer reviews:

  • I have used this tea for a week, and I followed all the instructions but keep getting severe nausea and dry heaves. Almost puking! It happened to me twice! I do not recommend it! (Kathryn)
  • I’m on week three of this tea, and I’m sick of it. It’s a nuisance to brew and strain this every single day. Instead of enjoying my regular tea or coffee in the morning I HAVE to drink this sickeningly sweet tea.I’ve seen absolutely no difference in my body. I was hoping to see something along the lines of losing some water weight or flattening out my tummy, but nothing. My bowels have always been regular, so this did nothing for me in that department. I normally work out during the week, but when I started this tea, I upped the ante. I’ve yet to see any results.I don’t know why this has so many good reviews. This was a waste of $44! (Rebecca)
  • ” I got horrible cramps every time I used it, and the same thing happened to the two of my friends.” (Bille)
  • Purchased once via their website. It took nearly 2 weeks for it to arrive.
  • Purchase several as friends and family would like to try.
    It arrived separately; one longer than the other. Very poor packaging.

Only use cheap envelop and not a registered post. So the postman left it outside and the rain just destroyed it.

Well, the product is ok. So I decided to give it another go as my other family coming over from overseas.

This time, I specifically email them to make sure they send it altogether as my family only coming over for a week.

Then I received a message back via email saying they hold my order and want to know the reason why I purchased so many.

Not recommended for anyone to purchase from this guys! Bad service.

To save you your time, please find another product.