Buy HcG: A comprehensive guide to buying and using HCG injections kits online (25, 50,75,100 days)

Diet, and dieting aids, is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. This should come as no surprise because many, many studies from both government and private researchers have documented the rapidly rising rates of obesity in almost all segments of the population.

These two facts seem to be at odds with each other. On one hand, we seem to be obsessed with how much we weigh and are willing to spend vast amounts of money on almost any product or service that claims to help us lose our unwanted pounds. Yet, on the other hand, there are a great many credible reports that, nationally, we continue to grow fatter.

The hCG diet, or more correctly the hCG weight loss protocol and calorie cycling are both nontraditional and exciting ways to lose fat. While a traditional Low Calorie Diet is based on eating fewer calories than you burn in a day. The idea is that your body will make up the difference by burning your fat stores.

The advantages of traditional dieting are:

  • No time commitments
  • Plenty of free plans available

The disadvantages are:

  • Requires great will power to succeed
  • Weight loss often does not mean fat loss (Most important)
  • Plateauing will and does occur
  • Does not prepare the body for maintenance

Where do the The hCG injections and hCG Diet fit in?

The hCG Diet protocol is a very strict protocol in which you take the hGC hormone either by injection or drops placed under the tongue and this causes your fat cells to release fat for the body to consume for energy.

Most user reviews claim that HCG injections are more effective than drops. In case you are looking for an online resource to buy the injections, we recommend ColinfWatson.

Along with taking hGC, you go on a 500 calorie a day diet. The combination causes your body to lose fat off very fast and believe it or not, you do not suffer from hunger even though you are on a 500 calorie a day diet.

While most efforts to address the obesity problem target just the symptoms of the disorder, according to Dr. Oz, HCG acts in an entirely different manner.

“Here is my explanation, based on my research. Remember, HCG does not make you lose weight – the diet makes you lose weight! However, the HCG injections change how you lose weight!”

Since it enables human body to differ between fat and lean muscle tissue, you will not reduce muscle mass on this diet if you are using hcg injections.

Besides, exercise can enable you to meet your weight reduction goals even simply by making you feel more strong.

The advantages of The hGC Diet are:

  • Rapid fat loss
  • Steady fat loss with no plateauing
  • Weight loss due primarily to fat loss (The key difference between other diets and HCG diet)
  • Skin does not become lose and baggy
  • Prepares the body for maintenance

The disadvantages are:

  • A minimum of six week commitment to the program
  • NO CHEATING: requires moderate will power. This is helped by the scales dropping each day.
  • A very restricted diet

One of the most unique properties of an advanced HCG protocol is its ability to preserve lean muscle tissue while on a (LCD) low calories diet. It’s ability to release thousand of calories of abnormal fat stores into the blood stream gives the body the necessary daily calories and nutrients needed to be burned as your primary fuel source.

Buying HCG injections kits online: Are they FDA approved?

There are very limited resources online where you can buy HcG injections online. In fact, any HcG you buy over the counter, on the internet, or from your best friend’s mom’s trainer’s uncle is NOT REGULATED, so you may be getting anything from real HcG to salt water to poison.

People who are going on the internet and buying ‘HcG’ from China (yes, this is happening) are not behaving wisely.

The FDA had issued a warning telling people against several HcG weight-loss aids sold online. So, think twice before ever injecting yourself with or eating a substance you know nothing about?

Not all HcG brands available online can be trusted!

As far as FDA is concerned, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is FDA–approved for the treatment of female infertility and hormone treatment in men.

HCG is an accurate fat loss accelerator, it is not accepted by the Federal Drug administration for weight loss at this time.

Dr Simeon’s in 1950’s was the first to find that HCG when injected and when combined with a low calorie diet would result in increased weight loss.

Dr. Simeon while in India, and during a study between the lack nutrition in food, and how it affects fetal growth in pregnant women; discovered that while the presence of HCG is in the body, the body’s own fat storage would be converted to energy to sustain both mother and baby even with low caloric intake.

