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Nugenix is a popular men’s health supplement advertised to regain libido through a boost in testosterone levels of men. It offers 3 different versions of the supplement – Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster, Nugenix PM with ZMA and Nugenix Ultimate.

Today we offer our Nugenix and Nugenix Ultimate reviews-

Nugenix Ingredients

The ingredients in their basic product are listed as:

Zinc – 5mg
Vitamin B6 – 2mg
Vitamin B12 – 50mcg
Nugenix Testosterone Complex – 2103mg

This complex is broken down as

Testofen Fenugreek Extract 50% Fenuside
L-Citruline Malate
Tribulus terrestris (fruit)

As you can see, it doesn’t have much ingredients and for the price, we also believe it’s more on the expansive side as there are several Testofen(Fenugreek Extract) and Tribulus terrestris supplements being offered on Amazon at a very cheap price.

Just combine one Fenugreek extract and one Tribulus Terrestris supplement, and you basically have all the benefits that Nugenix basic Testosterone supplement (FREE TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER) has to offer.

BUT, with Nugenix Ultimate, the premium version, the game changes entirely!


Because of this –

  • D-Aspartic Acid 3000 mg
  • Fenugreek Extract (Trigonella foenum-graecum/ 50% saponins) 700 mg
  • Boron 10 mg
  • Epimedium grandiflorum 650 mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract (Mucuna pruriens/ 20% L-Dopa) 250 mg
  • Maca Root (lepidium meyenii) PWD 250 mg
  • Stinging Nettle Extract (Urtica diocia) (root) 360 mg
  • Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract (Eurycoma longifolia jack) (root) 200 mg

Nugenix Ultimate is one of the fewest testosterone boosters which combine Mucuna pruriens and D-AA.

So, besides, the Tribulus and testofen(fenugreek), it has these ingredients as well –

DAA (d-Aspartic acid) – While the other testosterone boosting herbs and compounds like Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, have been known to mankind for several years now, DAA or D-Aspartic acid is a fairly new entrant to the list of substances that can increase Testosterone.’s author says he came to know about it from some bodybuilders who were all raving about it. Its efficiency most bodybuilders swear by.

DAA is incredibly effective in raising testosterone levels and you should take it in combination with other T boosting ingredients and anti-estrogens. The best way to do that is by taking a supplement like Nugenix Ultimate or PrimeMale.

Nugenix Ultimate is good, but PrimeMale also has Korean Red ginseng, which does the magic! Read about the immense health and sexual benefits of Korean red ginseng.

Testofen is also a great breakthrough in testosterone enhancement.

Testofen is a standardized extract of Fenugreek, and is very careful extracted and standardized to its content of fenusides.  These are saponins, which means they have a molecule structure a little bit like a steroid hormone.

When you ingest these, they are enough LIKE a steroid hormone to bind to a protein in the blood called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (ShBG).

When that happens, a very small percentage of the testosterone that’s bound to this protein is released and activated.

This results in approximately a doubling of free testosterone levels.

What about Mucuna, a dopamine enhancer.

Dopamine enhances Testosterone via several mechanisms. Read more on the science of motivation.

So, basically any dopamine enhancer like Mucuna Pruriens will eventually help in increasing testosterone levels as well.

Some experts like , and this article on–  also claim that Dopamine and Testosterone actually work together and are interdependent. Although, not much concrete scientific evidence is available.

There is ample evidence that Testosterone and dopamine actually work together in the body for various functions.

I don’t know if any scientific study that has shown any cause-effect relationship, but in my opinion no cause-effect establishment is absolutely sound or undisputed, no matter how scientifically proven it might seem.

What I do know and can tell from personal experience is that Dopamine and Testosterone go together. Dopamine is also related to HGH.

So, I have some unusual tips regarding this. Since Rasagiline is a prescription drug and you can’t get it unless you get it prescribed for yourself, you should try L-dopa, an otc available supplement to increase dopamine or Mucuna Pruriens (natural L-dopa).

I have searched a lot on those supplements that contain this , and I really liked PrimeMale which has Mucuna Pruriens and the DAA both.

