Sponsored: Why we recommend “Official hcg diet plan” over “Hcg complex”

Considering you to be a person who’s heard about the official HCG diet plan for the first time, we will try to explain about it to you as finely as possible, thus making you completely acquainted with it by the time you finish reading this!

The officialhcgdietplan.com is a complete online store that caters to all your needs related to herbal supplements that aid weight loss! So you might find a solution to any problem that may pop up while following the HCG diet.

Considering that you know what hcg is all about and how it helps to lose weight, we will explain why we recommend the official hcg over hcg complex made by bio source labs!

  • First of all, when you’re a new user you need to test the waters, before deciding that the product actually suits you or works for you or not, the official hcg drops are available in variable plans of 15, 21, 45and 90 days . That’s convenience at your finger tips! You can easily order for the plan that suits you.

The next thing may be what you get with the plan. Much needed!

  • The Official HCG Diet Weight Loss Program Guide – (PDF)
  • Original Pounds & Inches eBook – (PDF)
  • Best HCG Recipes eBook – (PDF)
  • Original Weight Loss Log – (PDF)

The weight loss guide will help you be fully in charge of the do’s and don’ts. Recepies will make you survive through the plan, and the original pounds and inches book provides an in depth study of Dr Simeon’s research work and make you a firm believer of the science behind it!

  • Apart from the fringe benefits that you get, you must be sure of what you’re going to ingest! The ingredients!

The official hcg drops only contains real HCG with vitamin B12, magnesium phosphate and natrum phosphate.The only inactive ingredient is colloidal mineral water.

While the hcg complex developed by Bio source labs has a whole blend of nutrients, energy boosters, fat dissolving elements along with HCG in it! The’ve created it like a miracle bottle! The ingredients mainly contain essential amino acids, of which arginine is not recommended to be used continuously.

The side effects of long term usage of some of the other ingredients like raspberry ketones, GABA, African mango extract, grape seed extract which are present in the hcg complex (by bio source labs) have still not been unearthed.

Moreover you do not know which ingredient you might be allergic to? Since they’ve created this miracle bottle and included all their miracle ingredients, you aren’t in a position to save yourself from them! If you consume HCG you’ll ingest oll others too.

This is something that you don’t need to worry about when taking the official hcg diet drops as they leave the option open for you to buy other supplements according to your wish. Since we know that everyone’s body does not react in the same manner to certain compounds.

Health is of course much more valuable than your money!

  • The other stance that we have is that the official Hcg diet plan comes with a dietary support, offered to non customers too. So they don’t leave you to wander in the dark!
  • HCG Synergy (by official hcg) Whole food multivitamin (bio source labs):

Do not be under the impression that the hcg complex by bio source labs is so complete that you do not need any supplement. Of course on a VLCD diet you do need multivitamin and energy boosting supplements. They offer a Whole food multivitamin to you which contains nothing that’s out of the box, just the normal vitamins and minerals which any health supplement at your drug store may offer you.

While the hcg Synergy offered by the official hcg contains essential amino acids, vitamins minerals, appetite suppressing and energy boosting compounds in it. All extra ingredients of the hcg complex by bio source and their whole food multivitamins COMBINED!

Their website contains detailed information of the ingredients in the hcg synergy with respect to the effect that they will cause on your body.

The hcg Synergy still does not contain any of the fat dissolving extra supplements like raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract, African mango extract etc. You are free to decide whether you want to include them in your diet or not!

  • They also provide reminders via e mails, before your order is out, so that you have the ease to cancel the order if needed.
  • Finally, as a mark of confidence they offer a full 90 day refund to and an additional 10$ to dissatisfied customer!