Author: Monica Canilao

Monica Canilao lives in Oakland and is a textile artist, painter and printmaker. The subject and material her work explores is the refuse that dominates our time and place. Moving across media, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone, Canilao makes a delicate visual record of the personal and communal. She received a BFA from California College of Arts and has shown in galleries, community spaces, abandoned places and worldwide. Canilao will collaboratively create work for the Picket Fences exhibition/installation with her partner Harrison Bartlett. Recently, they collaborated on the renovation of a dilapidated house in Detroit where they created a monumental multi-room art installation as part of the Power House Project, which was documented by Juxtapose Magazine. Monica has been an active participant in Femina Potens gallery. Femina Potens, which means “powerful woman” in Latin, is a community-building multidisciplinary arts organization conducting programs that authentically explore the experiences of queer women, transgender people and others living outside the female-male gender binary. Femina Potens originated in the Do-It-Yourself arts movement that first appeared at Cell Space around the Millennium. Madison Young first founded Femina Potens in 2000 at the age of 20. The organization quickly started providing art exhibits, workshops, film screenings and poetry readings in venues that ranged from laundry mats to large warehouse spaces.