Prosolution Plus is also good as that has all these ingredients in one product – Tribulus Terrestris, Mucuna Pruriens, Ashwagandha and another very potent sexual boosting herb called Shilajit. I highly recommend Prosolution Plus too.

Nugenix Ultimate Side Effects

The Nugenix website states, “Our research has not indicated any side effects.”

WebMD, however, claims that side effects of Fenugreek (the active ingredient in Nugenix) can include diarrhea, stomach upset, bloating, gas, nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, facial swelling, lower blood sugar, and allergic reaction. Additionally, there are concerns that tribulus could worsen symptoms of enlarged prostate, and may also affect blood sugar levels.

One side effect being reported by the consumers online is higher Blood pressure.

How Much Does Nugenix Cost?

If you order straight from the Nugenix website, a bottle of 90 capsules will cost $69.99 plus $4.99 shipping for a total of $74.98. You can also find it for an identical price at a local GNC, minus the shipping. GNC users may also see it at a discounted price of $59.99. Based on their suggestion of taking 3 capsules a day, this is a 30-day supply.

However, Nugenix Ultimate with 120 capsules and with more added powerful ingredients comes around at $120.

Nugenix Ultimate is different than their Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster, mainly because it contains DAA, Epimedium grandiflorum , Tongkat ali, Mucuna Pruriens and Maca Root.

While the other two versions (ie. Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster and Nugenix PM With ZMA) don’t have much powerful ingredients other than Tribulus Terrestris, and Fenugreek, Nugenix Ultimate is worth talking about.

This is some good stuff, but still NOT the best.

Does Nugenix Ultimate work?

Looking at these other supplements, we see that Nugenix (600 mg of Testofen) has twice the amount of Testofen that Ageless Male or Syntheroid has. But does that mean that it works or works better?

As far as I can tell, most of the hype about Testofen seems to stem from a study published in 2011 in a Journal called Phytotherapy Research. In that study, men taking 600 mg of Testofen a day for 6 weeks reported that they felt more sexual urges, strength etc.

Actually, if I just think about the research on Nugenix, there is hardly anything new here. As stated previously, the main ingredients in Nugenix can be found in other supplements marketed to men over 40.

But, Nugenix Ultimate is a much better product.

Remarkably, Nugenix Ultimate does not have Testofen, but rather Fenugreek extract. Testofen comes from fenugreek. Is fenugreek extract better than Testofen? We are honestly not sure as we are unacquainted with any head-to-head comparisons.

However, why can’t men simply buy a bottle of fenugreek (or Testofen) and check out that for a few weeks to see if it works, before choosing the higher end Nugenix or Nugenix Ultimate?

For a product to be able to increase your Testosterone effectively, it has to include ingredients that are really backed by some solid science and clinical studies.

And the ingredients should be working via “various mechanisms” to enhance the Testosterone in the body.

If you take just one main ingredient like Testofen (Fenugreek extract), you should “cycle” the product with another one which works differently, as your body gets used to a particular ingredient and “Resists change” because of the homeostasis system of the body.

That’s why diversity of ingredients becomes crucial if you want to beat the homeostasis.

As can be seen the 3 different versions contain some pretty different ingredients.

For example, Testofen, originally touted as the main active ingredient in Nugenix now only the “free testosterone booster version.” Testofen is a trademarked name for the herb fenugreek.

This form of fenugreek is said to concentrate what some think are the active ingredients in the herb.

These active ingredients are called Fenusides. Testofen is said to contain 50% Fenusides (pronounced phen-u-sides).

Then there are other ingredients mentioned above in Nugenix Ultimate.


While overall, we like Nugenix Ultimate because of its immense quality of ingredients, which make it a top of the line testosterone booster, we still think it’s NOT the best. In our analysis, PrimeMale comes out on top and Prosolution , a close second. Read more on how to really pick a quality testosterone booster.

