Best Anti snoring mouthpiece reviews – Mechanisms and benefits on sex life

Confused about the so many anti snoring mouthpieces and products out there ?

Hi, I am Guy, a blogger and product reviewer at I’ve been doing research on snoring devices for years now, I’ve reviewed most of them, especially the better known ones.

In this article, I review the best snoring products. If you are in a hurry, here are my recommendations – Good Morning Snoring Solution and SnoreRx Adjustable snoring mouthpiece. Currently, my recommendations are these two products until I find a better one out there.

Suddenly the marketplace and advertising slots on TV late nights are all filled by commercials of these so wonderful snoring mouthpieces. There are so many of them – xquiet, My Sn**ng Sol**ton, prosl**p, better sleep, and what not!

To be able to chose a good product out there in the market, it would make sense that we first understand the different mechanisms by which these mouthpieces are supposed to work and how snoring actually happens and how it can be stopped by using these little devices.

Companies manufacturing these devices are constantly innovating though and bringing out new designs for various reasons like providing more comfort level for the user, being more efficient, being more cheap and so on.

When I first started out searching for a product few years back, there weren’t so many good designs. I’ve reviewed a lot of them especially that come out with some new features.

Every now and then, good products do appear. You can now get a custom-fit molded mouthpiece too. Yeah, we are a developed nation of snorers.

Before you ask, what mouthpiece I use, let me answer this I currently use NONE! I’ve lost enough weight that I don’t snore anymore. But that’s a different story altogether. But, I thought it’s probably a good thing to help my fellow snorers find out a good product out there which they can use to get some good sleep, so I set up this page.

It’s a long read. But worth reading. Don’t SKIP!

It is a sad fact that snoring is one of the most common conditions that disrupts the lives of millions of people worldwide. In the US alone, it is estimated that there are over 90 million snorers. While some snorers are blissfully unaware of the disruption they are causing to their partners on a nightly basis or they may be in denial of the situation, the reality is that there is a good chance that left unchecked, it will detrimentally impact the couple’s relationship.

It may start with lack of sleep for the partner and then move to separate sleeping arrangements, which can lead to tension, arguments and resentment within the relationship.

From a recent sleep survey conducted by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association:
67% of couples admitted that they argue about snoring and 58% of them said that snoring causes problems within their relationship.

And a massive 82% of partners regularly leave the bedroom for either the spare room or the sofa.

Snoring also affects your sex lives dramatically. There is also a link between snoring and sexual dissatisfaction.

It is also proved that heavy snorers have erection problems, very good connection between snoring and erectile dysfunction is established by a tiny tissue in our throat called carotid body. Heavy snorers tend to stop breathing many times during sleep, causing no supply of oxygen to blood cells. And carotid tissue basically senses fresh oxygen level in our body, and without oxygen rich blood you can’t produce erection.

A research by travel lodge, chain of hotels has revealed that 75% of British adults are snorers. In another survey of 1788 adults, 21% agreed that snoring made them feel less sexually attractive.

In another finding by journal of sexual medicine, heavy snorers reported less sexual satisfaction or no libido. In general also heavy snoring leads to sleep deprivation which again results in multifold ailments.

So, using a snoring mouthpiece device or other snoring treatments can actually improve your sex life.

How snoring happens?

The above diagram explains it all. Sleeping on your back puts your neck into a position that decreases the amount of space in your airway, this decrease in space causes the tissue to vibrate, and this vibration is what we commonly refer to as snoring.

The tissue blocking the “blue arrows” of oxygen is your “soft palate”. When this passage gets blocked, you snore.

The mouthpieces force your lower jaw forward, which in turn lessens the effects of your constricted airway from the positioning of your neck.

So, the snoring mouthpieces do the simple trick of fixing the “soft palate” by usually pushing the jaw forward. And the passage is open again and you can sleep properly with adequate oxygen intake.

Sounds simple, but there are other things to it. I’ll discuss it all below.

Fact is this deceptively simple looking mechanism of snoring mouthpiece is the reason why there are so many companies selling this kind of product. Every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he can setup a company, mold some plastic, get the manufacturing done and voila, you’ve got a “snoring mouthpiece”. All you need now is to pay some doctor to give out recommendation in favor of your product and to buy some advertising slots on TV and you’re in business.

A cheap mouthpiece may not be the solution for your “perfect sleep” but it might help, for some people a little and for others significantly.

Jaw straps like you must have seen on TV also work on the same principle except for the fact they align the jaw from outside, like a band you wear to clear the air pathway.

