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Family Pocket Guide Table of Contents

To make downloading easier, sections of the Bright Futures Family Pocket Guide are saved in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher to view.  Click on the "Get Acrobat" button to download the reader at no cost from the Adobe Website.

Click on the particular section of the Guide you would like to download and view:

The Bright Futures Children's Health Charter 
The Bright Futures Project
Contributions to the Family Pocket Guide 
How to Use the Bright Futures Family Pocket Guide 
Schedule of Health Visits Recommended by Bright Futures 
Health Visit Checklist
Initial Visit
Your Newborn - Hospital Discharge
Family Relationships
Getting to Know Your Baby 
Being Part of the Community 
Healthy Habits
Keeping Your Baby Safe
Birth to One Week 
One Month 
Two Months 
Four Months 
Six Months 
Nine Months 
Family Relationships 
Helping Your Child Gain Confidence
Being Part of Your Community
Healthy Habits 
One Year 
Fifteen Months 
Eighteen Months 
Two Years 
Three Years
Four Years
Family Relationships 
Being Part of Your Community 
Helping Your Child Gain Confidence & Social Skills
Beginning in School 
Healthy Habits 
Five Years 
Six Years
Eight Years 
Ten Years 
Promoting Confidence
Promoting Responsibility
Encouraging Success in School
Healthy Habits 
Being Part of Your Community
Health Transitions for Young Adults 
Early Adolescence (11-14 Years)
Middle Adolescence (15-17 Years) 
Late Adolescence (18-21 Years)
Appendix A: Special screening tests 
Appendix B: Recommended childhood immunizations 
Appendix C: Immunization record
Appendix D: Important phone numbers 
Appendix E: Physical exam checklist 
Appendix F: Resources for families 
Appendix G: Web sites for families .
Appendix H: Resources for children with special needs 
Appendix I: Child care checklist
Appendix J: Safe finger foods for your infant and toddler
Appendix K: Making your home safe for your toddler 
Appendix L: Healthy snacks for ages 4 and up 
Appendix M: Tips ot help your child surf the internet 
Appendix N: Some eating issues for children and teens 
Appendix O: Keeping teens safe on the road 

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