Top 8 Helpful User reviews on Nugenix (from around the web)

Review 1 – If you’re looking for a product to truly increase your testosterone levels, this isn’t it

If you’re looking for a product to truly increase your testosterone levels, this isn’t it. At best, you’re getting a few ingredients that might make you feel a little more energetic occasionally. Even if this product could increase a low testosterone level by 10 percent, that still won’t get you out of a low range (a level of 300 plus 10 percent is only 330 when below 350 is “low”). If you truly feel that you have a low testosterone level, go to a doctor and get tested. Most copays are about 20 bucks and Testosterone Cypionate (prescription) is about 22 dollars per month on a bi-weekly dosage, and that’s if you pay for it without insurance. So you could spend 70 dollars for one month of this herbal placebo that has absolutely no significant effect, or spend the same about for three or four months of something that actually works.

Review 2 – I have to say I noticed a big difference after a week.

I was skeptical about this product from the reviews and the fact that most products like this dont work for me. I have to say i noticed a big difference after a week. This helped my mood and energy, It also made a difference in libido. I been out of Nugenix for two weeks, on purpose, to make sure that it was the nugenix and not just changes on my own, and i have noticed the difference again being off of it. Im currently ordering product again and will continue until i no longer need it. I dont typically write reviews but im hoping that what i say can help someone out there.

Review 3 – One of the best supplements

One of the best supplements for men over 40. It’s expensive but it works. Increased mental focus, drive and stamina.

Review 4 – NOT effective for weight loss for my son

The product is made for weight loss but let me warn you- it is not effective at all. My son was using it. Even though he is 20, we spent days convincing his mother to stop taking the product from his room and hiding it so that he cannot be able to use it anymore. She is strongly against all those artificial products and testosterone boosters. And even though I hate to say it, she was right. He experienced some side effects and when our doctor heard that he was taking it, he literally told me I am a bad parent. No need to mention that the product had no effect on his weight loss.

Review 5 – Nothing special

I tried this for about 2 weeks. I didnt notice anything that it was advertised to do. Maybe my sex drive increased a little, but other than that it seemed like I gained some weight. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody for $70 per month.

Review 6 – Ultimate Testosterone!

This is the racing fuel version. And I’m here to tell you, being 42 my testosterone levels were dropping accordingly and for someone my age … IT’S FREAKING AWESOME! I feel like I should run out and antagonize a large, predatory animal, pick up something crazy heavy and invade an Old Spice commercial!

If you’re under 30, this stuff won’t really do anything for you since you’re already making tanker trucks full of testosterone, but if you’re over 30, it can do wonders.

I’ve developed a nice little side effect from my increased testosterone levels. Lower appetite! I just can’t eat like I used to and that will work wonders to helping me lose weight. It’s probably due to my increased energy levels making my body think it doesn’t need more fuel in the form of food.

This Nugenix is the bees knees. It’s all natural using Fenugreek extract along with things like boron and stinging nettle and such so my testosterone levels won’t exceed what my body can make naturally and it has helped immensely with confidence, a generalized “good” feeling, energy, appetite. I love this stuff!

(Which is a little concerning also as I can see how this could be mentally addictive as well … something to watch closely.)

Review 7 – Feeling healthier but with high BP


I have been taking Nugenix for about six weeks and just started having small concerns.

I had my testosterone checked about four months prior to starting a cycle on Nugenix. It was on the low side of normal and I’m 35, so my concern was that it was only going to get worse. Since I’ve started the product I have “felt” better, my workouts are more intense and subsequently I have dropped about ten pounds in four weeks. I’m also running quite a bit more frequently, and my diet is more healthy. So I’m not sure if it’s the supplement or the regime I’m holding myself to.

I checked my blood pressure recently and it was 146/91. Thinking maybe this was just because I had just got done working and maybe a little stressed, I checked it the next day right as I woke up and alas it was the same. So this is what prompted me to find this article. My blood pressure is usually 115/50 with a resting heart rate of 44-51 so this concerns me greatly.

I’ve gone from not feeling as healthy and having good blood pressure to feeling healthier and have stage 1 hypertension… The only variable I have introduced is Nugenix.

Review 8 – This stuff works!