He wrote all his findings in a study that is still available today, worldwide entitled: Pounds and Inches.

He described his findings; that HCG injections work in several ways. Firstly, it increases the metabolism of the body so that it can burn fat more efficiently.

Secondly, HCG promotes the conversion of utilizing fat stores within the body to be converted and used as energy. And, it leans your muscles as it targets and converts your fat cells storage into energy.

Is HCG Legal?

By law, in most states you are allowed to buy a 90-day supply of any FDA approved product for your personal use from pharmacies located outside of the United States.

However you must also be aware of the laws in your specific state when it comes to buy and receiving HCG products because it may not be legal in your state.

According to our recommended HCG shop ie.

In developing this new Internet medium for the delivery of health care services, we’re committed to meeting and exceeding current regulations.

We only use pharmacies which are licensed and employ licensed pharmacists to provide you with the highest standards of pharmaceutical care.

All medication is obtained from legitimate pharmaceutical wholesalers, you are assured to receive the same or better quality medication as you would at your neighborhood pharmacy.

Pharmacy direct pharmaceuticals offers the consumer a substantial financial savings. But as expected: If you buy products and are not working with a doctor, you must assume ALL risk.

All shoppers of HcG inJections are encouraged and advised to do independent research and make an informed decision before purchasing.

Before making a purchase, consumers are also advised to go through the product Guarantee, Replacement, and Refund Policy.

HcG injections for weight loss: FAQs answered?

How long to see results from taking HCG?

After the initial 2 days of loading, users should notice immediate decrease in weight after your second day of low calorie intake.

Decreased appetite, more energy, normalization of blood sugars and lower blood pressure is not uncommon. According to Dr. Simeon, these are just a few of the most significant results you start begin to experience after 3 – 6 weeks of treatment.

Where do I inject myself with HCG?

You can inject it subcutaneously (just under the skin) in the tummy area (muffin top area) or leg with an 29 – 30 gauge, 1/2 inch 1cc insuline syringe.

How to injection HCG correctly for the HCG diet from Colin F. Watson

When is the best time to administer HCG?

In the morning upon waking and the same time everyday.

Does HCG have any known side effects?

Always consult your physician before taking HCG. As with any hormone/peptide there are always pros and cons. However, there have been few reports of patients experiencing side effects that take nominal dosages (175-250 IU per day).

The most common side effects are mild headaches, constipation, frequent urination, but these reports were dieters who were taking higher doses and once they lowered the dosage the side effects diminished.

Most people should not experiencing any significant side effects administering 175-250 IU per day. But please keep in mind every person is different and some patients may react differently than others.

What is the average dosage a person should take for weight Release?

Based on clinical studies from top U.S doctors and the expert advice of Colin F Watson the number one HCG diet coach in the world today we recommend that most patients start at 175 iu’s – 200 iu’s per day, 7 days per week for HCG shots  rounds 79 days or less. And 6 days per week for rounds 80 days or more.

How much weight can a woman expect to lose with HcG injections on the diet?

Most women experience an average weight loss of half a pound to one pound per day, by following our advanced protocol, by the end of their diet.

Generally, people will experience days where they lose 2 pounds, some days where they lose 1 pound, and other days where their weight does not fluctuate.

How much weight can a Man expect to lose with HcG injections on the HCG Diet?

Men typically lose weight more rapidly than women and so it’s very common for a male to experience the 1- 2 pounds a day weight loss or more.

HcG injections user reviews

Apart from Dr. Simeons, few other doctors like Sheri L. Emma have witnessed during modern clinical trials to demonstrate how HCG injections may be working for lasting weight loss.

However, few other independent studies done on the role of HcG haven’t been so successful. In fact, there are studies here, here, here, and here (that last one found one instance of weight loss) that all show that using HcG to lose weight has not much scientific backing. Here’s a meta-analysis that slaps the entire diet down. Done.

Some of these studies are quite old, but it seems that the scientific community has given up on the HcG diet – there’s really no new research on it.

