Pros and Cons of Wonder Core Smart


  1. No assembly needed. Just pull it out of the box without any need to fiddle with putting parts together.
  2. Foldable for convenient storage.
  3. It’s only 21″Wide x 19″ Long. Ideal to be used in small spaces like an apartment or condo.
  4. Comes with DVD’s to guide total novices on how to work their core properly plus other exercises.
  5. Beginner friendly. Very easy to use.
  6. The diet guide help those looking to lose fat who might not have a clue about how to modify what they ear.
  7. Supports the lower back. A helpful device for people with lower back and also neck problems.
    Manufacturer’s 3-year limited warranty is better than most other ab machine products (1 year is the norm)


1) Wonder Core Smart machine vs. Wonder Core System

This is a popular tactic used by infomercial spruikers. If you read the transcript of the two minute infomercial, they state the terms “Wonder Core Smart” (referring to the machine) a grand total of 11 times, or once every 10.9 seconds. On the other hand, they refer to the “Wonder Core Smart System” a grand total of one (1) time, or once every 120 seconds.

The problem with this is that, if not paying close attention, you might be led to believe that the machine alone is responsible for any purported results you might achieve.

But the sleight of hand is that you must use the machine as part of a SYSTEM, which includes exercise AND healthy eating.

Point is, why not just give up the two-litre bottles of soda, chips, and doughnuts in favour of more fruits and veggies and start walking every day. That would also have a dramatic effect on your waistline, and it’s supported by mountains of epidemiological research.

2) The use of meaningless jargon

Infomercials are notorious for using ambiguous or confusing terminology that is left to the viewer to decide how they want to interpret it. As I’ve cited above, terms like “ultimate total core workout” and “revolutionary new fitness breakthrough” are typical phrases for these types of products but they are more opinion and conjecture than anything with substance.

 3). You can do every exercise this machine helps you with without the need of a machine.

4). Diet program (the Wonder Core Smart System) is not very in depth. Since you can’t lose a lot of fat without a great diet plan, this will probably fail to help those of you who are looking to lose a lot of inches.

5). Unrealistic promise. The manufacturer claims: “double the workout in half the time”. Sorry – that is pure bull!

6). Not suitable for large sized people! What I mean is that you can’t be a big framed person – you just won’t fit on the device!

7). People who weigh more than 250 lbs cannot use this.

8). A  ot of verified purchasers on amazon claimed it is poorly made or of poor quality.

9). 3 year warranty does NOT apply if you choose the 5 payment installment plan.