Positive customer reviews:

  • This book is great for anyone beginning their journey into keto. I have followed Leanne for nearly two years and when I saw her blog about keto and how it improved her life I knew I had to try it because I was a vegan as she was for a while and I knew she wouldn’t have made the change if it didn’t have benefits over other eating styles. The difference between this author and other authors is that she is a real life woman looking to achieve great health, she has an active online presence and she really cares about peoples well beings. Other keto books may be cheaper but Leanne is accessible and helpful to any one who has bought the book, she has a strong support system for her followers and is always trying to get us discounted products this is where I believe you get the extra value for your money. I have read countless health books on keto since October and this is the best for beginners, it’s this most straight forward, has a shopping list and all and she explains the day to day of the withdrawal effects you’ll have from sugar etc, if i had started keto on another program I’d have freaked out and stopped. Leanne also has a great youtube channel, I’ve learned a lot there too. It’s great to see an author so passionate about women and their health ! you can’t get that anywhere else and you’ll see from her channel and blog she is a lovely inspiring person! My allergies having improved and so has my gut and energy since starting this diet. I wasn’t trying to loose weight because I’m already thin but I’ve read many testimonials to people who have. (Niamh)
  • On a whim a week ago I started reducing my intake of carbohydrates hoping I would see some body composition changes and strength gains in my weight lifting. Today marks day 8 for me. On Sunday, which would have been only day 5, my period started. I haven’t had a period for 9 months. I was so shocked and elated that I burst into tears. I hardly find it a coincidence that after 9 months of no period; as soon as I started reducing my carbs, my period returned. So happy to feel like a woman again and hoping I see the body composition changes that Leanne outlines in The Keto Beginning. (Elizabeth)
  • I have never felt so… awesome! My gut feels the best it’s felt since before I became lactose intolerant. Even with cutting out all dairy, my digestive system has always had issues. Thanks to Leanne’s work on The Keto Beginning, I no longer have any of these issues. I have dropped 5 pounds since starting and; though I am still working through figuring out the signals my body gives me, I feel more confident in my ability to make balanced choices for myself. This program has helped me get to a place that when I’m working out or running, I feel like I can actually feel what my body is telling me now, whereas before I was just guessing. This feeling of being in-tune with myself is something I have been trying to find since I started running 5 years ago, and I’ve finally found it!! (Holly)
  • Who doesn’t want this awesome guide? When you find a perfect, well written and affordable guide like this you cannot demand for anything else. When I was really in need of a perfect way to lose weight that’s when I came to know about this program. Within 30 days only, I had the kind of results I was looking for. Congratulations to Leanne Vogel. It is a well-structured book with even PDFs. (Tanisha H. Hinz)
  • This book is amazing and gives you a whole new way to look at Keto. Very worth the money. If you are considering trying Keto, get this book as a simple essential guide! It’s great to learn from Leanne experience. Super easy-to-understand guide! I like that it covers all the basics and important tips, but doesn’t delve too deep into overwhelming research and background. (Adam)