Author: Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic

Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic is a medical doctor, with extensive experience in and specialized in CVS and diabetes drugs. He has been a faculty of medicine for 8 years at Belgrade University. He has been associated with Institute of Occupational medicine “Serbian Railways”. This Institute was founded by Serbian Railways Company 130 years ago. Although they still provide specific medical services to rail personnel, Institute is nowadays a primary care medical facility responsible for more than 100.000 patients all over Serbia (approximately 50.000 patients in Belgrade branch). Also he attended attending Radiology residency and working on a project of preparing educational materials for the Internal Medicine board exams in the US as well as for the USMLE step 1 and 2. For more than a year, he is also working as a freelance medical writer. Most of his articles are for lay people (by September 2018 he wrote 250 articles). Also as a medical writer, he has only one goal in his mind – to bridge the gap between doctors and patients point of view by breaking down complex medical topics and presenting them in lay people language. Also knowing that his writing might help someone out there connect the dots is what gives him motivation.