Having said that, if we analyze various consumer reviews and anecdotal evidence, we find they are strikingly in favor of HcG injections.

This highly skewed number of positive testimonials/reviews can be sometimes confusing and tempting. So, users need due diligence and go for hcg injections at their own discretion.

Below, you can find some of the overwhelmingly positive user experiences (some of them also show that sometimes weight loss can be regained after stopping Hcg therapy):-

On the surface it can appear crazy or unhealthy, but my experience has been the complete opposite.

I have catalogued my whole journey with hCG at my blog if you want to see. It really does work- I’ve had hydrostatic body fat testing done before and after the diet with a very high rate of fat loss (80-90%), and it’s been over 9 months now since my last round, eating regular healthy food and doing great at maintaining my losses.

I hope that helps someone!


I had many friends do them and all regained the weight plus even more.. from secondhand experience, it wasn’t good.. yes they dropped a ridiculous amount of weight but nearly doubled it back once they stopped taking it. I’m sure there are people that have been successful, but I don’t recommend it. – Sarah

My fiance’ is on his second round of this. The first time I think he lost 50 or so pounds? Definitely more than 2 per week. He’s probably on his third or fourth week now and he’s lost 24 lbs. The first was over the summer, he gained back some during the holidays but that’s because he simply ate like crap. He is so super strict though when he’s dieting. He does it in his stomach. It really works well for him. He is hungry every day though. It’s difficult for a grown man who also works out to only eat 500 calories a day. I wish I could do it, I’m definitely jealous of how rapidly he’s losing and I’m doing it the “right” way and losing very slowly. – Bride2Be

I have young kids, and they’re at the age where they’re getting involved with activities, soccer and things like that. And I didn’t want to be the fat daddy anymore.

After researching the program offered at Forward Medical, I and my wife signed up for the HCG treatment.

Right away you start losing that weight. I thought I’m going to have to wait two to three weeks before seeing results. But No. You start seeing it right away.

The Better Business Bureau says it’s never received a complaint about Forward Medical Weight Loss. But as clinics like this one become more popular, it can’t hurt to do your homework. – Craig Stowig

I love the hGC diet! I have loved doing hGC… I am on maintenance right now and lost 20 lbs on my 25 day cycle! As a single Mom of 5 kids I was hurting so bad with the arthritis in my knees, my sis and mom suggested hcg and I loved It! I have had hardly any flare ups with my knees. It is so great to be able to run around with my kids again I can’t wait to start again and lose more!

–Heather F.

I’ve now lost 20 pounds on EODD! (Caloric Cycling) I now weigh 129.6! I am very excited and feel great…I’ve gone from 34% BF to 30%. I’m excited that that body fat percentage will soon be in the 20’s!. I haven’t seen that in years!!

–Shileen Nixon

I’m just amazed what has happened what HCG protocol has done to our lives.

– a customer of ColinFWAtson

Best HcG injections kits

Most HcG injections kits for weight loss will come in 26, 50, 75 or 100 days package.

Complete 26 Day STARTER Injection Kit

This product is the best option for Fit Men or Woman who need to release 20 lbs or less.


  • (1)5000 IU Vials of HCG
  • (1) 10ml VITAMIN B12 – Sample ENHANCED VITAMIN B12 MIC * Sample bottle
  • 1 X 5 Ampules B-12
  • (1) Hospira 10ml Bacteriostatic Water


  • Book #1 Digital Download – How To Feel Good Naked in 26 Days Book (P1-4) (Digital Ebooks Downloads)
  • Book #2 Digital Download – How To Feel Good Naked P2 & P3 Recipes Book (Digital Ebooks Downloads)
  • (2) Hospira 10ml Mixing Vial
  • (23) Easy Glide U-100 Insulin syringe 29g x 5/16” subject to change to 1/2 inch needle
  • (2) Easy Glide 10ml Mixing syringes, with needles attached
  • (10) Alcohol Pads
  • Tape Measure
  • (10) 1ml syringes 30g x 1/2”
  • Introduction letter

Some popular brands are Pregnyl from Sifasi HP or PROFICENT. Other well known brands for HcG injections are Hucog, Fertigyn, Ovidac, Ovutrig.