My advice would be not to be cheap when it comes to buying a snoring mouthpiece. The material, the design, the quality, the company behind the product are important considerations. And a $20 solution isn’t really a solution. Trust me!

What are the benefits of a snoring mouthpiece or jaw strap?

1). Surprisingly, the benefits of wearing a stop snoring mouthpiece are many! According to some medical studies done on patients suffering from severe snoring and sleep apnea, they’ve been as good as CPAP masks, nasal CPAP in improving their conditions.

But, not all studies confirm this. When I took a deep look at those studies that did confirm their effectiveness, I found a common pattern. Which was that the patients were so sick and fed up of a CPAP mask, (because of all the hassles and discomfort they bring) that they slept better on a snoring mouthpiece.

So, in a way, yes, a high quality snoring mouthpiece can be good alternative to CPAP mask.

Nonetheless, if you’re a heavy snorer diagnosed with medical condition and using a CPAP, I won’t advise you to throw your CPAP mask rightaway without first consulting with your doctor.

2). These relatively inexpensive devices are supposed to promote healthier sleep patterns, while giving whoever you sleep with a night free of your snoring. The sleep that one receives with a stop snoring mouthpiece leads to a day filled with more energy, and a refreshed outlook due to the fact that the device can really help to increase the flow and circulation of oxygen that the sleeper receives while wearing the mouthpiece to bed.

3). In other studies, the quality of design of a good “snoring mouthpiece” or mandibular advancement device was found directly proportional to reduction in night snoring, daytime headaches or nightly teeth grinding.

4). Other health benefits that come from the use of these mouthpieces include a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure, all thanks to a healthy, good night’s rest.

Understanding different types of snoring mouthpieces

There are many different snoring mouthpieces to choose from on the market today making it difficult to decide which product is the best one for you. The biggest issue with most snoring mouthpieces is that they all look almost similar, but still there are very subtle differences in these mouthpieces that can make some more comfortable to wear than others.

It is also important to look at each product reviews and decipher for yourself which are the most legitimate, and which will fit your need best.

Since most of these mouthpieces work generally the same, it is difficult to decide which will be the best fit for you from the array of different stop snoring mouthpieces to choose from on the market today.

Some common questions that might come to mind, “Which mouthpiece is better, one purchased over the counter, or one from my dentist?” and “Are stop snoring strips the same thing as stop snoring mouthpieces”?

While these questions are legitimate, the choosing of a stop snoring mouthpiece does not have to be a difficult task.

While these devices are very popular and proven to perform, some will inevitably work better than others. Some will be more comfortable to wear than others.

The trick is to find one that is a good blend of “efficiency” and “comfort”.

Don’t take “comfort” lightly. Trust me. I’ve been there. You’ve to sleep at night which is NOT easy to do if you’re uncomfortable.

It is also important to know that there are different types of stop snoring mouthpieces, and each are designed to alleviate the problem in different ways.

While some are proven to be effective, with little to no side effects documented in product research, they do begin to show side-effects and discomfort when they hit the shelves for consumers.

Jaw Holding Vs. Tongue Holding

There are two very general categories that most anti-snoring mouthpieces fall into; jaw holding mouthpieces, and tongue holding mouthpieces. While both types of mouthpieces are effective, tongue holding anti-snoring mouthpieces have proven to be more effective for several reasons, but are less common than the jaw holding variety of stop snoring mouthpieces.

While both of these anti-snoring mouthpieces yield fantastic results, they both have very different ways of alleviating the problem.

Jaw Retaining (Jaw Holding) –  Also referred to as “mandibular advancement devices/splints”- these mouthpieces stop snoring by holding the jaw in place to alleviate the vibration of the tissues that cause snoring. These stop snoring mouthpieces are designed to fit in the mouth similar to a sports gear mouth guard.

Some products are fitted individually to give a secure fit between the sleeper’s teeth to help to alleviate snoring. The downsides to these types of mouthpieces include discomfort for the wearer, possible gag reflex and choking hazards if the mouthpiece slips, and increased saliva production, which can lead to choking and inability to get a refreshing sleep.

While the design of the jaw holding anti-snoring mouthpiece lends itself to a secure fit and tight squeeze to eliminate snoring, some wearers actually find it too uncomfortable to actually fall asleep in.

Of course, results are based on individual experiences and will be different for every sleeper who tries the jaw retaining style of stop snoring mouthpiece. Jaw correcting mouthpieces can only prevent snoring that is caused by the jaw hanging open while you sleep.

