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MHP Secretagogue-One HGH is a good enough HGH product, that is made by MHP. The product contains sufficient quantities of amino acids and growth factors compounds, although missing on other kinds of HGH boosting ingredients. In our opinion, their MHP Secretagogue-Gold HGH is a better product , that currently ranks #3 in our list of top rated HGH supplements. Secretagogue-one currently ranks #13.


  • Decent quality and diversity of ingredients
  • Well known company, been in business since a long time
  • Positive user reviews


  • The product lacks certain crucial ingredients like anti-somatostatin compounds, choline supplements etc.
  • Better products available in the market at similar price range.


MHP Secretagogue-One contains an exclusive blend of key concentrated amino acids and other compounds that have been shown to support heightened production of key growth factors like IGF-1 in the body. Localized growth factors can help rebuild muscle tissue and promote increased gains in lean mass, especially when combined with consistent training.

Each packet contains anterior pituitary substance, broad bean extract and key amino acid derivatives that have been shown to boost growth hormone and IGF-1 levels when taken on an empty stomach at night before sleep. Each ingredient works in conjunction with the others to stimulate natural production of growth factors in your body. If you%u2019re looking to take your growth and recovery to the next level, pick up some MHP Secretagogue-One today and boost the natural anabolic growth factors in your body.

Secretagogue-One Human Growth Factors and IGF-1 Precursors was developed by leading research scientists and biochemists, it addresses issues of vital importance for health, wellness and physical performance. Secretagogue-One is a proprietary blend of amino acids and precursor nutrients which enhance the body’s natural production of Human Growth Factors and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). Increased Human Growth Factors and IGF-1 levels have been shown to improve physical performance, speed recovery form training, increase cardiac output, and increase immune fuctions.


MHP Secretagogue-One ingredients include –

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 packet
Servings Per Container: 30
Ingredient Amount % Daily Value**
Calories 45
Sodium 55mg 2
Potassium 200mg 6
Total carbohydrate 6g 2
Dietary fiber 0g 0
Sugars 4g %u2020
Anterior pituitary substance 25mg %u2020
Glycoamino acid-glucose complex 4200mg %u2020
Novel polyose complex 1700mg %u2020
Amino acid blend: 5000mg %u2020
-Pyroglutamic acid
Broad Bean 10mg %u2020
** Percent Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
%u2020 Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients:
Other ingredients: Citric acid, potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, natural flavor, silica, acesulfame K and beta-carotene color.

Other Important Information

Take one packet mixed with 4 to 6 fl. oz. water at bedtime on an empty stomach.

Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

User Reviews

Review 1

This is a very good product. I work out better, sleep better, and overall feel better when I am taking this product. Ive noted NO BAD SIDE EFFECTS and the Orange Flavor is actually very tasty.

Review 2

Husband and I have been taking it for 4 years. We are in our late 70s and each take 2 prescription medsone of mine is a natural one, which are very low doses, and only started taking them about 5 years ago. Since taking Secretagogue we have felt better and are never sick. We would not be without it.

Review 3

I been taking it since I was 40 I am now 63 years old able to workout 7 days a week still lifting weights overall excellent health my Doctor and Dentist is very impressed with the benefits of me taking this wonderful vitamin love it!!!

Review 4

I first used this about age 50 when I started losing muscle in spite of exercise. The muscle loss stopped, I slept well and felt like I was 20 again. It also increased my sex drive. I still use it sporadically when my hormones slow down.

Review 5

I am 72 and started using this again last year. I had used it before 10 yrs ago and quit. All I can say when I was not taking MPH, my health deteriorated, and I gained weiight. With a good exercise program and following directions, I am confident you will acheive great results. When you are 72 and people think you are 40, that says it all.