What exactly is a sugar detox diet? Is Mark Hyman’s diet the best “sugar detox diet”?

Doing a detox is less about getting into your skinny jeans — although of course it’s wonderful when that happens. A true detox means ridding our bodies of the chemicals and toxins that keep us addicted to certain kinds of foods, make us gain weight, and trigger inflammation in the body.

Pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes are closely linked with being overweight, this detox plan will give  a lifestyle (not another diet) to  keep you off your medications.

It is a medically-designed scientific sugar detox program. In 10 days, people can take back their brain chemistry, their hormones and metabolism, lose weight fast, and all their health problems will go away because you will be dealing with the root cause of illness, that comes from, food addiction.

How successful is the 10-Day Detox Diet?

A test group of about 600 participants  completed the 10-Day Detox Diet program and the following results were seen:

  • Weight loss: upwards of 10 pounds
  • Average blood sugar drop of 20 points
  • Average blood pressure went down by almost 10 points
  • On average all symptoms from all diseases went down by 62% in 10 days

Pretty impressive, it made people more energetic and active.

Side effects:

You may not feel great the first couple of days.

There will be times that you are in a bad mood, feel exhausted and/or have a headache. Know that these symptoms are temporary and that, in just a few days, the pain totally will be worth it because you will feel so alive and energetic.

Is it the the best option?

According to Dr Hyman, it is often at the root of people’s failure to change their behavior and their diet, that they are overweight. He believes that food is the most powerful medicine on the planet, and so changed food habits help combat disease by fighting the extra pounds!

But, one should face the reality that, HEALTH TAKES TIME.  It takes time to shop, especially if whole foods is new to you.  It takes time to cook and do dishes.  It takes time to pack a lunch.  It takes time to exercise and journal.  TRUE WELLNESS TAKES SOME EFFORT.  It always has and always will.

And keeping yourself motivated post 10 days of the diet plan can be an issue. In other words, the 10-day mark isn’t the finish line, but kind of the “restart” mark.

Plenty of comprehensive diet plans are available in the market, that promise the same but not within the same span of time! They may take more time, but when they are coupled with constant motivational support, that may be a better option which helps to stay on the diet regime in the long run.