Why Jaw holding mouthpieces fail?

If those products you see on TV commercials like My Sn**ng Sol**ton are so good, why there are so many negative reviews on sites like ? Where did these jaw retaining mouthpieces go wrong?

You’ll find lots of lots of negative reviews of some jaw holding products and these reviews will fall broadly in 3 categories –

  • The product either didn’t work to stop snoring.
  • It was too uncomfortable to wear to sleep in. May be so difficult to wear, the user couldn’t even place inside the mouth.
  • The material in the product was bad and gave some kind of allergy or something.

When the product didn’t work to stop snoring!

Refering to the diagram above, you might think that stopping snoring was so easy. That doesn’t seems to be the case and jaw holding mouthpieces FAIL in a good percentage of cases. The reason is below.

Your tongue might be one massive, gross structure. (Even more gross if you look at the taste buds with microscope.)

The first picture of tongue can easily make you realize that your tongue might be involved in blocking the air-pathway and thereby in snoring. Look at the base of the tongue in the first picture above.

So, even if jaw gets fixed and aligned, perhaps the tongue plays a spoil-sport and prevents a “jaw retaining mouthpiece” to be 100% successful.

Researchers found this out. Innovations happened and we had a new variety of mouthpieces.

Tongue Retaining (Tongue Holding) –

The tongue retaining anti-snoring mouthpiece design was built to act as a second generation to the jaw retaining variety. Designers set out to fix all of the problems with the jaw retaining mouthpiece when they came up with the tongue retaining stop snoring mouthpiece.

While these types of mouthpieces are harder to find than the jaw holding variety, they are well worth the search. These have been designed with a more comfortable fit in mind, which helps to give the wearer the best night sleep possible, while eliminating their snoring caused by jaw, tongue or an open mouth at the same time.

The fit of the tongue holding mouthpiece is far superior to that of the jaw holding variety, and is a much better product if you can find it. Unlike the jaw retaining mouthpiece, these mouthpieces can help if your tongue, jaw, or mouth structures cause you to snore. Also, positioning the tongue the way these do can really open up your airway. Here is a good Tongue Retaining mouthpiece.

Adjustable jaw retaining mouthpieces

The comfort issues with jaw retaining snoring products led the experts to design a new series of products whose design could be adjusted by the user for maximum comfort. One option to look into these kinds of products is the SnoreRx Adjustable snoring mouthpiece.

Their product is Medicare Certified for snoring. It is much like other jaw retaining devices, but it offers a state-of-the-art “calibrator” to micro-adjust the guard.

This allows for a custom individualized fit, that can’t be achieved with other products. It does not require screws or hardware, but can be adjusted. At right around $100, this is a bit more expensive, but many claim it provides great results with a comfortable fit and is definintely a lot better option than cheap $30 products that can’t give you comfortable sleep and peace of mind.

Comfort is the Name of the Game – What devices are more comfortable yet effective?

The need for products such as anti-snoring mouthpieces and the like comes from the need for comfort, and these devices are built to give you a comfortable night’s sleep while alleviating your snoring problem at the same time. With a design that relies on your relaxation to give its maximum performance, these types of anti-snoring products are perfect for those who need to relax and get the rest they deserve.

These two different types of mouthpieces are made from very different materials, which also leads to their different levels of comfort.

In general the mouthpieces that are designed for the holding of the tongue are more comfortable and made of softer materials than those designed to hold your jaw in place. Because of the job each different product has to do, the materials used to build them varies, and it truly comes down to personal preference as to which anti-snoring mouthpiece is the best fit for you.

What mouthpiece should I go for?

In my opinion, tongue Retaining Mouthpieces work for most people. The tongue focused mouthpiece also works in more ways to prevent snoring. Jaw correcting mouthpieces can only prevent snoring that is caused by the jaw hanging open while you sleep.

The tongue devices are completely different in this area. It can help if your tongue, jaw, or mouth structures cause you to snore. Also, positioning the tongue the way these do can really open up your airway.

Since the tongue is the biggest thing in your mouth, if you take care of it while sleeping and not allowing it to block your airway, chances are you won’t snore.

A “tongue retaining mouthpiece” like the Good Morning Snoring Solution is a recommended approach to preventing snoring. Before finding it I analyzed pretty much everything else out there and I am sure you’ll find this product worthwhile.

Many people who try it find it comfortable as well as effective. It works better than anything else except if you have some serious issues that can’t be handled by this although I’d recommend it to everyone that asks.