Wow… what a different experience I am having! The increase in testosterone has changed my personality in positive ways – I have become more assertive (as opposed to aggressive), a better husband and Christian leader, and my sex drive has increased somewhat (I had none). It is expensive and I am looking for less expensive sources. I did not experience any of the negative effects listed above and I bought mine at GNC (did NOT do the trial), and my credit card was properly charged. I feel sorry for those who have not had the positive experience. NOTE: I am, at the advice of other sites, taking a Triple Ginsa supplement. It has a bunch of stuff like an energy drink, including American ginseng root extract, panax ginseng root extract, guarana seed extract, black tea leaves extract, grape seed and grape skin extract, green tea, and Siberian root, as well as 2500 MCG of vitamin B12. It’s hard to deconfuse the effects of these three supplements, but I tell you what: the combination has left me with a great deal of energy, a more “male” personality (I used to cry a lot and exhibit other signs of depression), and a far greater enjoyment of life. I say this stuff works, with the other two supplements, and is worth the money!



  1. Avatar
    Andrea Newingham

    As a rule. testosterone boosters are worthless. You’d be far better off going to one of those anti-aging doctors and getting actual testosterone.

  2. Avatar
    Rubin Hahn

    I got the free 2 week sample (im not over 60) and didnt find any change with it.

  3. Avatar

    This stuff is bunk. don’t bother

  4. Avatar
    Dustin 3

    Went into the GNC. told them what was wrong with me…..(BE Taylor. Vitamin L). My last T test showed no problem. too many days just feel lazy and get nothing done. I get good sleep. I know might be sleep apnia and I just think I’m getting good sleep…..I hate using 5 hr energy during the day as a precaution to keep me perceived alert……Looking at the energy gain aspect. supposed to sex drive you. meh. that will most likely get me in trouble. They got a free 30 day sample. $80 a bottle there after. I read the directions on line. take for 4 weeks 4 tabs a day. then taper off for a few weeks then crank it up again.

  5. Avatar

    These suppleemnts might not show any effects in your T levels in blood work. Your Testosterone level may show within range. but the ‘range’ is flawed. They take a sample of test in people ranging from 18 – 80. Then they get an average. If you’re within range. then you are fine. right? Not really…There are many other things to test for when checking T levels. One of the biggest would be to check estradiol levels (sensitive assay test). If those levels are high. you could still suffer symptoms that feel like low T. I know that products are out there to boost test levels and some of them do work. But that is a temporary expensive measure to fix the problem. My recommendation would be to get a doctor that is well versed in hormones and have some tests done before spending $80 per month on something that may or may not work. When the low T commercials first began coming out. and a few other things. I asked my Doc about the T reading to be added to my annual bloodwork. We did and it was normal then. Part of me just believes I’m getting old and slowing down. The other part of me says nonsense. I got too many other things I want to do than sit around in the easy chair and think about doing things or watching other people do them on tv.

  6. Avatar

    5 hr energy works for me because A) I don’t drink coffee B) I drink my own brewed decafe iced tea. C) don’t drink any soft drinks. So the shot of caffeine 5 hr gives me is most likely the source of alertness. the other vitamins involved who knows what they are doing. An additional note: when I stopped drinking any type of soft drink. my blood chemistry sodium levels came back great. Just an FYI for those saying that the sugar content in soda is bad for you(it is) and that the diet stuff is not as bad as you are eliminating the sugar. replacing it with artificial sweetner. and still getting all the sodium in flavored water. The Nugenix is an expensive experiment. I have a few not so expensive things to try before I go that route. Thanks for the tip. Free sample. Asking before I try it for my own personal health. And you’re calling me a retard? I’ve done my research and wanted to ask people who may have taken it already.

  7. Avatar
    Devon 49

    I got a free trial bottle from GNC . which I rarely shop at anymore. and then ordered another trial from the website. Getting ready to take that bottle this week. I didn’t notice any side affects from taking it but did notice a little boost in my energy levels. I’ll do a better review after this week…. BUT. I’m fairly certain this stuff isn’t worth $70 a bottle. should probably focus on your mental health and skip sketchy nutriceuticals. Eat properly. work out. include HIIT. and get sleep. Don’t waste your money.

