Negative customer reviews:

  • I believe Dr. Berg is no more than a scammer whose true purpose is to gouge your pocket book for over $3000 to start a program that includes adrenal acupressure (you can receive for a lot less cost), supplements and diet advice (you can find looking at Dr. Berg’s and other YouTube videos on healing adrenal fatigue).  Also, I don’t believe that stepping on a scale is going to give you all the necessary analysis to accurately say you truly are suffering from adrenal fatigue (there could be more going on in the body that a scale will not pickup). (Renata C)
  • Don’t waste your time. All they want is to make more $$$ off of you. They will direct to you their program which costs around $2200 for 3 months and buy their supplements where I can get from an Organic Market. After I said “I will think about it,” the doctor didn’t even acknowledge me after I left.


  • There is no way I am going to this jerk again. He took my money and kept me waiting for the appointment. I tried asking him about the dates and he gave me another one.

After I paid, I have been with only two sessions. Those were also not satisfactory. They did not make any difference my prevailing health condition.

Dr. Eric Berg is a cheater. (Amanda Mathew)

  • He is ONLY a chiropractic! (Jena Jonathan)