Negative user reviews:

  • Eliminate all dairy, coffee, all flour, rice and legumes, wheat and oats and processed foods. Also, take away any sugar and anything that turns into sugar including all alcohol and fruit except for a couple mentioned in morning shake. Now, Take specifically outlined vitamins, supplements and Pgx fiber before breakfast and dinner then it’s pretty basic eating plan. 4-6 oz of protein with unlimited non starchy veggies. Drink 8 glasses of water and excercise 30 minutes a day. There you have it. The entire book in one paragraph.  
  • The whole day doomsday feeling.  It leaves you feeling like you’re at death’s door….but maybe that’s a good thing.
  • Some of the recipes in the Blood Sugar Solution book conflict with the plans. For example, some of the recipes call for bananas or honey.   I was okay with that but it seemed to confuse quite a few people on Dr. Hyman’s online forums.

I also bought the digital version of  The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook.   I wish I had ordered the actual physical book as I found following recipes on the computer or a device cumbersome.   The cookbook does has some great recipes that will be very helpful especially if you’re not used to cooking from scratch.

There’s a big push to buy supplements from Dr.Hyman’s website.  If you don’t believe in supplements you might be annoyed.  That said, I did find the information in the supplement chapter interesting, specifically which supplements to take for the foot neuropathy.

There’s also a big push for PGX.  PGX is the brand name for Glucomannan also known as Konjac Root.  It is a special type of fiber from a Japanese root combined with seaweed.   I didn’t take this but a lot of people find PGX helpful to stabilize blood sugars and curb appetite.