HGH for Better sex: your comprehensive Guide and recommended products

Hgh has long been known to provide numerous anti aging benefits. It can help you take 10 years off your face, increase you lean muscle tissue, and decrease body fat.These factors have an indirect effect on your sex life, making you more attractive & desirable to your partner.

However, HGH has some direct role in sexuality and sex life as well. It can also help improve your libido and ramp up your energy levels so you still have the energy to have sex at the end of the day.

HGH influences libido, performance, and even sexual climaxes in multiple ways. Your interest in sex is not tangled up into only your sexual organs or your emotional state. While the two aspects play a vital role in sex drive, so do blood circulation, heart health, sleep, and stress.

Sex drive commences in the brain. Here, a variety of blood chemistry (hormones), endorphins, mood, and stress can impact sexual urges. The human brain is an intricate network of neurotransmitters and hormone receptors that need stimulation up above which causes the area down below get activated.

HGH is one such hormone that functions on the brain to induce neurotransmitters and strengthen emotional stability. Human growth hormone also assists in promoting sleep and reducing cortisol(stress hormone) levels. All these have positive impact on people’s sex lives.

When you get older, things begin to change. There are hormonal as well emotional factors for decline in libido. You have stress on the job to keep up with younger, more enthusiastic co-workers. In the home, there might be the strain of tending to kids or elderly parents. Seeing that weight gain and aging skin could make you feel undesirable, you may possibly feel less keen towards sexual advances. Lack of sleep and low energy can impact your libido.

How HGH impacts sex?

According to medical experts, HGH can provide the following benefits:

  • Increasing testosterone levels which helps to improve libido and red blood cell production [study- HGH increases Testosterone levels.]
  • Lowering LDL cholesterol to reduce plaque buildup and improve penile & vaginal blood flow [study]
  • Providing more oxygen-rich blood for increasing erectile strength and duration [study]
  • For women, increasing sensitivity to the clitoris and vagina while improving lubrication

However, a lot of HGH sexual magic has to do with blood flow. Good blood flow is necessary to have adequate sexual arousal and stimulation in both men and women.

HGH enhances the health and vigor of every cell in your body while fortifying the muscles, especially probably the most important muscles in your system — the heart.

HGH has been recognized to have a positive impact on cardiovascular system’s health. As your heart’s health and performance goes up, its capacity to pump more oxygenated blood more effectively throughout your body increases, your sex drive and sex life, will also strengthen as a result.

In vitro, many clinical tests have shown that growth hormone along with IGF-I can boost red blood cell production.

As blood circulation increases, it means considerably better erectile function in men, and increased ability to achieve the big O for women and simultaneously less vaginal dryness in women.

As mentioned above, HGH can also help stimulate the production of other major hormones associated with sex drive and sexual performance such as testosterone. Low testosterone levels in both men and women, is often the cause of low libido.

Men who were given growth hormone therapy for non-sexual reasons, such as lack of vitality, or decrease in muscle mass, also experienced better libido, and heightened ability to gain an erection.

There are also some anecdotal reports and speculations that taking HGH can increase the size of penis in men. And some steroids users using HGH have reported it too. There is a scientific study on this as well.

Indeed, the study by Laron, Mimouni, and Pertzelan shows that HGH therapy is strongly associated with growth of genitalia, including penis and testicles. Even so, this study applies only to teenagers with growth deficiency. Regarding healthy males, there exist recommendations that taking growth hormone can help attain penile enlargement, however they have not been turned out to be scientifically accurate yet.

HGH for women’s sex lives

Women typically see a decline in libido at around the same time that hormone levels really start to show their decrease in production – menopause.

Here are the claimed benefits of HGH for sexual function in women:

  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Heightened arousal
  • Stronger desire
  • Improved endurance
  • Multiple orgasms

HGH increases sexual desire and performance. It enhances pleasure and provides the body with much-needed endorphins.

So the above mentioned things is how HGH effectively works to increase your libido and help you have orgasms like you did when you were in your 20s and 30s.

The latest research and anecdotal reports have started to show that HGH may also reverse penis and clitoris shrinkage. For some people size does matter.

Normally as you get older, your vital organs including your heart, liver and penis shrink. With HGH, you can potentially reverse these effects of aging, and HGH pills & therapy are also being used in male enhancement, female sexual enhancement and libido.

You can also improve your appearance by up to 10 years so you will appear sexier to your partner.

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