SPONSORED : SpecForce Abs RECOMMENDED Alternative to Wonder Core Smart system

Editor’s note:- Regardless of its unique design, fit and comfort, and all the marketing hype behind it, the Wonder Core Smart product isn’t much different than ANY other ab exercise or machine.

Although the machine targets the abdominal and other muscles and helps to strengthen and build them, the efficiency is not much. Because, it does half of the work your muscles are supposed to do.

Besides, it’s not great for building abs.

Because, no matter what abdominal exercise, workout or machine you’re using, NONE of it will EVER directly target the layer of fat covering your abs.

There is a good abs building workout program called “SpecForce Abs” which will help you target the layer of fat covering your abs. We recommend this program over Wonder Core Smart.

Keep in mind, that spot fat reduction is a myth, that’s why products like most Ab gadgets, or IT works body wraps, FlexBelt etc. don’t work for majority of people out there!