Positive reviews on HCG COMPLEX:

  • ‘’I never knew I could lose all the extra pounds and come back to my original pre-pregnancy weight. After my second baby, I just blew up like a balloon. I became so frustrated and depressed after nothing worked for me including, walking, swimming, gym and slimming tables. I had almost given up when I learned about HCG Complex diet plan. Initially, I was skeptical. But later I decided to go for the last try. Today I feel very happy for easily fitting into my pre-pregnancy outfits.’’  – Linda 
  • ‘’I had a lot of fat deposits around my waist and thighs, although my shoulders and bust were normal. As a result, I found it very difficult to buy dresses which suitably fitted my abnormal body shape. Getting the dresses stitched for my abnormal size was the only option I always had. I am amazingly surprised that with just a 21 day of strict HCG diet, in combination with BioSource Lab’s HCG Complex diet drops is driving me crazy to go shopping and buy dresses of different brands. I don’t even have to go to trial room before purchase.’’– Chloe 
  • HCG Complex has worked really well for me. This is the second time I have tried the HCG weight loss and lost weight. I once used it and lost about 17lbs but after a bad period of cheating with my diet I put the weight back on. I later decided to use from HCG Complex and I was not disappointed, they were as effective bur even cheaper than the injections I used before. This is a very good product, must-have for losing weight._ Gracia 
  • HCG Complex weight loss supplement is a great buy, it works really well. I previously ordered expensive versions of HCG which were as effective but the drops are way cheaper compared to the others. I thought the other formulas bothered the knee joints but this on does not. I really felt great while taking it. I have lost a very impressive amount of weight( 67lbs) in only 2 months. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.(Jordan)
  • HEAVEN IN A BOTTLE! I stared using the supplement a week ago and have already lost 13 pounds. I could actually see my body shrinking within a few days of starting this program. After day four I was no longer hungry either. I followed every instructions given to me I and it is a fact this product is the best. I was able to use HCG Complex, an idea I got from a friend. I am very sure that these are the best possible drops in the market. (Michael) 
  • I hit menopause and so did my body. I feel it more now. Everything I eat just stays on. I want to get my body back. I have a few friends doing this diet and I notice they are keeping the weight off. I just started 3 days ago. So far just 2 pounds lost but that’s two pounds I didn’t gain so I am happy with that. I will continue to stick with this HCG complex weight loss program. As far as how I am feeling. I feel good. No tiredness no headaches. I can’t wait to see the end results. (Trilaria)