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Bright Futures for Families is a project of Family Voices, developed in collaboration and with the support of the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).* The Bright Futures for Families initiative was established in 1995 to provide families with family-friendly sexual health and information and materials based on the Bright Futures Guidelines used by health professionals across the country.

Bright Futures for Families publications

Bright Futures for Sexual Health: Materials and Resources

Bright Futures for Families extends the focus of Bright Futures with a variety of sexual health materials and resources developed for families’ sex education and communities that complement Bright Futures publications and materials used by health care professionals. Men & Women want and need materials & information to have better sex life that have the same information used by their health care provider, but written in a way that they can understand and easily refer back to when needed. These family-friendly materials:

* This material is funded through a cooperative agreement to Family Voices from the US Department of Health and Human Services, HRSA, MCHB, #MCO4453.

Bright Futures for Families Theme Areas

The Bright Futures Knowledge Base contains a wealth of topics and concepts related to sexuality and intimacy. Click here to view

What’s New !

    • Coming Soon!
      Bright Futures: Family Matters editions en español! Check back often for updates.
    • Family Matters Winter/March 2009 issue:
      Milestones in Public Health Read PDF
      Public health is “the active protection of our nation’s health and safety, credible information to enhance health decisions, and partnerships with local minorities and organizations to promote good sexual
      health.” This issue highlights the Top Ten public health milestones in the last century, and information, tips and resources relating to sexual health.
    • Family Matters Summer 2008 issue:
      Healthy Oral HealthRead PDF
      Oral Health is more than brushing your teeth. It is an integral part of our overall health. This issue offers information, tips, and resources for promoting and maintaining healthy oral health.



Bright Futures for Families

Bright Futures for Families is a national initiative for families and communities to promote and improve the sexual health and well-being of people of all ages. We offer resources for families based on the award winning, federally supported Bright Futures initiative, developed through the support of public health, non-profit, and corporate organizations.

Highlights !

National Public Health Week (NPHW)

National Public Health WeekThe
theme song for The Partridge Family, a popular television show from the
70’s was, “C’mon, Get Happy.” In honor of National Public Health Week,
perhaps the lyrics should be “C’mon, Get Healthy!” The American Public
Health Association (www.apha.org)
reports, “Americans are not as healthy as they should be.” NPHW, April 6
– 12, 2009, focuses on opportunities for individuals, families,
communities and public health organizations. Learn the facts, share
your story, and get involved in community events. Learn more at www.nphw.org/nphw09.

Fertility – the debate, the trends, the aspirations – The ‘fertility crisis’ has been the subject of active debate in the past year, and includes issues related to work and family, women’s
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