How obesity can effect your sex life?

Why does this issue so broadly impact the obese? There are a number of reasons, both emotional and physical. The bigger a person gets, the more complications he or she will record in the bedroom— the need to have sex, sexual performance, and even intimate pleasure fall dramatically.

The physical constraints put on the over-weighed people by unwanted weight often causes sexual activity too difficult or challenging. Some fat-friendly sex positions information may help.

Furthermore, a continuing lack of energy and feeling of affliction will tend to reduce the desire for sex.

One more impact obesity has on sexuality is a psychological one. Weight problems come with reduced self-esteem for men & women and more often than not emotions of shame. These thoughts lead to an unwillingness to show off the body or make oneself vulnerable to their partner.

The physical effects of weight problems can also result in performance anxiety and problems like ED and premature ejaculation in men, which in turn may cause men & women to be reluctant to try to perform sexually. In a report of 928 obese men and women, of those looking for treatment for their obesity 50% had a lowered sex drive and trouble wanting sex, 42% felt they had concerns doing sex, and 41% said they shunned sex altogether.

Excess weight also has an effect on sexuality through its influence on marriages and relationships in and of themselves. Shame is a frequent result of obesity, and it often tends to cause an emotional imbalance within relationship. This usually takes place where one partner really feels “more worthless” than the other partner.

Besides that, the companions of overweight persons can, at times, have trouble finding their partner sexually attractive. This is particularly prevalent when the bulk of the weight gain occurred over the course of the relationship. At this point in a relationship, it is aggravating and difficult to face for both partners, and conversation about these challenges is usually avoided. However, deterrence of this subject only brings about further problems in a relationship, as it cuts off lines of communication. On the other hand, some men find fat women very attractive.

Numerous specifics play into the sexual problems experienced by people with unhealthy weight. When physical issues are severely and exponentially boosted by psychological issues, as occurs with obesity, sexual dysfunction can seem an impossible hurdle.

It is necessary, even though, to seek help if you’re experiencing problems with sexual performance or sex drive due to obesity. Just taking the first steps to look for for obesity treatment might have a remarkable psychological & emotional impact, enabling obese persons to feel some level of control over their circumstances.

Sexual satisfaction is a fundamental human need, and it’s only one more crucial purpose to care for your health and try to find balanced solutions to the problem of obesity.

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction in men

According to research, between fifteen and thirty million American men have a problem achieving and maintaining an erection. Furthermore, statistics indicate that sixty percent of Americans are overweight. This leads one to wonder if there could be a link between obesity and erectile dysfunction. Well, if you are an overweight man then unfortunately you are at risk of not being able to enjoy a healthy sex life well into old age.

Not only being obese predisposes one to cardiovascular system conditions such as atherosclerosis – cholesterol build up on the walls of blood vessels that slow down blood flow to your body organs, including the penis. Secondly, obese men have reduced levels of testosterone, a male hormone vital to sexual function. Such men are usually ideal candidates for PDE inhibitors drugs like viagra (or BlueChew).

Some obese men, who also have higher levels of estrogen in their system, may suffer from man boobs or Gynecomastia too.

Insulin resistance is another thing that commonly causes the correlation between obesity and erectile dysfunction . Insulin resistance is what takes place when regular insulin levels are no longer enough to generate the usual insulin response. As a result the body stores superfluous triglycerides which create more insulin. Higher Insulin levels are also associated with lower levels of growth hormone. Some men might benefit from HGH supplements for better sex.
Insulin resistance is often linked to eating an excess of high fructose corn syrup, which is now an inexpensive staple of the American diet and the reason why so many of us are obese.
However, the good news is that Research informs us that erectile function can be made better by making certain lifestyle changes! If you are affected by obesity, a BMI greater than 30, you are increasing your chances to be at greater risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and for men, erectile dysfunction. Eating healthy and balanced, working out and not smoking can totally fix E.D. in many cases!

Males who lose weight have improved erectile function and improved sexual experiences along with improved overall health. Becoming more active and employing exercise daily will decrease your risk and can protect against E.D. Dropping only 10 percent of body weight throughout a two month period will enhance erectile function.

Women having diminished desire for sex also have the option to look for supplements to help better sex.