There are options for couples weight loss too eg. Complete 75 DAY COUPLES HCG INJ. Kit.

More tips regarding HcG injections for weight loss

1. Nearly all women and men who are obese or overweight may use hCG shots for losing weight. Some individuals even try buying HCG from websites pharmacies without a prescription. Keep in mind, that the main reason several diets fail, and specially those based on low-calorie, is mainly because you maybe reducing not only fat-weight but also muscle mass. We’re sure there must be a great number of strong opinions around HcG diet available to you, and there’s a lot more bad information spreading on the internet by misinformed “experts” and peddlers of various other diet programs wanting to persuade that their particular diet plan is “best” or “less dangerous”. Nonetheless, the The American Journal of Medicine states that in contrast, Until Asher and Harper’s report, there wasn’t a well-designed study evaluating HCG and placebo when you look at the environment made to try the real Simeon’s strategy. Remember that as soon as you end using HCG eating plan, you might be prone to restore any body weight you’ve lost.

2. You really need to hydrate the body with at least 3-5 gallons throughout the HCG eating plan. Many people which have effectively finished the HCG weightloss program has reported creating a good amount of strength and lean muscle mass while on the regimen. Nevertheless the alleged hCG diet plan can both be a weight-loss miracle or a dangerous fraudulence, based on who is talking. Important thing: many people declare that the HCG diet helps in avoiding muscle mass loss and metabolic slowdown whenever seriously limiting fat.

3. Be wary of the side effects. The HCG dose you should be taking in the diet plan can be so minimal that the most severe negative effects are not actually commonplace.

However, the HCG eating plan involves daily treatments coupled with an extremely reduced calorie diet to be able to reset a person’s calorie burning and assist in longterm weight reduction.

Side Effects of the human chorionic gonadotropin diet and injections on patients may vary. Below are some side effects frequently observed:-


You will be eating a lot less than you are used to, and there will naturally be less to excrete. Individuals on the HCG diet can even have bowel movements a few days apart.


Another uncommon complication is skin rash. On the HCG diet, the body will be burning and have fat at an unbelievable rate. As fat cells are dissolved standard toxins are discharged into the body. This may cause some rashes to develop.


During the first week of the HCG diet your body must fix, and you may experience headaches. That is likely the most common side effect. It is possible to take any regular, over the counter pain killer to treat this issue. Also make sure you drink lots of water daily of the HCG diet. See a doctor if you’ve got a head ache that lasts more than 10 days.


Another pretty common, but temporary, side effect of the low calorie, low carb HCG diet strategy is dizziness. It is generally light and nearly always goes away after the first week.

Leg Cramps

This can be a rare side effect that is due to the low amounts of potassium you get on the HCG diet. It is readily treated by taking a potassium supplement. Even better, take a multivitamin (like the Vitax) that already contains potassium as well as other important nutrients.

4. Whilst the diet reports to not have any impact on an individual’s lean body mass, it could trigger heart troubles. Some customers have also stated that they do not also wish to drink while on the HCG diet plan because HCG works closely with the hypothalamus gland which manages the emotional eating/ drinking the main mind, as well as other items.

5. Along with HCG injections, you might be considering accessibility meals, quick beginners guides and menus that will help together with your strategy for HCG diet plan. The HCG eating plan plan comes with two important phases, that are incredibly important and efficient in dropping pounds. We recommend hiring an HcG coach like Colin.

6. Consult with the doctor or any other physician on how to create healthier modifications that result in permanent weightloss, such as consuming a well-balanced eating plan and having regular physical exercise. Due to the exceptional education and understanding of proper meals you tend to be familiar with your diet plan, getting fat again would be difficult for you personally. You may also be interested in HcG drops.



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