Miscellaneous causes of impotence

Do you know that Several recreational drugs besides tobacco might have an effect on erections. Liquor is number two. Countless men enhance alcohol intake when suffering from erectile dysfunction. The two main causative factors of this. Searching for a bit of manhood at the base of a bottle is the first-a time-honored concept that has never worked.

The porter in Macbeth recognized the function of alcohol; even though the alcohol makes you aroused, bolder and braver, it really depresses the neurological system.

Because of this, instead of stimulating, it really hinders the capability to perform sexually. Men under the impact commence to imagine themselves as Don Juan but usually may end up performing like Don Carlos.

The next effect of alcohol on erections is long term. Long lasting harmful outcomes from prolonged intake of alcohol, include cirrhosis (liver damage), malnutrition, brain damage, and depression.

These might lead (especially cirrhosis) to testicular disorder and shrinkage, clearly unhealthy for erections. Rather than seeking sensuality in a bottle, men generally have to deal with their anxieties or insufficiency in a more direct mariner.

Marijuana can reduce testosterone levels and sperm count. Anabolic steroids used for bodybuilding do the ditto and can trigger permanent shrinkage of the testicles. On top of the other serious health issues than can occur, those abs of steel won’t be sufficient to beat the negative effect on your love life.


The nineties introduced an outburst of bicycling among men. Lots of money was allocated to the newest carbon-fiber or titanium-frame bicycles to be fit and slim and appear cool on the newest technology.

Scientists, primarily headed by Dr. Ira Goldstein of Boston, rained on their two-wheeled parade when several studies came into being of erectile dysfunction of these otherwise healthy specimens.

These men did everything right- physical exercise, trying to keep their weight down, good nutrition, and displaying their mental health.

Regrettably, chances are some of them also sat on the interior pudendal artery, the crucial inflow of blood for erections, so much that they blocked it. Damages kept blood flow from getting to the penis. The signals were there, like penile numbness or paraesthesias (weird sensations) after long rides.

Evidence that the strain of the. bicycle seat was at fault “mounted” until it started to be clear that extreme bicycling is a risk factor for impotence.

Defining what exactly is too much is tough of course, but sound judgment has to play a substantial role. The catch-22 is that men need the cardiovascular workout and weight loss that bicycling offers to be able to prevent impotence.

Thinner men have less padding to protect the pudendal artery from the bicycle seat, but heavier men put more pressure onto the artery because of the added load. Damned either way.

One company arose to produce bicycle seats whose manufacturers stated would tackle this challenge. Regardless of the marketing, there is no proof yet these seat pads work. Nevertheless, it might be worth looking at if you ride on a regular basis. Tilting the front side of the seat downward also decreases pressure applied to the wrong place as well.

We have not noticed the end of this controversy. The most effective suggestion at this point would be to get lots of cardio workouts. If this workout consists of bicycling, avoid prolonged pressure on your perineum.

Stand up out of the seat every couple of minutes. Despite the fact that, as noted, the usefulness of seats manufactured to prevent impotence has yet to be proven, it can’t hurt to look carefully at these before making your own decision.

If long term arterial injury happens to bicyclists, surgery to bypass the blood vessels may be the only option.

Surprisingly, fifteen hundred years ago Hippocrates theorized extreme horse riding caused impotence among the moneyed citizens of Scythia based on trauma to the perineum. Nobody knows for sure if the saddle manufacturers at the time tried any innovations.