  8. Avatar

    Doing heavy low rep compound lifts and cold showers will do far more for hormone levels than some gnc crap.

  9. Avatar

    If you are going to take a supplement. take something that helps you get a deeper restful sleep like 4 grams of gaba. valerian root or melatonin. Isn’t it just a low dose of DHEA+B6+B12 with a designer label and celebrity endorsement?

  10. Avatar
    Amado 1

    Start dosing DHEA. if your bloodworks shows that your test levels are low.

  11. Avatar

    Okay… I guess no one really goes for the late night infomercials on stuff like this? I know there are several. including a short-lived one called: Testofen Now. I hear they are putting this “testofen” into other supplements like Ageless Male.etc.

  12. Avatar
    Chuck 26

    Testofen is such a great example of weak. lose ingredients that have a lot of marketing hype. It apparently was sold by GNC. though. but that proves little. The above review has some interesting stuff and shows the spammy nature of these testosterone supplements. It’s unlikely to give you much of a bump. The zinc is low dose and has been shown not increase testosterone. Tribulis has some good properties but the studies have not been good on boosting testosterone.

  13. Avatar
    Joan 21

    The citrulline is put in there as a feel good marketing strategy as it will boost NO. The rest of the stuff is unlikely to do much of anything.

  14. Avatar

    Testofen has some believers on the forum. but I wouldn’t go with this brand if you want to try it. At 59 or so. I began to notice that ” he” wasn’t quite the man I had at 30 years old. He got the job done but sometimes without that :firm” resolve he had years ago. It was my doctor that ask one day during a regular check up how “:he” was doing. I sheepishly answered he wasn’t the Man he use to be. I now have a script for Sildenafil. And with that and new expanded ( NO PUN) outlook on sex into my 60’s. It was if I had a new toy. really. Was embarrassed to tell me wife. She found the bottle and ask if there was something I needed to tell her.At that point. I hadn’t had the chance to try them out. Her immediate response was to clear our schedule that night and see what they could do. Was a big night !! Now. she limits me with how many to take. Ha Ha So. more info than you probably wanted but guess am trying to say. see your doc. get the good stuff and turn the clock back 20-25 years. It has been a blast. Viagra increases blood flow to the “he”. Low testosterone has a variety of symptoms including fatigue hair and memory loss and interest in sex and other stuff. They are related to simple erectile dysfunction but not the same- from what I am told can read on this. “Diabetes. high blood pressure. smoking. and high cholesterol are the three main causes of atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction”. If the issue is your dick or “Mr HE” then just try Viagra! (Sildanifil). I believe that all of the mountains of advertising we hear talking about “Low T” is targeted for guys. as myself. that really didn’t want to think of ourselves as one of those guys that has an occasional issue. At some age. usually past 50 but not set in stone. some people become less active. heavier in the mid section. lighter in the hair and don’t have sex as we did in our 20’s. Would probably kill me now if I did but that is another story for another thread. Guess what I am saying is that I believe that fully 90 % of the guys that respond to these adds do so for one reason. HIM and how “he” is performing. That said. I recommended a doctors visit and a frank discussion about what and why. You can’t just start taking this stuff without the possibility of drug interaction. Some VERY serious. No Viagra with Nitroglycerin heart medication for example. See your doc. get back in the saddle. One thing the adds do say that is true. The wife loves it.

  15. Avatar
    Danilo Kinchen

    A decline in T. IMO is a natural protection against cancer. If your not destined to get it. then supplementing testosterone can likely be done safely. however my feeling is you are feeding a fire by doing it. Risks outweigh the benefit IMO. Father in law went against my advice. 1.5 yrs later diagnosed with prostate cancer. A year after that. now fighting bone and lung.

  16. Avatar

    Tried the advertised T supplements with no effect. Had full blood work and t levels normal for my age. My Dr. told me I was just getting old and needed to slow down a bit. Double Expreso or Red Bull.