What’s more, it is actually one of the few tongue retaining products available that is approved by FDA and has clinical studies backing it.

Pros of Good Morning Snoring Solution

1). First of all, The Good Morning Snoring Solution can help if your tongue, jaw, uvula, or mouth structures cause you to snore. Also, positioning the tongue the way it does can really open up your airway.

This makes sense because your tongue is the biggest thing inside your mouth. If you put the biggest thing in your mouth in the right position then things will improve no matter what. A structure as big as your tongue is more involved in the snoring process than most people realize. That’s why Tongue Retaining Mouthpieces Work for Most People.

So, one of the distinctive benefits of using Good Morning Snoring Solution is that this solution successfully takes care of a variety of snoring causes – all in one. Other products often focus on only one cause or another. If your snoring is brought on by multiple factors then a tongue correcting device is definitely the way to go.

2). No other anti-snoring mouthpiece works on both pushing forward your bottom jaw AND holding your tongue out of the way to provide maximum clear airway passage. If you’ve got the practice of getting to sleep with your mouth open then too this kind of mouthpiece is going to help you.

However, the jaw retaining mouthpiece cannot do this both. Similarly a nasal snoring product can’t help with this either.

3). Next is the level of comfort. There are all sorts of snoring mouthpieces out there but Tongue retaining mouthpieces are more comfortable than jaw retaining mouthpieces in general but this one – GMSS is a cut above the rest.

This mouthpiece is made of ultra quality material, meaning it’s BPA free, ultra soft and comfortable. The unique suction method keeps the mouthpiece fitting perfectly all night without moving out of position whilst you sleep.

4). It has been THOROUGHLY tested and approved as being highly effective and comfortable.

5). Good Morning Snoring Solution might be the perfect cpap alternative! But as I said earlier, don’t forget to consult with your doctor before replacing your CPAP with GMSS. As compared to CPAP, GMSS can be quite handy, hassle free, relatively cheap compared to CPAP, safe, and efficient!

In fact, people are moving over from a CPAP system to a tongue retaining product simply because they like it better, they should tell you a thing or two about this transformation.

6). This is a legitimate product produced by a business accredited by the BBB. Mpowrx Health and Wellness Products Inc., the company behind GMSS is a business accredited an A+ rating by the BBB.

7). They’ve good customer support. It’s always nice to know that if I have a problem with the product I can call a real phone number instead of a dead one that is just there for show. They’ve a money back guarantee too.

8). The product is approved by FDA. If you’ve checked out most of the snoring products on the market very few of them are FDA approved. When it comes to health products the FDA has the final say in my book.

The downside of Good Morning Snoring Solution

1). This is a relatively expansive product. But, my advice would be don’t compare it with those $30 products. It’s a class apart.

2). At first, this thing is somewhat awkward and uncomfortable in your mouth, but that goes for most anti snoring devices and CPAP machines as well. My advise would be you stick to it and after a few nights and maybe some grumbling you’ll get used to it. Once the initial discomfort (which is usually much less than other anti snoring devices or CPAP machines) is out of the way, you’ll see it really does work.

3). Another disadvantage is if you snore because of your nose, then this product might not help you much. But, there are cases where the snoring is caused by both factors – SNORING by nasal area and SNORING by tongue, jaw, uvula. In such a case I recommend you buy Snorestop Nasospray(to clear nasal congestion etc.) along with Good Morning Snoring Solution. This should take care of your snoring comprehensively.

Getting rid of your snoring problem is very good for you but you won’t experience the full benefits unless you can get a good night’s sleep while using it. That is another reason you’d want comfort, hence using this product is worth giving a shot.

It can completely stop snoring and some people even report that it was so comfortable, it was barely noticeable from the first time they used it. Although as I said, it differs from person to person and one might have to adjust during first few nights.

Second option is an “Adjustable jaw retaining snoring mouthpiece”

As we learned earlier, the biggest issue with most jaw based mouthpieces or MADs is the comfort level and their design.

Another option is the SnoreRx Adjustable snoring mouthpiece. This mouth guard is Medicare Certified for snoring and it offers a state-of-the-art calibrator to micro-adjust the guard. This allows for an individualized fit, that can’t be achieved with other products. It does not require screws or hardware, but can be adjusted. At right around $100, this is a bit more expensive, but many claim it provides great results with a comfortable fit.

So there you have it. Currently, my recommendations are these two products until I find a better one out there.

-Guy Bradford