Negative Customer reviews:

  • It was too hard to keep up. Like all diets, I couldn’t stick to it and it would not have been a natural way for me to live. I think it was healthy enough and better luck to those who have more willpower than I. (Brook) 
  • I chose this diet as a recommendation from one of my physicians. It’s great for people who have that fortitude not to eat but I didn’t like that hungry feeling and going that long without eating. I’ve lost weight before by doing more exercise, burning more calories and still eating what I want. (Maxmom) 
  • Daily fasting is much easier. Simply restrict your eating window to at most 8 hours daily and eat whatever you like within that window. No having to worry about it, is it a fast day or not and no having to count calories and feel deprived. I’ve lost 70 lbs simply by scheduling my eating to a 5 hour window. (Laurel) 
  • I found restricting myself to 500 calories impractical, because of the obsession with food that the author mentioned. You are constantly thinking about hat you’ve eaten, how many calories that represents, how many you have left, what that means you can eat, when would be a good time to eat it, how long you have to wait. I found it’s easier to eat nothing. If you can’t eat, the distress is removed. A Cup-a-soup before bed is a pleasant reward that gives you something to look forward to. (Greg)