  17. Avatar

    Had to take a 4 month break due to bruising. but in the 10 months I was doing pe. I was taking vitamins. I stayed with the vitamins n stopped doing pe. During my break I got my hands on a free bottle of Nugenix. Tbh I grabbed it at the store and went to pay and she forgot to ring it up so it became free. So I took the Nugenix and the first 4 or 5 weeks nothing. This is NOT an advertisement. But after a while I started waking up with boners and felt a nice hang after taking it. Anybody ever try Free testosterone boosters? Not sure if working or I’m just pretending.

  18. Avatar

    GNC Nugenix is garbage. Try Muscle Tech Test 3X or if you really looking for something special try Performix ( Super T ). Muscle Tech Test 3X is a strictly all Herbal Supplement. I personally stay away from anything with Yohimbe in it. My body straight up rejects anything with Yohimbe in it.

  19. Avatar
    Jamar 57

    you’ve seen advertisements. even on the side of the highway. the parkway. a lot of these companies are pushing supplementation. or aid in raising someone’s testosterone levels. Testosterone is basically the most anabolic hormone in the human body. Both men and women have testosterone. Obviously men have more than women. That’s why men are made the way they are. bigger and stronger and so on. But the key to testosterone boosters and understanding testosterone is that it is age related.

  20. Avatar

    If you know a young bodybuilder or someone young looking to put on muscle mass. you need not waste your time with a testosterone booster. If you’re under the age of 30. because chances are you’re going to be wasting your money. Testosterone boosters are specifically for those over the age of 30. 35. And every year after that it could be anywhere from one to two percent your testosterone begins to decline.Do they work well? It depends on the formulation. but they do have the ability. if used properly. to allow your body to produce more testosterone. which in turn is going to allow your body to synthesis protein faster and make muscle faster. quite simply. Horny Goat Weed is one of them. Tribulus Terrestris is another. Yohimbe is another. and then there’s a variety of other ones as well. And I’ve had clients over the years who work extremely well on one herbal formulation. while another got absolutely nothing out of it. so you need to try to see what works best for you. but these specific nutrients. if they’re in the proper formulation. can definitely. naturally raise your body’s testosterone levels.keeping your workouts about 45 minutes in duration. an hour max with heavy compound movements. like squats. dead lifts. bench press. bent over barbell. bent over. These are the types of movements that are literally going to cause your body to output a higher amount of testosteroneThe herbal derivatives and plant based ingredients that you normally find in natural testosterone boosters are all pretty safe compounds with relatively few side effects. Some examples of common ingredients include Testofen and Testosurge – both of which are derived from the Fenugreek plant. Tribulus terrestris. another commmon ingredient. is an annual plant. and Tongkat Ali. also known as longjack or Eurycoma longifolia is a flowering plant. KSM-66. a fairly new ingredient making its way into natural test bosters is derived from a herb known as Ashwagandha. Now obviously. there are other ingredients in these type of products. like zinc monomethionine and various vitamins. but the herbal ones I mentioned are pretty standard. And they’re pretty safe compounds – not really anything to worry about.

  21. Avatar

    When discussing the safety of these supplements many guys are worried that a) taking a natural testosterone booster might impact their body’s hormonal levels to the point where they have to worry about taking an estrogen blocker… Or… b) that their body’s ability to manufacture testosterone on its own may be compromised after completing a cycle with a natural test booster. Here’s the good news; you don’t have to worry about either of these issues with a natural testosterone boosting supplement. Why? Well. For the few herbal supplements that actually have some supporting clinical evidence to show that they elevate testosterone levels. they don’t elevate it very much – and certainly not to the super-physiological levels that anabolic steroids do. In other words. natural test boosters might boost your test levels a few points here and there. but they’ll still be very much within the normal rangeif there’s a danger with these products. it’s one you can’t do much about… contamination. And contamination doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to drugs.

