Negative user reviews:

  • Very expensive!

Expensive to buy the stuff for the smoothies and no substitutes were offer since many had fruits that I am allergic to! (T Jack)

  • Nothing Exceptional!

Good start but nothing exceptional that can’t be found online, found weekly recipes to be helpful. (Chapel Hill)

  • Very Disappointed with it, yet I do feel healthier!

I just finished 2 weeks of the cleanse and I am very disappointed. I do feel healthier, but I was hoping to lose weight and that hasn’t really happened. 2 pounds is all that I have lost, and that could be the difference of water weight. If I was losing weight I could get past the nasty grittiness and taste of the smoothies, but without seeing any results, I doubt I will be sticking with this. (Andrew n Base)

  • Not dodging it but not praising it either!

I have to be honest I have family members and friends that used this and it absolutely worked for them, however I didn’t get the result I was hoping for.

Not saying that it’s a bad product, but it’s just that it didn’t really work for me. I guess that why they say individual results may vary.

  • Smoothies are eh…..

I found these smoothies to be ok. Not taking anything away from those who have been successful on this – I got bored with these after a few days. I decided to keep the smoothie theme but to use other smoothies that were low carb and low sugar to switch up the variety. There are a number of green smoothie options that will give similar results – just a trial and error to find what works best…. (Andrea)

  • The reason you lose weight drinking these smoothies is because that’s ALL you eat/drink: 3 smoothies/day. And it ain’t much!! The average is 1 handful of veggies and 1 fruit/ handful of grapes *per* meal.
    If I had enough willpower to eat next to nothing for 3 days, it wouldn’t just be smoothies. ( Shelves)