  22. Avatar
    Jamie 64

    As an example. a lawsuit was recently filed against the makers of KSM-66 ashwaganhda – because it contains undeclared milk allergens. potentially posing a serious public health risk. The best advice I can give you here is buy brand name products where at least you have some recourse should contamination be an issue. You also may want to check out web sites like there’s good evidence that belly fat itself can suppress testosterone levels so then do testosterone supplements help with weight loss testosterone is often legally prescribed to treat deficiency also known as hyper gonna ISM this treatment is called testosterone replacement therapy and it’s performed under medical supervision there are some evidence that replacement therapy can lead to weight loss in obese patients with testosterone deficiency in a 56 week study in a hundred obese men on a reduced calorie diet they found that injections improved weight loss by 6.4 pounds or about 3 kilos compared to those who didn’t receive any treatment or both groups lost muscle mass as well as fat mass on a low-calorie diet testosterone caused significant muscle regain during the weight maintenance period so testosterone replacement therapy leads to weight loss by increasing muscle mass which in turn increases the amount of calories that you burn at rest throughout the day.

  23. Avatar

    Been looking for a reliable testosterone booster.
    Hoping to get a decent review on products. May give Prime Male a try and this Nugenix. Thank you.

  24. Avatar

    I bought Nugenix to improve my testosterone. Having turned 60 I was searching for a little boost in my own sex life. I was informed by the professional at GNC that was the ticket. And that I’d see noticeable results within 2 weeks.

    So I required them as directed for a complete month with zero benefit at all. So, just like the typical dummy, I thought well, probably I have to keep trying it. THEREFORE I bought another bottle and nothing at all. THEREFORE I bought a third bottle and put into everything the dietary restrictions and improved foods, and still nothing. I QUICKLY spoke with my doctor and he educated me that a lot of individuals were experiencing bone mass complications and that he would recommend me not taking them any longer. And offered me a prescription for generic viagra, and that did the secret.

    So I would definitely advise that you save your money. The product is a whole lot of hype, nonetheless it does absolutely nothing. Save your valuable money.

  25. Avatar

    I really wonder do those supplements like nugenix ultimate work?
    I’m not discussing sex, although improvement is actually a byproduct.

    I’m more specifically taking on the subject of well being, sleeping better, more powerful, more energy and better muscle mass tone as you age.

    Any thoughts ?

    1. Avatar

      The simple answer is “nobody knows because the products aren’t examined, and anyone who lets you know differently is lying.”

      There’s probably equally as good a chance of them providing you nut cancer as improving your current health.

    2. Avatar

      How old are you? In case you are young or in your 20’s – you almost certainly will not need to have a testosterone boosting supplement.

      It will also make a difference for you to run earlier this your doctor aswell. A recommended blood check can accurately provide info in relation to your androgen levels within your body ( free, useable testosterone specifically ).

      Some natural boosters such as for example D-Aspartic Acid are very popular. Be cautious that the majority of test boosters in the marketplace will also increase your body’s levels of estrogen, and that means you will ideally wish to be acquiring an estrogen blocker or something along those lines to avoid this ( See M&S shop ).

  26. Avatar

    Nugenix ultimate can help with feeling elevation, better blood circulation, increased mindset when teaching and strength etc
    I have utilized a few different T/Boosters and several do nothing at all. I’ve also been through patches where my bloods proceeded to go haywire and my Test amounts dropped significantly and used some around the changing times which have given increases in levels, nothing at all great but a suprise to the doctors……
    The only 4 i’ve seen any real reap the benefits of in conditions of increased moods, work out intensity, muscle hardness and power etc have already been Nugenix ultimate, AD Tauro Test, BlueStar’s Position and AE APE.

  27. Avatar
    Walton 42

    In case you are transitioning from an energy supplement like 5 hour energy to Neugenix…compare the ingredients and you will see they have a lot in common. Both are big doses of various Vitamin B. The other listed ingredients in Neugenix are commonly found in OTC testosterone boosters and “male performance” enhancers. If it works it works…but start by comparing the back of the labels. Neugenix is a Vitamin B complex with a big dose or Fenugreek seed extract. Tribulus. L-citruline. and a little zinc. Unfortunately the supplement industry is completely unregulated. so the actual amount or quality of each ingredient is a mystery. I am not trying to throw Neugenix under the bus. All supplements are under the same cloud of mystery. I use a protein powder (dymatize) and take a high performance multi Vitamin (orange Triad) but I read the ingredients with a grain of salt.

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